Online Tuxedo Rentals Simplify Wedding Menswear

Renting a Wedding Tux Is Easier Than Ever With Online Menswear Rental Companies

A man in a tuxedo fixing his bowtie
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The world is constantly changing thanks to advances in technology, and the wedding world is no different. The internet has opened a whole range of doors for businesses that simplify every step of the wedding planning process, from planning the perfect proposal, renting your wedding dress to even creating a beautiful wedding website. One thing that seemingly hasn't changed in many years is the way that grooms rent tuxedos for their wedding day. Until recently, grooms-to-be were relegated to the same standard tuxedo rental shops with the same limited options that everyone else had, along with stringent rules and rental terms that were anything but convenient.

Modern grooms want more options and customizations for their wedding attire, and they want to use their wedding day style to express their unique personalities. Thanks to a few companies, tuxedo and suit rental options for the wedding day have been improved and updated, while also making the rental process easier than ever! Let's take a look at a few different online rental companies to consider for men's wedding attire.


Xedo is revolutionizing the tuxedo rental industry by offering what no other rental company has offered before: high-quality, great-fitting designer formalwear at affordable prices, delivered straight to your doorstep. They've created a convenient, worry-free experience to address all the pain points associated with the old way of renting a tux. No more being forced to rent ugly tuxedo shoes along with your rental, no more limited options of basic vest and bow tie colors. 

Their platform makes it incredibly simple to manage tux rentals for the entire wedding party. The suits are shipped for free nationwide two weeks before the wedding, to ensure that there is plenty of time to make last-minute size replacements (also free) before the big day. Grooms can even take advantage of a complimentary "Tux Test Drive" in advance of the wedding to ensure his chosen suit is exactly what he had in mind.

Xedo has partnered with some of the best designers around to offer incredibly well-made and stylish formalwear to their customers. Choose from suits designed by Michael Kors, Allure, Justin Alexander and more, for a truly impeccable groom's look in sizes from 3 - 66. Complete rental package prices range from $170 - $195. 

No more worrying about having to visit your local rental shop to return your tux the day after the wedding; with Xedo you can just pop your tux back in the return envelope and drop it in the closest mailbox. Xedo is the best option for today's stylish groom with a busy and fast-paced lifestyle because they offer the convenience, style and affordability that millenials love. 

The Black Tux

The Black Tux makes weddings easy for grooms with their simple tuxedo rental platform. All you have to do is use their platform to build your custom look, or you can choose from one of their stock looks curated by their professional in-house stylists. Choose the same look for the groom and all the groomsmen, or switch up some of the details. Then you can add your groomsmen, and you can choose to cover their rental fees if you're feeling generous.  

Then, The Black Tux will email your wedding party with the details of their look, ready for them to rent. Once one look has been booked and paid for, the rest will go into "reserved" mode to ensure you all get the right outfit. Their handy event manager allows you to track and see which groomsmen have taken care of their rentals, so you know who to hound if they are behind schedule. 

Your order will arrive 7 days before your event, and size replacements are free if needed. Their high-quality, well-cut suits are made from 100% extra-fine Italian merino wool. No more paying top dollar for a less-than-desirable product, The Black Tux makes the whole process simple, stylish, and smart.


Menguin allows you to customize just about everything on your tux online, including color matching on accessories. Their online customization and fitting tools help to ensure you get the perfect fit, minimizing headaches and hassles with ill-fitting tuxedos of the past. Their prices start as low as $89 and offer incredible styles at even more incredible prices. They're able to offer these premium products since they cut down on expenses by skipping the brick and mortar model.

In addition to the suits themselves, they offer accessories like ties and shoes as well. Once you place your order, they ship it straight to you in their special "TuxBox" which contains all of the items you selected. It'll arrive at your door 10-11 days before your event so you don't have to worry if you need any last-minute changes. All replacements for fit adjustments are totally free.

Once you wear your fabulous rental suit and get hitched, you can return it conveniently and worry-free. Just place the prepaid return label on the TuxBox and drop it at the front desk of your wedding night hotel or at a UPS drop-off location. They even include packing tape -- now that's service! 

Surely one of these awesome online tuxedo rental companies will have the perfect outfit for your groom and will save you unwanted headaches and stress in the process.