Olympic Style and Design for Your Home Outside

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    Let the Games Dictate Your Decor

    london games olympic village balcony relax athletes new zealand
    Athletes Gareth Kean, from left, Steven Kent, Daniel Bell, Penelope Marshall, Alexis Pritchard and Natalie Wiegersma of New Zealand relax in their residence inside the Olympic Village before the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Phil Walter/Getty Images

    Olympics fever has gripped your household, and the only cure is to live and look like a true Olympian by decorating your home, yard, and yourself with official Olympic merchandise, souvenirs, and designs inspired by the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Games. We've got you covered. Swimsuits, swim caps, towels, goggles, torches and outdoor furnishings and accessories will help you continue the spirit of the Olympics long after the last medal has been awarded.

    First up: Remains of the Games


    • All About the...MORE London 2012 Olympics
    • 2012 Olympic Gymnastics
    • Olympic Swimming
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    Remains of the Games

    remains of the games olympics village
    Remains of the Games items. Remains of the Games, clockwise, from left: divers' umpire seats, balcony set, parasol, label.

    While there's no guarantee and the supply is limited, the furnishings, fixtures and fittings that filled the London 2012 Olympic Village athletes' rooms are for sale by The Remains of the Games. It deserves an award for one of the more clever website domain names associated with the 2012 Olympics.

    Imagine owning the mattress upon which Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte dreamed of capturing the gold, or the tall chairs upon which the umpires ruled during the diving Games. A few of the items for...MORE sale fall into the "who would want that?" category (an extension cord), but most would be modern, well-designed additions to your yard and home. Those beanbags and chairs on the balcony enjoyed by New Zealand athletes are among the offerings from Remains of the Games.

    After the Games, the Olympic Village apartments in London will be available for rent or purchase.

    Remains of The Games is an autonomous trading division dedicated to the disposal of the fixtures, fittings and specific assets from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    A Guide to the London Olympics: World News

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    Blomus Torches

    blomus torches, barber and osgerby olympic torch
    Blomus torches. Photos &copy Blomus; lower right, Barber and Osgerby. Graphic, About.com

    Blomus did not design the 8,000-or-so 2012 London Games torches, but their elegant styling and sleek materials make them a worth contender for outfitting your yard in Olympic fashion. So far, the only way you can get your paws on an authentic Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby torch (pictured, lower right corner) is to bid for one on eBay -- no guarantee of condition, price, etc.

    Blomus torches are usually constructed of a mix of stainless steel, wood, and / or glass, and the ground supports are made...MORE of zinc-coated steel. The flames are ignited with lamp oil, which can be found at hardware stores or online. Accessories to enhance stability and mobility are available for an additional cost.

    While it's not the gold torch -- or even a gold torch -- the modern Blomus torch will give your property a winning touch and capture the esssence of Olympic spirit.

    (Compare prices)

    All About the Ancient History of the Olympic Torch

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    Jan Constantine Cushions

    olympic games 2012 cushions jan constantine
    Just a sampling of Jan Constantine's London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic official textiles and cushions. Cushions: &copy Jan Constantine; Graphic, L. Taylor for About.com

    British designer Jan Constantine as the holder of an official license for home textiles for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Her pillows -- the British term is "cushion" -- come in various sizes, shapes and colors and depict everything from London's Olympic history with the image of a discus thrower in front of Big Ben to Wenlock, the Olympic mascot and Mandeville, the Paralympic mascot, to the bold graphic "2012" logo designed by Wolff Olins. Most of the Jan...MORE Constantine cushions are made of heavy cotton, and feature a hidden zipper. Dry clean only.

    To avoid fading, make sure your Olympic cushions are kept under cover and bring them indoors when not in use.

    Hand-stitching and embroidery books by Jan Constantine: (Compare prices)

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    Team Speedo 2012 Olympic Collection

    speedo swimwear, team speedo, 2012, olympics
    Team Speedo Collection for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. &copy Speedo; graphic, L. Taylor for About.com

    Whether you're hanging out by the pool or doing serious laps in the pool, slip on a swimsuit or goggles from the Team Speedo and Fastskin collections for a winning look and performance.

    Speedo's connection with the Olympics kicked off in 1932 when Australian swimmer Claire Dennis won the gold -- in Speedo, of course -- at the Los Angeles Olympics. Speedo has outfitted and debuted swimwear innovations at Olympic Games ever since, including the 2004 games when Michael Phelps became the...MORE first-ever swimmer to win eight medals at the Olympics (yes, wearing Speedo). Four years later, a Speedo-clad Phelps made history again as he won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games. More Olympic Gold Medals have been won in Speedo swimwear than any other brand, according to the company.

    Speedo is the official outfitter for USA Swimming through 2012 and is a proud sponsor of the world's best Olympic athletes in swimming, including Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin, Ryan Lochte and Katie Hoff.

