Find the Right Roommate Using Online Roommate-Matching Services

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If you want to rent an apartment with a roommate, consider using one of several online roommate-matching services to help you find the right one. Whether you already have an apartment or you're just starting to look for one, take your roommate search to the Web by signing up for one of these services and using it effectively.

How Roommate-Matching Services Work

Online roommate-matching services generally work the same way:

  • You create a profile or ad that tells other users who you are and what you're looking for in a roommate.
  • You search a large database of users to find potential roommates who fit your specifically stated criteria.
  • You get in contact with other users and, if you believe someone may be a good match, you ask questions, meet in person, sign a lease, and room happily ever after (hopefully).

Although these online services charge for their use, you normally don't need to pay anything until you've reached the point where you wish to exchange e-mails with matches.

What Services Are Available?

Below is a list of popular online roommate-matching services. Click on a name to read a handy profile. Then, visit the service's website itself if you're interested in getting more information about a service or wish to sign up.

While these online services appear similar, they vary in some ways, most notably in their cost, features, and geographic coverage. It is often best to use more than one service to cast the widest net.