Introducing the "One Thing" Video Series

Here at The Spruce, our mission is to help our readers make their best homes and, in turn, live their best lives. Sometimes that means covering the latest home trends or giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to master a cooking technique. Other times, we prefer to leave our readers with helpful little nuggets of information that they can immediately use in their day-to-day. We believe that sometimes, just one thing can help make a big difference in our lives at home—and that’s why we’re launching "One Thing."

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    What Is One Thing?

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    Each week, we’ll share one thing we think our readers need to know about how to make their homes even better. Watch as our editors tackle everyday annoyances, bust popular myths, and share cooking secrets. We’re offering the answers you crave, one thing at a time.

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    The Secret to Removing Stubborn Stickers

    Image of Melanie Berliet removing a price tag with a hair dryer

    Why is it that the ugliest stickers are the hardest to remove? Luckily, Melanie knows a relatively mess-free method of removing stubborn stickers from all types of surfaces and the key is a common household item pretty much everyone owns.

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    Painting Pumpkins With Chalky Paint

    Melissa epifano with chalk painted pumpkins

    No-carve pumpkins are more popular than ever before, and Melissa is here to show you three ways to embrace the trend. Using just a paintbrush and our Chalky Finish Paint, you can turn your pumpkins into modern works of art—gourd-geous!

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    Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

    Sami Allen making a diy Halloween costume

    There are two types of people: those who plan their Halloween costumes months in advance and those who have no idea what to do when that holiday rolls around. For those in the latter category, we've got you covered. Watch as Sami Allen transforms basic wardrobe staples into one-of-a-kind costumes using just a hot glue gun and a little ingenuity.

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    Healthy Spooky Snacks

    Melanie Berliet with halloween snack display

    What’s scarier than ghosts, witches, or werewolves? Making a healthy snack that everyone actually enjoys. While we’ll never say “no” to a few handfuls of candy, between trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, kiddos can quickly hit sugar overload. Watch as Melanie creates several delicious and nutritious spooky snacks, perfect for fueling your hungry horde.

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    How to Fold a Hoodie

    Melanie Berliet and Neil Vogel split screened with a folded sweatshirt

    The hoodie is a wardrobe must-have for all. Let Melanie teach you (and Dotdash CEO, Neil Vogel) the most genius, space-saving method of folding your favorite hoodie so you can lend this garment the respect it surely deserves.

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    Never Hammer Your Fingers Again!

    Sami Allen hammering a nail

    Your fingers deserve to stay intact! Spare your digits the indignity of being smashed by a hammer during your next home improvement project with these helpful tricks Sami has mastered.

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    3 Condiments You Can Clean With

    Melanie Berliet cleaning a copper kettle with ketchup.

    Condiments are without a doubt awesome for eating. But do they have a secret, secondary purpose? Watch as Melanie tests whether mayo, ketchup, and vinegar can double successfully as cleaning agents.

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    How to Make Gourd Vases

    woman with gourd vases

    The Spruce

    Sure, pumpkins and squash taste great in your favorite fall dishes, but they can be used for more things than just your culinary adventures. For a truly unique tablescape, watch as Mélanie reveals the trick to turning gourds into festive fall vases. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces will be the talk of your fall get-together.

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    How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

    Woman holding fitted sheet

    The Spruce

    If you’re anything like us, your spare fitted sheets are most likely balled up and shoved in the back of your linen closet. The combination of elastic band and rounded corners makes folding these bedding staples much too difficult. Don’t sweat it—Mélanie will show you how to perfectly fold a fitted sheet once and for all.

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    Unique DIY Present Toppers

    Woman with colorable present

    The Spruce 

    Run out of bows? Forgot to buy extra ribbon? Don’t fret! It’s much easier than you think to craft your own unique gift toppers. Follow along as Mélanie teaches you how to personalize your gift and make it look anything but basic.

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    How to Paint Your Own Ornaments

    Woman standing behind table of painted ornaments

    The Spruce

    Sprucing up your Christmas tree doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Our favorite holiday tradition? DIYing your own ornaments. Grab your paint brushes and work alongside Melissa as she walks you through a simple painted ornament craft.