    A sampling of the 2012 Team Speedo and Fastskin3 collections, clockwise, from top far left:

    • Fastskin3 Hair Management System: Wear under the Fastskin3 Cap for best results.
    • Team Speedo Power Sprint Jammer - Speedo® Endurance+ (Rocker)
    • Fastskin3 Super Elite Mirrored Goggle
    • Fastskin3 Cap and Super Elite Goggle
    • Team Speedo Power Sprint Recordbreaker women's swimsuit in Lochte Green: From the Rocker line, this training suit is made of Speedo's exclusive Endurance fabric which is 100% chlorine resistant and has four-way stretch tecnhology.
    • Team Speedo Mug Shot Silicone Cap (Rocker): Swimmer Ryan Lochte, pictured. Close-ups of Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin also available.
    • Kickboard: Adult-sized EVA kickboard. Front center features Speedo-endorsed athlete signature by Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin or Ryan Lochte.
    • Team Speedo Home of the Fast Pulse Back (Golden Girl): this women's swimsuit features thinner straps with a round keyhole that is slightly more open. It's made of Xtra Life LYCRA®, which provides resistance to suntan lotions, skin oils and chlorine.
    • Fastskin3 Elite Jammer

    For more information: Team Speedo Collection (Compare prices)

    Video: Profile of Michael Phelps

    Video: Profile of Natalie Coughlin

    Video: Profile of Ryan Lochte

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    Greek Competitor Garden Statue

    greek olympics statue
    A Greek Olympian for the garden. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
    Think a little Greek decor might add a classic touch to your yard? A tribute to the ancient Greeks -- creators of the Olympic Games -- this bust is finely detailed, like the originals by which it was inspired. The statue's well-defined curls, facial features and form are made from Tuffstone, a plaster compound that is designed to withstand the elements and last for years.

    (Compare prices): Greek garden statue

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    Crate and Barrel Olive Wreath

    olive wreath, olympics, greek
    A Greek olive wreath, Crate and Barrel. &copy Crate and Barrel
    Olive wreaths recall earlier Olympic Games, when winning athletes proudly wore them atop their heads as crowning displays of hard work and glory. The Olea oleaster, the wild-olive, has been considered by various botanists a valid species and a subspecies[1] of the cultivated olive tree, Olea europea.

    Crate and Barrel's modern and long-lasting version of the ancient Greek kotinos is handcrafted with Mediterranean-inspired branches that swirl in an organic spiral, accented with natural twigs...MORE and faux olives. Also made of polyfoam, iron wire, twig and paper, the olive wreath is best displayed in covered areas and stored when not in use. The wreath measures 24 inches diameter and is 4 inches thick.

    More about victory wreaths

    (Compare prices): olive wreath

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    Olympic Wreath Planter Set

    olive wreath square planters patio
    The classic Greek olive wreath adorns the square containers of this set. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
    Echoing the design motif of the olive wreath, which was significant to the ancient Olympic Games in Greece, is this set of planters that will blend nicely with several design styles and types of outdoor decor. Each of the five planters features raised carvings of olive wreaths on the sides, which give them a classic Olympian appeal.

    The planters are made of fiberclay, a mixed material that combines fiberglass for durability with the texture of crushed terracotta. (Compare prices): planter set

    Test...MORE your knowledge: Ancient Olympics Quiz

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    Ralph Lauren: Official Outfitter of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team

    ralph lauren olympics 2012
    Ralph Lauren's Team USA 2012 Olympic Collection. &copy Ralph Lauren; graphic, Lisa Hallett Taylor for About.com

    You saw the U.S. Olymlpic athletes sporting Ralph Lauren's classic looks in red, white and blue during the 2012 London Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies. Didn't they look smashing?

    That big, thirsty beach towel is perfect to wrap around your toned and tan swimmer's body as you slowly step out of the swimming pool -- all eyes on you. Ryan Lochte, pictured, does not come with the towel.

    The essential pool flip-flop gets the Ralph Lauren touch with bold-hued foam for comfort. Walk with...MORE style while supporting Team USA's participation in the 2012 Olympics.

    While you may not want to sport the preppy beret or navy blazer at your next patio or pool party, ladies will look positively patriotic wearing this cute white tank dress embellished with "USA" lettering on the front. An officially licensed Ralph Lauren USA Olympics dress, it's 100% cotton, features a scoop neckline and embroidered "Team USA" logo on the back. Available in sizes XS - XL.

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    Orlandi Discobolos or Discus Thrower Statue

    discus thrower statue
    Standing tall at 5'8", Discobolus will guard your garden. Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
    As a tribute to Greek history and the Olympic Games, Discobolus -- commonly known as the Discus Thrower -- is ready to throw his discus. This garden statue takes on the characteristics and details of an authentic Greek statue with curls and the long, muscular arms and legs of an ancient athlete.

    Discobolus measures 68 inches tall (5'8" or 172.72 centimeters), making him the perfect height for most gardens. The statue is constructed of a durable fiberglass resin, with an faux antique stone...MORE finish. For his height, he is surprisingly lightweight -- a mere 66 pounds.

    (Compare prices): discus thrower statue

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    Tyr AP12 Swimsuits

    tyr, swimsuits, olympic 2012
    Official Tyr swimwear for the 2012 London Olympic Games. &copy Tyr
    Not every pool owner has a serious Olympic swimmer in their household. But for those who do or aspire to, Tyr makes racing swimwear -- the AP12 (Alchemy Project) Speedsuit series -- that combines turbo compression with a new lightweight, hydrophobic micro-filament textile that repels water and decreases drag. Compression suits give swimmers a tighter core and better body positioning while reducing lactic-acid buildup in the muscles.

    For the look and performance of an Olympic swimmer, Tyr's...MORE 2012 USA collection includes men's and women's swimwear, hoodies, backpacks, warm-up clothes, t-shirts and hats -- all with splashes of patriotic red, white and blue.

    Pictured, from left: Women's AP12 Compression Open-Back Speedsuit with Credere Print; Men's AP12 Compression Speed Short with Credere Print; and bottom right: Girl's USA 2012 Diamondfit Printed Splice Swimsuit.

    (Compare prices) on Tyr swimwear