Opinion: You Can Keep Your Expensive Sheets, I Still Love My $60 Target Finds

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I’m a big sleeper, and I always have been. As a little kid, I would sleep soundly and often. As a teenager, I’d somehow manage to be tucked in bed by 9:30 most nights, simply because there was no way I’d be able to make it through yet another day of high school if I didn’t clock a solid eight or nine hours of shut-eye. (You can bet my college classmates teased me about this when I moved into my first dorm room a few years later). 

Now, as an adult, I still highly prioritize my sleep (and love a good nap here and there, don’t judge!). And one might think that because catching ZZZs is so important to me, I only splurge on the finest bed linens, but really, that isn’t the case at all. 

Why Luxe, Pricey Sheets Don't Work for Me

Over the years, I’ve realized that as much as I would love to be that person who owns fancy bedding and manages to keep it in top notch condition for years and years, that just won’t ever be the case. I love to drink coffee, sip wine, and yes, even snack in bed from time to time, and spills and smudges are therefore bound to happen. Of course, through my work in the home decor industry, I’ve had the experience to test out some pretty nice bedding in my days—and let me tell you, if you ever have the chance to sleep on linen sheets, do not pass it up! But it’s safe to say that I’ll never be able to succumb to spending my own pennies on sheets that may not survive a coffee spill. And as someone who can never pass up a good deal, I’ve simply taken it upon myself to find lower cost options that work for me instead. And you know what? There are some pretty darn good ones out there. 

I should note that I actually don’t sleep with a top sheet—I read a while back that this is a ~millennial~ thing, and I’ll go with it. So really when I refer to sheets, I’m talking about the bottom fitted sheet and that sheet only. (Really, this means there’s all the more reason for me to save money where I can—why pay for a top sheet I’ll never use?!). That said, I do like my fitted sheets to carry their weight. In the winter, for example, I love breaking out the flannel sheet sets I’ve picked up from places like Target and TJ Maxx over the years (no, I’m not opposed to cutesy patterns, especially when they’re festive). But when it comes to my favorite sheet set of the moment? The all around winner has to be my new linen set from Target’s Threshold line.

My linen sheets from Target

Sarah Lyon

My Love of Linen

I fell in love with linen sheets several years ago when a more expensive brand sent me some of theirs to try out. Before that, I had made do with whatever budget friendly cotton sheets I could find at big box stores and never gave my bedding too much thought. But once I had slept on linen sheets, there was no turning back. 

My Target Find

Luckily, I soon noticed that plenty of more wallet friendly retailers were releasing linen sheet sets of their own. These Target sheets were only $59, so I picked up a stain camouflaging dark blue set and the rest was history—and while $59 definitely isn’t cheap cheap, keep in mind that most other linen sets will run you between $100 and $200-plus.  

I love these sheets’ soft, worn in feel as opposed to the starchiness of crisp hotel sheets (I know, I’m weird, but those have never been my jam). There’s just something so cozy and comforting about linen—I feel like I’m transported back to my childhood bedroom with its well loved sheets and overall feeling of zen. 

A Caveat About Linen

I will note that for some, linen sheets take a bit of getting used to—I recommended the style to a friend who was in the market for new bedding, and she said her husband’s first takeaway was that they were too scratchy. Linen sheets tend to get better with time, though, so my advice would be to give yours a few washes before making a full evaluation. 

I’m not the only one who’s fallen hard for this Target set. Reviewers love how they don’t feel slippery like many other sheets do (ugh, the worst!) and have a nice cooling, breathable element. What could be better this summer?