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    Learn These Simple But Fancy Napkin Folds

    Woman with a napkin in the shape of an elf boot

    The Spruce

    Take your tablescape to a whole new level this holiday season with some fancy napkin folding. Mélanie will show you how to easily master everything from a simple pocket fold to a festive tree so you can add a festive touch to your guest’s place settings.

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    The Trick to Opening Champagne

    Woman holding open champagne bottle

    The Spruce

    When it’s time for a toast, pouring the bubbly is easy, but getting the bottle open? Not so much. No one wants sticky floors, shattered glass, or cork-induced injuries. Have no fear, Sami will break down the easiest way to open a champagne bottle—to keep you safe from flying corks.

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    How to Remove Candle Wax

    Woman standing behind table with candles and plants

    The Spruce

    We all have those nearly empty candle jars scattered around our homes. The candles can no longer be lit, but tossing the empty vessel seems like a waste. So what can you do? With this simple trick, Melissa will show you how to easily remove leftover wax and repurpose your jars.

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    Lazy Susan Organization Tips and Tricks

    Woman standing behind lazy susans

    The Spruce

    These spinning trays aren’t just great for taco night; lazy Susans have quite a few other useful purposes in the home. Sami’s here to help you step up your organization game as she demonstrates a variety of ways to use a lazy Susan—from organizing makeup to making a tabletop bar cart.

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    The Trick to Removing Carpet Dents

    Sami Allen split screen with dented carpet

    If you’ve ever moved furniture off a rug, you’re probably familiar with the unsightly dents that get left behind. Don't fret! There’s a simple way to eliminate these tiny carpet craters. Watch Sami explain exactly how.

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    Keeping Flowers Fresh Longer

    Woman behind vases of flowers

    The Spruce

    Trying to figure out how to make that stunning bouquet last longer? Sami tested a variety of methods—everything from viagra to vodka—to see which one will keep your blooms at their brightest. You may be surprised to see which concoction works best.

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    How to Open Jars Easily

    Woman behind table of jars

    The Spruce

    Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to pry open your jar of pasta sauce before dinner or loosening the too-tight pickle and pearl onion containers you need to open for game night. No  need to call on your family members for help. Watch Mélanie show you how to open the toughest jars easily.  

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    Surprising Uses for WD-40

    surprising uses for wd-40

    This spray bottle is known for its magic ability to uncreak and unsqueak anything. But WD-40 has quite a few more cool tricks up its nozzle. Melissa will show you four different ways that the spray can found in everyone’s cabinets will make your life easier.

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    Awesome DIY Hoop Wreaths

    hoop wreath

    Whether you’re a fan of a fresh bouquet of flowers or prefer faux blooms, this tutorial is for you. Melissa is here to help you welcome in the new season with this DIY spring wreath tutorial. You’ll learn how to clip, arrange, and style your favorite flowers into a trendy hoop wreath.

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    How to Reseal Plastic Bags

    how to reseal plastic bags one thing

    When it comes to keeping your chips fresh, a bag clip or rubber band often fall short. The solution? Fire! Watch as general manager Mélanie Berliet shows you how to seamlessly seal plastic bags with just a ruler and lighter.

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    How to Make a DIY Face Mask

    DIY face mask one thing

    Want to DIY your own face mask? All you need is a bandana or handkerchief and rubber bands. Watch as general manager Mélanie Berliet shows you how easy it is to make your own in just a few easy steps.

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    Upcycle Plastic Bottles into Planters

    diy planter one thing

    Keep a few single-use plastic bottles and upcycle them into gorgeous planters that can help breathe life into your home. Associate editor Melissa Epifano will show you how to turn something as ordinary as a plastic soap bottle into a chic decor item.

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    The Quickest Pickles Ever

    Side by side photo of Jess Kapadia with a cast iron pan next to a jar of quick pickles

    Ready to make the fastest pickles on the planet? Jess is. Watch her smash her way to crisp, mouth-puckering glory with a pile of kirby cucumbers and her trusty cast-iron skillet. Find out why this brutality helps the brine penetrate and create crunchy pickles in record speed.

