12 Gorgeous Open Kitchen Ideas

White marble open kitchen

 Tracy Lynn Studio

Open concept kitchens are a widespread home trend for many excellent reasons. First, they eliminate the barrier between the central living area and cooking space, making entertaining or socializing with the rest of the family more accessible while whipping up meals. Open kitchens also boost functionality with a spacious island. Most are typically tricked out with cabinets, a sink, and an eat-in counter. Lastly, open kitchens are usually equipped with lavish features from double door refrigerators to double ovens. However, even spaces like these keep basic principles of minimalist design in mind with smart storage solutions for combating countertop clutter. To get the gist, behold our favorite open kitchens for your inspiration.

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    Modern Open Kitchen With Secret Storage

    White and Brown modern kitchen with bike racks
    Space Theory

    We have a thing for ultra-modern, open kitchens that seamlessly blend with the rest of the central living area like this one by Space Theory. It features an integrated storage system that feels both casual and practical. But best of all, it conceals significant appliances and other items so decorative elements like the sneaker art print will pop. Another bright idea that makes this open concept space work is the dark wood accents on the kitchen island and wall. They happen to match the living room furniture (not shown in the photo).

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    Small But Mighty Open Kitchen

    Crisp white modern open kitchen in apartment
    Melone Cloughen Interiors

    Here is an inviting, bright, white, and small open kitchen by Melone Cloughen Interiors. It features all of the functional ingredients found in much larger cooking spaces like beautiful and practical lighting and prep spaces with easy access to appliances. While the countertops look like marble, they are actually quartz, a more durable human-made material designed to resist stains, heat, and scratches. Appliances can stick out like a sore thumb in open spaces, so we like how the refrigerator and dishwasher are concealed behind cabinet fronts.

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    Open Kitchen With a Splashy Range

    Open kitchen with marble feature wall
    Tracy Lynn Studio

    There is so much to love in this exquisite open kitchen by Tracy Lynn Studio. Kitchens are indeed the heart of the home, and here that idea drove the design and color palette. The interior designer selected a blue La Cornue range to be the star of the show. Its color matches the water hues used in both the dining and living rooms in this open concept home. Next, edgy pendant fixtures over both the island and eat-in dining area lend a bit of contrast to the bright white space. Rivaling the blue range for attention is the marble backsplash. It extends to the dining area as a feature wall.

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    DIY Open Kitchen With a Bold Kitchen Island

    Blue and white contemporary kitchen by a blogger

    Casa Mochi

    Lauren Mochizuki, the wife, mother, nurse, and interior stylist behind Casa Mochi, transformed her old kitchen into this gorgeous open-concept space. She and her husband had to remove two walls to get the job done. Having a huge, eat-in kitchen island is what makes this remodel genuinely work for their home and lifestyle. In fact, their houseguests prefer it to the dining room table because it provides plenty of elbow room. Mochizuki says all the storage space her kitchen island offers further justifies its epic size.

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    Open Concept Kitchen With Perfect Lighting

    traditional white kitchen with large pendant lights
    Miss Alice Designs

    Interior design Alice Chiu says a kitchen island is a must in open kitchens, especially if you are remodeling a closed space. That is because most people lose counter space when tearing down walls. Another good thing to know is an island seals the deal on the classic work triangle by creating a relationship between the prep space, sink, and major appliances. Chiu also adds that many homeowners don't set aside much money for lighting in their remodeling budgets, which she confirms is a big mistake. Combining recessed ceiling lights, with both task and decorative lighting (as shown) will ensure you have both ambient and task lighting when needed. 

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    Two-Tone Open Kitchen

    Two tone kitchen with white and blue cabinetry
    Miss Alice Designs

    Two-tone kitchens like this one by Miss Alice Designs add dimension to an open concept space. The trick is using a dark color on the bottom and a lighter color on top. Here pale gray cabinetry enhances the room's open and airy feeling.

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    Industrial-Inspired Kitchen

    Neutral kitchen in a neutral open space
    Laure Nell Interiors

    It is essential that a kitchen in an open concept room seamlessly ties into the rest of the space. Here, Laetitia Laurent from Laure Nell Interiors, stuck to a monochromatic palette to unite all the home features shown here. One key element that would be remiss to not point out is the concrete countertop that resembles honed, matte-leather.

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    Open Kitchen With a French Vibe

    Parisian Chic Kitchen With Wallpaper
    Laure Nell Interiors

    The owners of this home had lived in Paris, France and wanted to create an abode that felt chic, inviting, and decidedly French according to Laetitia Laurent from Laure Nell Interiors. Their design aesthetic carried into this open kitchen. Gilded light fixtures and handsome leather bar stools contrast against gleaming white subway tiles, which is well-appointed with Viking appliances and a large apron sink. The adjacent breakfast nook exudes romance with its floral wallpaper, rustic dining table, and cozy banquette. The icing on the cake is the tufted red velvet sofa, which continues the French vibe into the living room.

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    Practical, Yet Stylish Open Kitchen

    neutral open kitchen with wood cabinets
    Yam Studios

    Open kitchens are great social places for everyone in the home to connect, even when you are not cooking. The key to making spaces like these work is a combination of good looks and perhaps even more important, practical functions that address common open kitchen issues.

    For example, this contemporary kitchen by Yam Studios features an excellent air extractor system to suck out food odors and cooking smells. The cooking space also has sliding pocket doors to provide separation from the rest of the house when needed. Task lighting is a must in any kitchen. Here decorative pendant lights act as focal points while adding a big helping of stylish flair. Floor to ceiling storage is another yummy idea worth stealing from this kitchen. Closed solutions like cabinetry with solid doors will keep your space looking neat and tidy.

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    French Country Open Kitchen

    French Country inspired open kitchen
    Jane Beiles Photography

    French country was top of mind for interior designer Diana Weinstein when creating this elegant open kitchen. One of the primary goals was to maximize entertaining space with an island that seats at least six adults. It is important to note that the kitchen reflects the original architectural details still preserved in the home's central living spaces. Those details are what makes the open concept area feel cohesive and seamless. 

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    Open Concept Traditional Kitchen

    traditional open kitchen with formal dining room
    Michael Menn

    The idea of an open kitchen works in traditional spaces too. The homeowners wanted a flexible cooking space, ideal for both formal and informal entertaining. Note how architect Michael Menn created defined areas for cleaning, prepping, cooking, and eating. We are particularly fond of the extra-long kitchen island with two kinds of seating—bar stools and a built-in booth.

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    Kitchen With a Statement-Making Backsplash

    Statement backsplash in open kitchen
    Carrell Group

    Whether you want to watch TV or the kids while you cook, open kitchens suit a broad range of lifestyle choices. When it comes to style, you cannot go wrong with a statement-making backsplashm according to the interior designers at the Carrell Group. Here Morrocan tiles in gray porcelain add a pop of visual interest.