Recycled Book Crafts

How to Make New Crafts Out of Old Books

Have you every come across an old book that you just don't know what to do with? How about making crafts out of them? Browse through these book projects to spark your creativity.

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    Paperback Book Owl

    Paperback Book Owl Craft
    Paperback Book Owl.

    Learn how to craft this cute owl using a book and these directions shared by a visitor named Joanne.

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    How to Make a Book Safe

    How to Make a Book Safe
    How to Make a Book Safe.

    This tutorial teaches you how to turn a hard-covered book into a secret hiding spot by cutting nooks into it.

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    Altered Antique Book
    Altered Antique Book.

    Follow these directions, and you can transform an old book into a work of art.

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    How to Make a Book Headboard
    How to Make a Book Headboard.

    Learn how to use a bunch of books to make a fun headboard for your bed.

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    Literary Clock Craft
    Literary Clock Craft.

    Learn how to use a favorite book to create a unique clock. Fun decor for a kid's room or any room in the house.

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    Paperback Monsters
    Paperback Monsters.

    Check out these characters made out of old paperback books. They are so adorable.

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    Recycled Hardcover Book Purse
    Recycled Hardcover Book Purse.

    Find out how you can create a cool purse using a hardcover book.