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    The Trick to Perfect Boiled Eggs

    Heather Ramsdell holding a boiled egg

    What’s the best way to cook the perfect jammy egg, every single time? People constantly ask this question and Heather is genuinely psyched to show them how to do it. It’s preposterously easy, satisfyingly precise, and the eggs practically leap from their own shells.

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    Leftover Halloween Candy Fondue

    Jess Kapadia dressed as a taco, hugging a bucket of Halloween candy

    Grab a couple of handfuls of your favorite fun-size chocolate bars (we made individual fondues for Butterfinger, Milky Way, and Snickers), some bulk chocolate, a small slow-cooker or crockpot, and some heavy cream. That's all Jess needs to transform these fan favorites into a fancy dessert you can pair with anything you'd dip in traditional chocolate fondue.

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    How to Cut and Peel Butternut Squash

    Heather Ramsdell with a butternut squash

    There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear and sometimes also butternut squash. Heather insists that it’s pretty easy, though, and proves it by demonstrating a straightforward way to peel, cut and dispatch a big fat butternut squash into neat little hunks without breaking a sweat.

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    How to Make Brown Sugar Milk

    Patty Lee holding a glass of brown sugar milk; image of brown sugar milk being made in the background

    You may not know brown sugar milk by name (yet!), but you’ve probably seen it pop up in your Instagram feed. The Taiwanese bubble tea has become so popular, foodies have lined up for two hours just to get their hands on one. Well, you’re in luck because it’s incredibly easy to recreate at home and Patty will show you how.

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    The Not-Measuring Rice Trick

    Jess Kapadia and Patty Lee behind two burners with pots of rice

    Fact: You don’t actually need to measure water when cooking rice. We know a trick that’s been used for centuries—including in the childhood homes of food editors Patty and Jess. Add any kind of rice to a pot, and prepare to witness perfect, fluffy measurement magic.

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    Unbelievably Easy Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

    Fluffy mashed potatoes one thing

    What if we told you you're only one kitchen gadget away from making the fluffiest mashed potatoes? This trick is incredibly easy, and your dish will be the talk of every meal and dinner party. Watch as Heather shows you how this mouthwatering classic.

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    How to Spatchcock a Turkey

    spatchcocking a turkey one thing

    If the idea of preparing, cooking, and carving a turkey is daunting to you—you're not alone. But if you're eager to take on this delicious Thanksgiving tradition, Heather will teach you how to master the art of a turkey. It's not nearly as tough as you think!

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    Thanksgiving Leftover Dumplings

    thanksgiving leftover dumplings one thing

    We've all been there. It's the weekend after Thanksgiving and the mountain of leftovers is as daunting as ever, but you cringe at the thought of yet another turkey sandwich. Enter the Thanksgiving dumpling. Watch as Patty teaches you how to make this fun and tasty alternative.

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    How to Hasselback Anything

    how to hasselback anything

    What's the first thing you think of when we say the term "hasselback"? We bet it's potatoes. But did you know that there's a lot more you can apply the technique to? Watch as Patty shows you how to master this method on a variety of tasty foods.

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    Kimchi Pickled Eggs

    kimchi pickled eggs

    A fried egg over kimchi fried rice is a classic comfort food, as is a bowl of steaming with a half perfect soft-boiled egg perched on top. The combination of these two ideas inspired these pickled eggs. Jess will show you how to whip up this delicious garnish.

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    How to Look Cool While Shaking a Cocktail

    shaking cocktails one thing

    Do cocktail shakers make you nervous? In this video, The Spruce Eats General Manager Eric Handelsman takes a lesson from Tom Macy, co-owner of Clover Club and Watch as they make a spiced cranberry margarita, and learn about all the tools and tricks that will help you look cool at your next holiday party.

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    Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

    red velvet crinkle cookies one thing

    In need of a new holiday cookie recipe? Patty shows you how to bake red velvet crinkle cookies that are guaranteed to win any holiday cookie swap.

