The 10 Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts to Buy for Him in 2018

Take the guesswork out and get him what he really wants this year

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Congratulations! The first anniversary between you and your husband is a big milestone. While the day represents a major accomplishment, preparing for it can feel stressful. What should you do? How should you celebrate? What’s the best gift for that special man in your life? Finding the right gift for him is no easy task, especially since there are so many options for you to choose. From traditional and modern possibilities to something more personalized, picking the right gift requires some time and thought. Some outside help never hurts either.

To make this challenge more manageable, it’s good to narrow down the type of gift you want to consider. Traditional and modern gifts are a good place to start. For the big one year anniversary, something paper-based is considered traditional, whether it’s a journal, art, pictures, etc. The modern equivalent is a clock like a digital or analog watch. If you don’t want to do the typical gift, choose something more personal to him. Knowing his tastes means you can find something that speaks to him. What does he really want? What kind of gift would you get him for his birthday? Custom, personalized gifts are also a way to give something truly unique.

Make life a little easier on yourself and check out the best one-year anniversary gifts for him.


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    Lure Personalized Stationery

    Lure Personalized Stationery
    Courtesy of Minted

    For a personal touch on a traditional anniversary gift, personalized stationery is hard to beat. The Lure Personalized Stationery takes everything a step further by sharing a special message or symbol with your husband on your special day or just his name for when he needs to write out hand written notes. 

    The stationery includes a subtle fish lure icon on the top and custom text below. Made of high-quality luxe paper, the set comes with a complimentary gift box to keep everything organized. Choose your own custom text/imagery, along with different options for the back (including a custom photo or solid colors), using the Minted design interface.

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    Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) - Charcoal

    In general, most guys love the gift of technology. If he hasn't purchased an Echo, now is the perfect time to get him one. With the improved speaker, he'll be able to stream music with voice commands as well as many other things like check the weather, order a taxi, get the news and even control appliances in the house when they are Alexa-enabled. 

    If he already has the Echo, consider adding on to his enabled collection, perhaps a Nest Thermostat so he can keep the home to his desired temperature (though you might not like that!) or a smart television that he can surf the channels with just by using his voice. Whatever smart device you choose, it's sure to be a hit.

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    Retro Frame Coasters

    Retro Frame Coasters
    Courtesy of Shutterfly

    Want a way to creatively express yourself or share your special memories? Photos are a great start, but think about giving your loved one something that displays these memories in a unique way. Coasters are a great spot to do just this. Useful but often boring, add a little spice to your coasters with custom printed pictures.

    The Retro Frame Coasters come in sets of four with an individual picture on each coaster. You can add custom text such as the location and date of the photo on the bottom. You can also make a set of identical coasters using the same picture(s) and text. The coasters themselves include a non-slip cork backing so cups and drinks will stay in place while in use.

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    BookFactory Black Journal

    Paper is the traditional first-year anniversary gift because it represents capturing ideas, emotions, and memories. For example, there is nothing quite like a handwritten note to tell someone you love and appreciate them. The BookFactory Black Journal is another way to express your love with something useful.

    This journal is a high quality banded set of 192 lined pages. Coming in five different colors, the college-ruled pages are great for any man with a technical career or hobby. Writers and artists may also appreciate a portable writing surface that isn’t prone to failure like laptops or tablets. The journal also comes with a matching placeholder ribbon to mark the next available page.

    Add a personal touch to this notebook by including a handwritten love note that includes some of your favorite memories from your year of newlywed bliss. 

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    eBright Alarm Clock

    Obviously, clocks represent time when given as anniversary gifts. The first anniversary is a celebration of a successful first year. As a gift, clocks are also useful for people needing to keep to a certain schedule. For the late riser in your life, the eBright Alarm Clock is a great choice to consider.

    This alarm clock sports a modern, sleek look with some handy features. Beyond the usual clock and alarm functions, this gift uses a circular, warm light to mimic the colors of sunrise and sunset in addition to custom hues. The light gradually increases brightness in the morning for some additional motivation to wake up early. Six natural sounds and an FM radio are also available for waking up.

    See more reviews of our favorite alarm clocks available for purchase.

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    Serman Brands Wallet

    Do you want to avoid the typical traditional or modern gift? Try something that is a little more practical. Anniversary gifts don’t just have to have significant meaning. The man in your life will appreciate the thought of something useful, especially if it’s something he can use every day.

    The Serman Brands Wallet is four by three inches and features a bifold design that’s great for organizing numerous cash, cards, and other small items. A front pocket can hold your husband’s most common things so he doesn’t have to open the wallet. If he is concerned about extra protection, the wallet also includes built-in anti-RFID protection to prevent third-party scanners from stealing credit card data.

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    Cuisinart 13 Piece Grilling Tool Set

    Cuisinart 13 Piece Grilling Tool Set
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    For the cook in your life, the gift of utensils and cooking tools is special. More cooking tools mean your love can continue to do what he enjoys while expressing his appreciation in the form of a great meal. For the outdoor cook, the Cuisinart 13 Piece Grilling Tool Set is a top pick for quality BBQ.

    The kit comes with twelve individual tools ranging from forks, tongs, brushes, skewers and even corn holders. Each tool includes a wooden handle and contoured lines for comfortable handling. The heads are crafted from durable steel. For portability, the kit comes with a plastic storage case to take the kit to events like picnics and cookouts.

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    Bulova Men's 96B158 Watch

    A good watch bridges the gap between traditional and modern. An analog watch is a great stylistic piece that accents a person’s overall look. For an anniversary present for him, this type of gift expresses your appreciation of the time that that has passed and the time that still remains.

    The Bulova Men's 96B158 watch is a sleek, analog timepiece that fits well with both professional and casual attire. The main piece is made from polished stainless steel that contains precisely tuned parts for accurate timekeeping. The band is a comfortable black leather that will last for many years.

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    Latitude Run 12 Opening Decorative Wood Photo Collage

    Latitude Run 12 Opening Decorative Wood Photo Collage
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Marriages are built on memories. As the years pass by, it’s important to capture the special moments so you can look back later on. The Latitude Run 12 Opening Decorative Wood Photo Collage is the type of gift that allows both you and your husband to share in the process of capturing and recording those memories.

    This collage set is made up of twelve individual four by six photo frames. Each frame comes with a dark wood finish protected by a durable clear coat. The arrangement includes an assortment of vertical and horizontal photos so you and your husband can choose pictures with different layouts to use. Once complete, the whole arrangement mounts to the wall with standard screws or nails.

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    HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

    It’s easy to capture the important events in your marriage with digital cameras, but what happens if something goes wrong with the storage device? Physical photos bring a sense of nostalgia back while protecting the most important artifacts of your family. Better still, giving your husband a gift like the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer makes it easier than ever to print pictures right from a storage device.

    The printer is designed to make printing plain and simple. Connect any phone, tablet or bluetooth-compatible camera to the printer and print wirelessly in seconds. The device uses 2" x 3" sticky-backed pieces of paper so the photos will be convenient to handle and store. Using the HP Sprocket App, you can also add custom text, borders, emojis and other decorations to the pictures before printing.