This Trendy Storage Item Is Completely Worth the Hype

It's my favorite way to organize shoes

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Open Spaces entryway rack review

Product: Open Spaces / Image Treatment: The Spruce

If the eyes are the window to your soul, your entryway is the magic eight ball to your home’s organizational state. A pile of mismatched shoes over here, a mountain of coats that have slipped off their hooks over there, and yet another frantic round of “where did I put my keys?” can make for a dizzying place to enter and exit your home.

Not only is a messy entryway a jarring welcome for guests, but for you, too. You deserve a dose of relaxation as soon as you walk into your home, and with my favorite simple and stylish entryway product, you can achieve an optimal zone in no time.  

Shoes can be the main culprit when it comes to a chaotic entry, and that’s where Open Spaces’s Entryway Rack gets to work. If it looks familiar, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Entryway Rack featured in a variety of enviable homes on your Instagram feed. It’s a fan-favorite, not only for its utilitarian function, but for its chic chameleon-like design. Depending on what color you choose and how you style it, the rack can appear sleek and modern, colorful and bold, or understated and elegant. 

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Entryway Rack is made of strong but lightweight steel, with three shelves that can each hold 22 pounds—plenty of weight for even your luggiest of lug sole boots. If you choose to use it exclusively for shoes, expect to fit around a dozen pairs on it.

Don’t feel like you’re limited to keeping shoes on it —add a couple of Open Spaces storage bins to any of the shelves, too. They make for a cozy, reliable home for small accessories like mittens, hats, and scarves, so you’re never scrambling to get out the door rummaging for your other glove.

A petite plant would add some (additional) color and life to the shelves, as long as you don’t have inquisitive little ones or four-legged friends who might present you with a pile of dirt on the floor. Or, nix shoes from the rack altogether, instead using it as a bookshelf or place to showcase beloved framed photos. 

Don’t let its name trick you, as the rack isn't just for entryways. Mine has bounced around from room to room—likely a sign that I should invest in more of them—and is currently settled in my closet. I don’t have a dresser, and don’t need one either, since the rack keeps all of my foldables (sweaters, trousers, and leggings, mostly) front and center. It would make for a great addition to a kiddo’s playroom too, either as a bookshelf or a place to store bins of blocks and LEGOs. If you’ve lucked out with a spacious bathroom, the rack could also be a glamorous home for your hair products, accessories, and backup rolls of toilet paper.

Entryway rack styled in living room with books and decor.

Open Spaces

While its low profile isn’t for everyone, I personally love it. When featured in an entryway, it nestles perfectly low to the ground so you can still hang hooks and coats above it. Since mine is in my closet, it fits just so underneath my hanging shirts, wasting no precious space. 

The hardest part of buying the Entryway Rack may be choosing a color. I opted for dark green, my all-time favorite color, but I have my eye on the limited edition barely-there blush pink too. The navy is a handsome option too, or go for a classic neutral like black or white. 

Perhaps best of all, the Entryway Rack is a breeze to put together, even by yourself. It arrives in a slim box packed flat that weighs just over 28 pounds—an ideal weight that ensures it’s sturdy, but not too heavy. The package includes an Allen wrench and all of the necessary screws are included too, so no need to dig out your toolbox. Follow along with the easy step-by-step instructions, and your rack will be ready for showtime in around 10 minutes.  

While the Entryway Rack’s price is nothing to scoff at, it’s rare to find a piece that’s equally as sturdy as it is stylish as it is practical. Not only does it instantly organize whatever space you choose to use it in, whether an entryway, bedroom, playroom, or otherwise, but its sleek design and lush colors will make you smile every time you pass it. I know I do.