This Designer’s Mexico City Home Is Lush and Luxe—With Views to Match

Living room by Olga Hanono with overlay

Photo: Courtesy of Olga Hanono / Photo Illustration: The Spruce / Amy Sheehan

Owner: Olga Hanono, Interior Designer

Location: “[My home] is in Mexico City, where I have lived and worked all my life,” says Hanono. “It is very spacious and modern, and I love the location.”


“The architecture represents the modern Mexican style,” explains Hanono. “It was built by an architect that worked with Barragan, the most famous Pritzker Prize-winning architect from Mexico.” 

“My home is very modern and eclectic. Each item could tell you a story about my life and how I’ve developed in my career,” Hanono says. “You’ll find a lot of priceless and personal artwork I’ve collected, stacks of books, and luxurious, oversized pillows and rugs for lounging. The color palette in the home overall has been the same since I designed it, which proves my philosophy of timeless design.”

Terraces Made for Dining

“We appreciate the terraces so much!” Hanono says. “I did some remodeling during that time as we changed our time at the house. We enjoyed having BBQs and dinner outdoors.”

Terrace window with dining table

Courtesy of Olga Hanono

Shifting Flooring Types

“The flooring changes room to room, depending on the use,” Hanono says. “We have wood floors in rooms that require a little more warmth, and various types of tile in rooms that need more durability, such as the bathrooms and kitchen. The kitchen and breakfast room have a gorgeous marble flooring.”

Along with the inlaid flooring, Hanono says she especially loves the Missoni rugs in the living room.

A Light and Airy Bathroom

Hanono’s bathroom features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the trees that surround the property. “They fill the room with so much light,” Hanono says.

Kitchen With a View

Hanono’s kitchen has two popular must-haves, plus an added feature: “It offers plenty of storage and seating, and the panoramic views are spectacular,” she says. “The open concept is also great for entertaining.”

Kitchen counter with engraving

Courtesy of Olga Hanono

“Many of the rooms have gorgeous views due to large, panoramic windows,” Hanono adds. “[But] the kitchen is a special area for that reason.”

Along with the kitchen, Hanono has another space she loves when hosting friends. “There is also a wine cave where I enjoy entertaining for more intimate gatherings,” she says.

Wide kitchen shot with panoramic window

Courtesy of Olga Hanono

Hotel-Worth Bedrooms

“I love that my bedroom feels like a boutique hotel room,” Hanono says. “With minimal clutter or furniture, and a soothing color palette. There is also a seating area where I like to spend time reading or meditating.”

Primary bedroom by Olga Hanono

Courtesy of Olga Hanono

Inspiration at Home

“My most beloved place is the library, because it’s full of beautiful books that I read every time I am looking for inspiration,” Hanono says. “I spend many hours designing at night in that room. It has a special energy. I collect the catalog/book from every art exhibition that I go to. It’s my personal collection and it reminds me of my happy places, which are museums.”

Library by Olga Hanono

Courtesy of Olga Hanono

A Bright and Airy Feel

The panoramic views are one of Hanono’s favorite features, but the open feel is another huge perk. “The floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light, but there are also glass doors leading to the outdoor spaces that make it feel so open and airy,” she says.

A Love of Contemporary Art 

When it comes to prized possessions, Hanono has one that comes to mind instantly. “I love the Charlie Brown statue,” she says. “It was one of my first pieces of contemporary art that I acquired at a gallery in Soho, and it reminds me of the playfulness that all of us should have in our lives everyday.”

Seating area with contemporary sculpture

Courtesy of Olga Hanono

It’s All in the Details—and Constantly Evolving

Along with her favorite piece, Hanono adores the details of her home and its solid mix of old and new treasures. “I also have many antiques, which I adore and display when I host, such as a silver tea set and assorted wine glasses from my grandmother,” she says. “Most of the furniture is Italian, and there is a unique piece of artwork in the dining room by Carlos Mérida that my parents gave to me.”

“My home is an evolving process, but I do love the stage where it is currently,” Hanono says.

Large Dining area with display cases

Courtesy of Olga Hanono