We Are Coining Yet Another 'Core' Trend With a Fun, Fruity Twist

Meet 'olivecore,' here to add fruity flair to your space

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Photo: Etsy / Image Treatment: The Spruce

We've seen numerous fruit motifs take over the home space. From cute cherries to strawberries to lemons, fruit prints seem to always be gaining popularity. And although new fruit trends seem to be quieting down, they're only getting started.

It's time to welcome a new fruit into the spotlight: olives. And we're coining the latest craze for olive-inspired decor 'olivecore,' of course.

Olives are the newest fruit obsession when it comes to adding a sense of style or personality into any space that's lacking in color and fun. What makes olives so different than their other fruit counterparts is that they're super versatile in the way they look and how they enhance a space. Thanks to their various shapes, colors, and sizes, any individual can find something that fits their personal style. Whether it be their funky, vibrant green appearance or their classy guise on an olive branch, the possibilities to decorate with them are endless.

Here are 11 items to give you a head start on 'olivecore.'

FeklaFiona Stained Glass Olive Branch

stained olive branch


If your windows are looking a bit empty, try adding this handmade olive branch stained glass which will instantly add warmth and color. Thanks to its vibrant tint especially its green hue, expect to see your space illuminate once the sunlight hits the sun catcher.

Maison Balzac Martini Glass

martini glass with glass olive

Coming Soon New York

Get yourself a martini glass that comes with a permanent glass olive. This way, you don't ever have to worry about it not looking like a real martini when you run out of green olives. It's the perfect addition to any bar cart in need of some fun and flair.

Design Life Kids Olive Candle

olive candle

Design Life Kids

Don't let this stacked olive candle fool you with its delightful look—once lit, it'll fill any room with pleasant notes of jasmine, neroli, and orange blossom. You can easily place this candle on any surface in your home and it's guaranteed to be a conversation starter when guests come over.

joyplants Artificial Olive Tree With Basket

artificial olive tree joyplants


If you've been wanting your very own olive tree but don't have the means to care for a real one, why not opt for a fake one that looks just as good? This artificial olive tree comes with a minimal woven basket, so it blends seamlessly with the rest of your home's decor. You can bend the branches in any direction you want whether it be outward or inward—if you look closely enough, you'll see faux olives adorning the tree.

deermorgandesign Hand Painted Martini Print

painted olive wall art


Whether it be for your walls or a side table in need of some style, this funky hand-painted martini print will add just the right amount of color and personality. If you have any friends or family that love green olives as much as you do, this can be a thoughtful gift for their birthday or the holidays.

Michael Aram Olive Branch Catch All

olive branch bowl

Saks Fifth Avenue

If you love olives but want to bring them into your space in a more subtle way, consider this bowl from Michael Aram's Olive Branch Collection. The olive branch adds a sleek touch to the silver bowl—it could be used in various ways around your home. From serving snacks to being a key holder near an entryway, it'll be a unique addition.

Urban Outfitters Olive Sugar Dish

olive sugar dish

Urban Outfitters

Ditch your boring containers and go for a kitschy olive dish instead. You can easily lift the lid of the olive and store your sugar—when it's time to use it, just simply take out the pimento center which doubles as a teaspoon (no need to take out any additional spoons).

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Olive Branch Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper


Give any room a pop of green with this classic olive branch wallpaper. Its rustic design will brighten up your space while also making it feel cozy. The best part? It's peel-and-stick so you can easily attach it to your walls without any additional adhesive. Over time, if you change your mind, you can take it off without the mess or fuss.

Fakefood4u Display Faux Food Prop Spilled Martini With 2 Olives

spilled martini glass with olives


This may be the only kind of drink spillage that's actually good and doesn't require a cleanup. This faux spilled martini prop is the eclectic home decor you may need to give your space some character or to break the ice when you have guests over.

IkkiTreasures Decorative Artificial Olive Branch Stem

olive leaves


These artificial olive branch stems can be bundled together to create a beautiful bouquet in a decorative vase or be added to another floral arrangement that's lacking greenery. From the white details on the leaves to the black olives, they give off a realistic appearance and will spruce up any space.

Urban Outfitters Olive Beaded Coaster Set

beaded olive coaster

Urban Outfitters

Coasters are essential because they play an important role in protecting our furniture from drink residues. However, that doesn't mean they have to be plain and boring, These beaded coasters are handmade and come in a set of four—they'll give your tables some sparkle and charm.

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