20 Ideas for Making Open Pantry Shelving Look Good

open pantry shelving ideas

Emily Henderson Design / Photo By Kaitlin Green

Open pantry shelving keeps items visible and accessible, but without proper organization, styling, and maintenance, it can end up looking chaotic and messy. There are multiple options for organizing and styling essentials stored on open shelving to keep your stockpile from looking like a hoard.

Whether you're storing dried goods or spare kitchen tools and equipment, this mix of ideas will help you to optimize your open pantry shelving so it's both functional and a treat for the eyes.

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    Go All White

    open pantry shelving

    Thistlewood Farms

    In this butler's pantry from Thistlewood Farms, open shelving is stocked with an all-white assortment of dishware that keeps the space looking cohesive. Sticking to all-white dishware means that you don't have to spend too much time organizing shelves and can stack them in a freewheeling way that feels effortless and casual.

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    Install Open Cabinetry

    open pantry shelving

    Design by Tidal Interiors / Photo by Jenny Siegwart

    Tidal Interiors stuck to shades of white and the palest of grays in this L-shaped open pantry that is visible from the kitchen. White drawers and countertops are complemented with simple wrap-around white cabinetry without doors, making it easy to locate items and stock the open shelves. Canned and bottled items bought in bulk are grouped together, while pantry staples are decanted into transparent containers.

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    Install U-Shaped Shelving

    open pantry shelving

    Marie Flanigan Interiors

    Marie Flanigan Interiors installed two rows of U-shaped open shelving that maximizes this compact pantry space, then painted the walls and shelves in a dark smoky blue-gray that allows woven storage baskets, natural wood serving pieces, and glass containers filled with dry goods to pop.

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    Opt for Reclaimed Wood

    reclaimed wood open pantry shelving

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Kate Marker Interiors added wall-to-wall open shelving made out of reclaimed wood above the built-in cabinetry in this bright pantry. The shelves add a warm and rustic note to the space while being styled with a mix of glassware and white accessories, plus a small plant and a painting to make it feel decorated.

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    Hang a Wall-Mounted Shelf

    open pantry shelving

    Marie Flanigan Interiors

    Marie Flanigan Interiors complemented the closed cabinet storage of this large and bright pantry with a wall-hung shiny brass and glass shelving unit. The open shelving creates a focal point and a place to display simple all-white dishware for a clean and modern look.

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    Decorate With Art

    open pantry shelving

    Marie Flanigan Interiors

    Marie Flanigan Interiors added an open shelf to this complement the closed storage in this bright, modern farmhouse-style pantry. The open pantry shelving displays frequently used dried goods in glass jars with dark wood tops that match the countertops. Matching the jar lids to the countertops gives this space a cohesive and intentional look that's anything but chaotic.

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    Add Arches

    open pantry shelving

    House 9 Interiors

    House 9 Interiors added an arched opening and natural wood and glass double doors to this charming London kitchen pantry. The inside of the pantry, from the walls to the cabinetry to the wall-mounted bracketed open shelving, is painted in shades of warm beige that add depth to the modern white kitchen.

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    Create a Mini Island Pantry

    open pantry shelving

    Design by Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    In this kitchen from interior designer Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design, the end of a large kitchen island has been transformed into a mini pantry. The pantry's open shelving is secured by brass bands that keep matching glass jars of dried goods securely in place.

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    Hang Shelves in the Window

    open pantry shelving

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Kate Marker Interiors added airy wall-to-wall shelving in this galley-style pantry that is placed in front of a large window and runs the width of the space to make the best use of the upper half of the wall without blocking the light.

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    Hang L-Shaped Shelving

    open pantry shelving

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo By Kaitlin Green

    L-shaped open shelving painted in a smoky blue adds depth to this pantry from Emily Henderson Design.

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    Create a Wall Pantry

    open pantry shelving

    deVOL Kitchens

    If you don't have a separate pantry space, consider dedicating a wall to pantry storage by adding open shelving. In this airy space from deVOL Kitchens, open painted wood shelving mounted to the white brick wall above the sink creates storage that doubles as decor, with dried goods stored in jars of varying shapes and sizes all labeled with the same black labels to make it feel organized.

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    Mix Metal and Wood

    open pantry shelving

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Kate Marker Interiors added pale wood open shelving with black metal brackets in this light and bright pantry off the hallway outside the kitchen. The black accessories and styling of the shelves with books and art keep the space from looking like a storage closet.

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    Mix and Match

    open pantry ideas

    Inspired By Charm

    Inspired By Charm added a stained wood wall-mounted shelf for grab-and-go pantry items that complements the built-in open shelving, painted in a soft pale shade of sage green in this open butler's pantry. A pegboard shelf runs beneath the shelving to hang kitchen shears and measuring spoons, and shelves are styled into a series of vignettes.

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    Build a Wine Pantry

    open pantry shelving

    Marie Flanigan Interiors 

    In this wine pantry from Marie Flanigan Interiors, open wood shelving for bottle storage matches built-in cabinetry and drawers, contrasting with the white countertops and walls.

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    Add Glass-Front Doors

    open pantry shelving

    Studio Peake

    This London kitchen from Studio Peake features a large storage wall with a built-in storage unit that includes painted storage drawers on the bottom and open pantry shelving on top that is protected by sliding glass-front doors. The transparent doors keep dust away while allowing everything from tea mugs and a toaster to the home bar and cans of baked beans to be on display.

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    Keep the Floor Clear

    open pantry storage

    NEAT Method Vancouver and NEAT Method Toronto / Photo by Janis Nicolay

    NEAT Method Vancouver and NEAT Method Toronto organized shelving in a client pantry that starts just below counter height—to keep snacks accessible for kids—and reaches the ceiling to maximize space, leaving the bottom half of this pantry that is visible from the kitchen clear and uncluttered.

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    Fill the Wall

    open pantry shelving

    Mindy Gayer Design Co. / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    Mindy Gayer Design Co. added a full wall of shelving painted in the same pale gray as the rest of the pantry. The open shelving is stocked with dried goods decanted into identical glass jars that make it easy to find what you're looking for and keep track of inventory when things begin to run out.

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    Level Up

    open pantry shelving

    Britt Design Studio

    This kitchen pantry from Britt Design Studio has simple open shelving above built-in drawers that reach the ceiling, with dried goods stored on the countertop, snacks at eye level, and labeled closed storage baskets at the top.

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    Install Shallow Shelving

    open pantry shelving

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Michelle Berwick Design added shallow floor-to-ceiling shelving that maximizes space in this bright pantry built around a window.

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    Create a Coffee Pantry

    open pantry shelving

    Britt Design Studio

    This coffee pantry breakfast station from Britt Design Studio has folding doors so that it can be hidden from view when necessary, but includes open shelving built around a pot filler to make it easy to fill the espresso machine. The organized storage for mugs and breakfast supplies makes the pantry functional and attractive enough to leave open.