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    Make Ahead Flavor Bombs

    frozen flavor bombs

    If you want to plan ahead for a busy weeknight, prepare our easy frozen flavor bombs. Heather Ramsdell will walk you through how to combine spices with fat and onions to make concentrated frozen pucks that can be combined with other ingredients for countless dinner possibilities.

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    Vegan Instant Pot Cashew Yogurt

    vegan yogurt

    This vegan cashew yogurt is so easy to make and is so worth the wait! It’s only three ingredients and there’s no straining, squeezing, or weird thickeners. Whether dairy-free, vegan, or just looking to change up your breakfast routine, you’ll love this yogurt—and love that you made it from scratch. 

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    Chicken Skin Chips

    chicken skin chips

    When braising or making soup, it's normal to remove and discard chicken skin. Next time, save what you pull off so you can make this game-changing snack. The technique Jess uses is super simple and leaves you with a plate of irresistibly crunchy chicken skin chips.

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    How to Temper Chocolate

    how to temper chocolate

    Want to make an amazing, shiny, snappy chocolate dessert that is sure to impress your valentine? Pastry chef Priscilla Scaff-Mariana from Gabriel Kreuther teaches Heather the A to Zs of tempering chocolate like a pro.

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    Giant Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    giant grilled cheese

    What's better than a regular grilled cheese? A giant grilled cheese. Jess walks us through using a whole loaf of bread, American cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella to create a masterpiece that's good enough to share.

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    The Fluffiest-Ever Buttermilk Pancakes

    perfect pancakes one thing

    Tired of making the same old, floppy pancakes? Eric will walk you through all of his secret tips to making the perfect, fluffy, huge pancakes. From using baking soda and baking powder to letting the batter sit for 10 minutes, these tricks will make you a pancake master in no time.

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    How to Sharpen a Knife With a Mug

    how to sharpen a knife with a mug

    Have you ever been caught in a pinch where you only have a dull knife and no sharpener? Jess shows you a simple technique that she learned the hard way—how to use a mug to sharpen a knife. All you need is a cheap, sturdy mug and you're all set.

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    French Onion Soup Pantry Pasta

    pantry pasta one thing

    Unsure of what to make for dinner? Chances are you have everything in your pantry right now to make a delicious pasta. Eric shows us that all you need are onions, garlic, butter, oil and pastry to create something delicious for you and your kids.

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    The Easiest Poached Egg Technique

    The Easiest Poached Egg Technique one thing

    Love poached eggs but scared to make them at home? In this video, Heather shows you how to poach eggs, the right way at home. Get ready to have amazing, drippy poached eggs every weekend. 

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    Mélanie Berliet

    Headshot of Spruce General Manager Melanie Berliet

    The Spruce / Jordan Provost

    As General Manager and unofficial Folder-in-Chief, Melanie oversees all content initiatives and business strategies for The Spruce home, pets, and crafts sub-verticals. She has 15 years of experience in creating, managing, and publishing lifestyle content across platforms. You can find her on the set of "One Thing" folding napkins, folding sheets, folding hoodies, and very occasionally folding nothing at all.

    What is your motto?

    Currently, my motto is: "The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life." — Esther Perel. In my 20s it was: "Everything in moderation, including moderation," which you can interpret as you wish. Learn more about Mélanie.

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    Eric Handelsman

    Headshot of The Spruce Eats General Manager Eric Handelsman

    The Spruce / Jordan Provost

    Eric is the General Manager and Vice President of The Spruce Eats, where he oversees the brand from content and marketing strategy to product and technical development. An avid home cook and lover of all things food-related, Eric's goal is to make the very best recipe site on the internet. As "One Thing's" self-appointed taste tester, you'll usually find him eating all of the things both on and off camera.

    What food or drink are you?

    Tequila—I am really fun and liven up a party, but if I stick around too long you’ll probably get sick of me. Learn more about Eric.

