6 DIY Backsplash Hacks You Can Complete In One Afternoon

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    6 DIY Backsplash Hacks You Can Complete In One Afternoon

    6 DIY Backsplash Hacks You Can Complete In One Afternoon

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    Installing a backsplash is a great way to keep messes from a kitchen or a bathroom sink from turning into cleaning or repair jobs. They can also add a sparkling new level to the décor of either space, using vibrant...MORE colors and complex pattens to become a centerpiece of the room. However, many homeowners are hesitant about bringing in a backsplash, concerned that installation is a project that demands the assistance of a professional. But with a little bit of planning, anything is possible. A simple DIY backsplash is a great job to tackle over an afternoon or a slow weekend. And we've got just the right hacks to have you breezing through the process in no time.

    Subway tile designs are very fashionable right now, and the tiles themselves are very durable, making them the perfect choice for high traffic areas like the kitchen. As with any tile project, you’ll need to prep the wall properly, and planning the layout is essential. It’s a good idea to check the wall for any tricky corners, since this is a project that’s only suitable for DIYers if intricate cuts aren’t needed.

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    Mix & Match Tiles

    6 DIY Backsplash Hacks You Can Complete In One Afternoon
    Gypsy Yaya

    If you're looking for a backsplash that will really stand out and set the tone for your room, creating one out of mismatched tiles is a wonderful way to give your space an ecclectic, global look. The trick here is to find tiles that relate to each other within the color palette of your room. Also, buy more than one of each tile so that you can repeat a few of your favorites within your composition. These two guidelines will help you keep things ecclectic without them going too crazy.

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    Clear Glass

    6 DIY Backsplash Hacks You Can Complete In One Afternoon

    Backsplashes have an unparalleled ability to change the overall appearance of a kitchen or bathroom. But for homeowners who are already happy with these spaces clear glass is a great way to bring in something new without having a huge impact on the general look of the room. At the same time, the reflection from the glass will also function as an accent to the space. An added benefit of working with clear glass is that you can measure and take the exact dimensions to have cut at your local home...MORE improvement store, allowing you to tackle slightly more complicated spaces without the assistance of a professional. Just make sure you get the details right and leave a bit of wiggle room on each measurement.

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    6 DIY Backsplash Hacks You Can Complete In One Afternoon
    The NIC Studio

    Vinyl is growing in popularity and with custom vinyl printers becoming widely available, you can either make one yourself or have the work done cheaply by a graphics company. Printed vinyl is also highly customizable, so you can make a unique and personalized statement with any backsplash that you add to a kitchen or bathroom area.

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    Temporary Wallpaper

    6 DIY Backsplash Hacks You Can Complete In One Afternoon

    Temporary wallpaper is becoming hugely popular among renters, students and anyone who's looking for a non-permanent alternative to traditional wallpaper. But it's also very useful as an alternative to a traditional backsplash. Like vinyl, the this approach may be especially appealing to those who might want to install a backsplash, but also have to worry about limitations on permanent alterations to a property. Temporary wallpaper can also give you the look of a more complicated...MORE backsplash without the hassle of having to deal with hard-to-work-with materials. I love this faux subway tile backsplash from Walls Need Love. 

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    6 DIY Backsplash Hacks You Can Complete In One Afternoon
    Stilettos and Diapers

    For the more intrepid homeowners and any hardcore DIY veterans, a backsplash can be created by assembling small stones. It’s important to remember to purchase more stone than is needed to complete the job, as matching replacements may be hard to come by. Store a few suitable pieces, and down the road, when inevitably a stone falls or gets chipped, you can replace it. A cheaper and perhaps easier solution that still looks rockin’ (get it?) is Airstone, a lighter stone-like veneer that is easily...MORE installed in one afternoon.