Online Magic Tricks: The Love Compatibility Test

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    The Love Compatibility Test - Intro

    Here's an online magic trick, an easy magic trick that's accomplished through this website, The The effect asks "are you or someone you are interested in, compatible in love?" You can simply direct the person to the next page to start. And you may want to check out the trick yourself, just for fun. 

    To start the online magic trick, simply go to the next page. Or if you're performing this for someone else, just start them on the next page. 


    This is a pretty...MORE impressive trick. Although most people are accustomed to computer programs and websites being interactive, everything in this experience was predetermined in advance. If the spectator follows the given instructions they will always land on the heart. 

    So how does this work? First, I recommend that you try the trick out yourself. Go ahead. 

    Done? Here's how the trick works. 

    The Secret

    The online experience is actually a force. Despite the seemingly random choices available to the participant, they will always land on the heart. 

    This one comes down to pure mathematics and the manipulation of the circle and the objects within. By starting the spectator in the beginning location, we always guarantee that when they go to the second step and count the same number in the opposite direction. The mathematics handle the force for you, Try it out with different numbers and see for yourself. 

    Real World

    This trick can be performed with real world objects such as coins. To do this, setup a bunch of coins in exactly the same manner as in the screens. You'll have to give the same step-by-step directions as well as remove the coins in the designated locations as we have done in the online version. But set the trick up correctly and follow and give the same instructions and the trick will work for you.  

    Just remember that whatever coin is in the heart position has a marking so you can verify that you knew the spectator would select that object. If you've got different coins, you can perform this as a prediction. Before the trick, you write down the coin that the spectator will select, and fold the piece of paper. When you're performing the trick and before you start anything, you bring out the folded prediction and leave it out in plain view. 

    I think this mentalism effect is stronger with real world objects. This way, there's no electronic or interactive manipulation. 

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    Love Compatibility Test - Step 1

    Here's a compatibility test to try out.
    Online Love Compatibility Test.

    Take our online test.

    Begin your journey at the smiley face in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    Think of any number between 5 and 15 and move that number of spaces-starting at the smiley face, counter-clockwise around the circle.

    For example, if you think of the number 6, you'll begin at the smiley face and count 6 symbols around the circle and end up at green arrow that's pointing up. We've placed some numbers on the wheel to help you get started in the right direction.

    Remembe...MOREr the symbol that you stopped on and click "Next."

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    Love Compatibility Test - Step 2

    You'll notice that we removed a few symbols because they are no longer needed. 

    Now, move an equal number of spaces in the opposite direction, clockwise. So if you chose 6 as your number before and moved 6 spaces counter-clockwise, you will now move 6 spaces clockwise in the other direction.

    Remember the symbol you stopped on and click "Next."

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    Love Compatibility Test - Step 3

    We removed some symbols because you were not on them.

    Now, move counter-clockwise 4 spaces.

    Remember your symbol and click "Next."

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    Love Compatibility Test - Step 4

    You somehow chose the heart. There's probably no other conclusion than to say that one has made a "love connection."