Online Etiquette Classes for Adults and Children

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Have you ever considered taking an etiquette class but can’t find one that suits your schedule or you don’t have the time to do so? Then you might want to try one of the classes offered online. Determine what you need out of the program before signing up. One that offers business etiquette will be different from one that teaches how to be a good guest in someone’s home.

Etiquette is essential in all aspects of life, regardless of who you are, what you do, or how old you are. Children should be taught basic manners from a very early age, and as they get older, they need to learn more complex etiquette rules. If you’re considering an online etiquette class for your child, make sure it covers the topics you need.

Business etiquette is an extension of personal etiquette, but some rules don’t always apply in everyday life outside the office. Most companies have policies that reflect the expected manners rules as well as the basic corporate culture. An online business etiquette class may be general but will provide a basic foundation to build on.

It’s important to be both a good host and a good guest. Some of these classes provide answers to questions you may have about entertaining and being entertained.

Even if you’ve learned proper manners, it’s not a bad idea to brush up on your etiquette through a course—either in person or online. The advantage of the online courses is the convenience of doing them from home.

Here are some online courses you might want to consider:

UniversalClass Etiquette 101

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Here you’ll learn a wide range of etiquette tips and guidelines, including why etiquette matters and some of the common courtesies that will help you in everyday life. They also show conversation tips, etiquette for a telephone conversation, correspondence rules, table manners, and other important basic manners everyone should know. Etiquette 101’s goal is to teach people what they need to go through life most graciously.

Beaumont Etiquette

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The Beaumont Etiquette tutors offer video tutorials that you can watch at any time. You have a choice of buying or renting them individually or in complete collections. The tutorials include children’s etiquette, interpersonal skills, dining etiquette, table manners, and the importance of good posture. They also offer corporate training programs that will give you an edge in business. You can order individual lessons from Beaumont Etiquette or purchase the entire package.

Charleston School of Protocol

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The Charleston School of Protocol will teach the important skills needed for dining with others in both a personal and professional setting. You’ll learn the difference between different styles of dining, how to be a proper guest of honor, what to do with your flatware when you finish eating, and many other skills. With all the competition in the business world, it’s essential to be on your best behavior in a professional setting. Personal etiquette gives you a polished edge and lets your great personality shine through without the distractions of rude behavior at the table. This program has been awarded the Bronze Medal for “Professional Table Manners.”

Smart Kids 101

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The Smart Kids 101 program teaches a wide range of etiquette lessons to children in their program. They learn the importance of how to show respect to others and why it’s important to be kind. Your children will learn the importance of how to introduce people and what body language says about a person. Other lessons they’ll learn include table manners, place settings at the table, how to be a good guest, and how to act at birthday parties, weddings, and funerals. Kids aren’t born knowing proper manners; it’s up to parents to teach them. This program gives parents a helping hand with some of the most important etiquette and manners issues the kids need to know.

Courses for Success

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This short etiquette course touches on the guidelines of proper business etiquette. Some of the things you’ll learn include the importance of etiquette in the corporate world, how to network, how to present yourself professionally, business card etiquette, how to remember the names of others, phone etiquette, international etiquette, and basic written communication. This course is easy to follow and should only take six to eight hours of study. Students also have access for a lifetime after signing up, so if you have questions later or need a refresher, it’s there for you.

Confidence in Knowing Proper Etiquette

Having good manners will make your life much better in personal and professional interactions. Taking any of these classes can add confidence and provide many of the answers to the questions you might have about proper behavior in different situations.

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