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    Allison Bean

    Headshot of The Spruce Editorial Director Allison Bean

    The Spruce / Jordan Provost

    As Editorial Director, Allison oversees the team of editors who update, edit and publish content for The Spruce, The Spruce Crafts and The Spruce Pets. A proud Dog Mom and Crazy Plant Lady, she launched The Spruce to help people discover their own passions (no matter the niche) and make their homes a bit more beautiful. Allison works behind the scenes of "One Thing" to make sure the team is as eloquent, charming, and funny on camera as they are off.

    What home decor trend are you loving right now?

    The angsty teen that resides in my heart is very happy to see that black is making a splash in the design world. Matte black fixtures, black cabinets and yes, mom, it's okay to paint your bedroom black! Learn more about Allison.

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    Heather Ramsdell

    Headshot of Spruce Eats General Manager Heather Ramsdell

    The Spruce / Jordan Provost

    In her role as Editorial Director of The Spruce Eats, Heather leads our food editors, recipe developers, and writers in creating recipes, photos, and videos that help people cook, learn about, and celebrate food. She is a trained cook and embraces her identity as a food nerd, has a special love of using kitchen tools for things they were not meant to do, debunking myths, and demystifying ingredients. 

    What food or drink are you?

    Probably an unwieldy cheeseburger. Someday, I will become a strong cup of coffee. Learn more about Heather.

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    Sami Allen

    Headshot of Spruce editor Sami Allen

    The Spruce / Jordan Provost

    Sami is the Lifestyle Editor for The Spruce and The Spruce Pets, editing and covering topic areas like pets, gardening, and home renovation. As a seasoned editor and lifestyle writer, she has seen her fair share of home hacks and tricks that don't actually work. You'll find her on "One Thing" debunking those oh-so-popular viral videos and sharing her favorite ways to save time and money at home for real.

    What is your favorite thing you own and why?

    My ridiculous library of cookbooks. They sit on top of my white cabinets among vases and other decorative items I've picked over the years. I once loaned a favorite cookbook to a friend of a friend and they never returned it, so it's safe to say the rest are never leaving my home. Learn more about Sami.

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    Patty Lee

    Headshot of Spruce Eats editor Patty Lee

    The Spruce / Jordan Provost

    Patty is an Editor for The Spruce Eats, where she oversees a team of recipe developers and food writers in creating mouthwatering dishes and helpful cooking guides. She's a pint-sized foodie with a big appetite and often the first to notice a trend or to try the new restaurant everyone's talking about. On the set of "One Thing," you'll find Patty making easy delicious recipes and sharing essential cooking tricks—while Instagramming it all.

    What food trend would you like to forget?

    Unicorn everything, because rainbow isn't a flavor! Learn more about Patty.

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    Jess Kapadia

    Headshot of Spruce Eats editor Jess Kapadia

    The Spruce / Jordan Provost

    Jess is an Editor for The Spruce Eats, where she manages a team of recipe writers. She's a seasoned content strategist with experience in social media management, branded content, and also hosts a weekly series on The Spruce Eats Instagram. Fearless (she once butchered and pit-barbecued wild boar in a Taiwanese jungle), fun, and eager to help, Jess is looking forward to sharing her favorite recipes and tricks with "One Thing" viewers.

    Which food or drink are you?

    A bowl of rice and dal with a huge dollop of whole milk yogurt, chopped cilantro, mango pickle, and squirt of lime juice, accompanied by a big glass of iced NYC tap water. I call it the "full reset." Learn more about Jess.

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    Melissa Epifano

    Headshot of Spruce Editor Melissa Epifano

    The Spruce / Jordan Provost

    Melissa is the Associate Lifestyle Editor for The Spruce, overseeing home decor, crafts, and celebrations content. Throughout her career, she's covered a number of lifestyle topics from fashion to beauty to travel. She brings her innate sense of style to the "One Thing" set whether she's wielding a can of chalky finish paint or artfully arranging a collection of coffee table books.

    What home decor trend is so yesterday?

    This is going to be controversial, but farmhouse everything. I'm not here for it. This could partially be attributed to the fact I grew up in a tiny farm town and cringe at the thought of tractors and burlap sacks being "cute." (No shade to Joanna Gaines, though.) Learn more about Melissa.

We'll be adding new episodes every week, so check back soon for more "One Thing."