Tour This NYC Apartment That Boasts Boutique Hotel Vibes

Eclectic NYC apartment with teal velvet sofa and lots of wall art.

Design: Olga Hanono / Illustration: The Spruce

Owner: Olga Hanono, Interior Designer

Location: “This is a second home on the Upper East Side of New York City,” says Hanono. “The neighborhood is a quiet area of Manhattan while still being close to it all. It's in the Museum Mile, so I can spend every day discovering new art pieces, museums, galleries, art talks, and I can live surrounded by nature and art for the rest of my life.”


“The design motto for this apartment was to create a unique atmosphere that blends fashion, art, and design together,” Hanono reveals. “I love to be inspired by the energy of the city, and only in New York can you have a beautiful place with a one-of-a-kind design that transforms a brownstone into a modern pied-à-terre.”

Funky living room with art and geometric coffee table.

Design: Olga Hanono; Photo: Frank Lynen


The two-bedroom apartment is in a contemporary building. Though there’s no outdoor space, the city is Hanono’s playground. 

“I love the distribution of the apartment, as well as the area and the building,” she says. “This is my home any time I come to the city, so location and convenience were most important to me rather than size or specific features. I like that this building has a doorman and was in a safe area, close to restaurants and the subway.”

Sitting room with velvet drapes and sofa.

Design: Olga Hanono; Photo: Frank Lynen

A Historic Home in a Neighborhood with a Vibe

Both the building and the surrounding neighborhood match Hanono’s love for mixing old with new.

“I loved that it is a coop with architectural history,” Hanono tells us. “I love to transform classic pieces of furniture into modern pieces, and I love the endless possibilities that we can achieve by curating every object between old and new. The neighborhood is also super friendly with an artsy vibe.”

Fuzzy chair next to roaring fireplace.

Design: Olga Hanono; Photo: Frank Lynen

A Multi-Use Dining Area

A lack of space doesn’t keep Hanono from making the most of her NYC home.

“The dining area became a multitasking space, which is helpful for meetings and working from home,” Hanono says. “I created a very cozy corner, full of art, that evokes intimate conversations for guests. Despite being small, the area is perfect for entertaining friends. I love the pillows with my signature pattern, and the lucite chairs work well in small spaces to give the illusion of more space.”

Table with flowers and two clear lucite chairs.

Design: Olga Hanono; Photo: Frank Lynen

Custom-Made Wallpaper with a Pop

“I designed the wallpaper in every room to make a statement itself, and every single detail is meant to make you feel like you are in a boutique hotel suite,” Hanono explains. “The color palette of this home is unexpectedly beautiful—it creates a very cozy atmosphere, connected with the feeling of being enigmatic and fun to spend the best of times, full of color and life, just like New York.”

Hanono has one specific wallpaper that’s her favorite. “In my living room, I love the custom wallpaper because it gives me a sense of fun and ultra-sleek design along with the fireplace,” Hanono tells us. “Also, the gallery wall is very appealing to me because it transports me into my most beloved museums like the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.”

Colorful shelving units in front of black and white graphic wallpaper.

Design: Olga Hanono; Photo: Frank Lynen

A Color Palette Designed to Elevate Each Space

Along with the custom-made wallpaper, Hanono also uses paint to create a specific aesthetic.

“In the bedrooms, I love the rich colors we selected,” Hanono says. “It really elevates the space and makes it feel comfortable. In the main room, I used one of the colors that are in my new color palette with paint brand Comex called Royal Green, and combined with red, it looks elegant. In the second room, I used yellow, green and navy blue to achieve a fun and modern atmosphere.”

Colorful bedroom with green drapes, teal walls, and white and yellow comforter.

Design: Olga Hanono; Photo: Frank Lynen

A Second Bedroom, One Day Turned Library

“I would love to redesign the second bedroom and transform it into a library,” Hanono reveals. “I enjoy my collection of art and design books very much and I love to have them around me every time I design new projects. They are my main source of inspiration.”

Guest bedroom with teal bedframe and red sofa.

Design: Olga Hanono; Photo: Frank Lynen

Original Wood Floors to Keep the Charm

“The wood floors are original to the building and add a historic charm,” Hanono says. “I love the pinstripe around the edge. It reminds me of the flooring in the Loire Valley, France castles where I visited recently. It gives a European classical accent to the modern elements that fill this home.”

A Living Room with a View

“The best view is in the living room where you can see the trees of Manhattan changing colors every season,” says Hanono. “Also, I enjoy the sunlight that comes through that window creating a special color palette at sunset.”

While the living room has the best view, it’s not the only view Hanono loves. “Each room has a great window that lets in plenty of air and natural light,” she says.

Decorative Accents That Make the House a Home

“I love my designer glassware and displaying antiques like my silver trays, [but] my books and my art collection are the most beautiful decorative objects of my home,” says Hanono. “Each one of them has a story behind it that is part of my life and made me into who I am today.”

Decorative accents on table, like bust and orchid.

Design: Olga Hanono; Photo: Frank Lynen