16 Ways to Use Orange in a Bathroom

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 According to color psychology, orange represents happiness, energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. It reminds us of the sun, of tangy citrus fruit, and of leaves changing colors in the fall.

Orange seems like a bold choice for a bathroom, and it is. But that doesn't mean that it can't work. In practice, orange can be a perfect color for a bathroom if you tend to have trouble getting going in the morning. Walking in the shower of an orange bathroom will perk you right up and get you moving in no time.

Using orange can be a little challenging, but there are some tips for using it properly. First, orange is the most visible color in the spectrum, so you don't need to use a lot to make an impact: A little can go a long way. Second, orange works very well with aqua, baby blue, and hot pink. Or you can simply use it with white for a harmonious effect.

For inspiration, consider these examples. 

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    All-In With Orange

    Modern orange monochromatic bathroom
    Paul Crosby

    While orange generally is used sparingly in a bathroom, it's sometimes possible to go all-in, s with this bathroom by Min Day Architects.  This bold bathroom with orange all over is certain to make an impact. The white sinks and black window frame virtually disappear in the background with so much orange. 

    Such a bathroom is not for everyone, but in a cold climate or for a homeowner in need of a morning jolt, it's worth considering. 

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    Orange and Flamingo Pink in a Girl's Bathroom

    Orange and pink bathroom by MMR Interiors
    MMR Interiors

    This girl's bathroom by MMR Interiors is a great example of the orange and pink combination. Since the orange is a little muted, flamingo pink makes a perfect contrast. The patterned wallpaper is cheery, and the monogrammed towels give a nice personalized touch. A white sink and towels help soften the effect. 

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    Orange Subway Tile Wall

    Orange and white subway tile bathroom
    James French Photography

    If you like a lighter touch with your color, you might want to consider a simple subway tile wall, like in this example from van Ellen Sheryn. Bright white grout highlights the white tub and surrounding wall, and a darker floor adds a touch of muted comfort. In an overall neutral bathroom where an accent wall is appropriate, orange ceramic tile can be a great option. 

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    Rusty Orange in a Glass-Dominated Bathroom

    Rustic orange bathroom
    Thomas Roszak Architecture

    In this large, modern bathroom by Thomas Roszak Architecture, the orange is not so bright yet still adds cheer to the room. This orange is more akin to fall leaves, which gives this space a comforting feel. Large windows provide plenty of daylight and a view of trees that will echo the fall colors of the wall once autumn arrives. 

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    Orange Octopus Wallpaper

    Orange octopus wallpaper bathroom
    Tatum Brown Custom Homes

    Embrace the full quirkiness of orange with an orange octopus wallpaper in your bathroom. This design by Tatum Brown Custom Homes shows that anything is possible, really. With a strikingly wallpaper like this, it is best to minimize distractions by keeping furnishings simple. Here, a clean white pedestal sink does the job right.

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    Orange Kid's Bathroom With Open Shelving

    Orange bathroom with open shelving
    Mark Lund

    Adding orange in darker corners will help brighten up the space. This kid's bathroom by This Old House uses orange paint in the open shelving alcove area to add some color to a dark space and to harmonize with the rest of the bathroom. Bright green and yellow towels suit the bathroom perfectly. Note that all the accessories are chosen to complement the color scheme. 

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    Orange and Yellow Traditional Bathroom

    Orange And Yellow Traditional Bathroom
    Linda Jacquez

    This Brooklyn apartment uses a nice, muted shade of orange to fit the colorful tile. The subtle shades of orange and yellow work together to give this bathroom a sense of cheery comfort. The small window doesn't bring a lot of light, but the color choices for this bathroom compensate by brightening the room.

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    Orange Accents in a Neutral Bathroom

    Orange and gray bathroom
    Creative Tonic

    Sometimes, just a little bit of orange can do the trick. In this contemporary bathroom by Creative Tonic Design, a line of orange on the drapes and an orange mirror frame are all that is needed to bring cheer and brightness to this white and gray space. 

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    Powder Room With Orange Art Deco Wallpaper

    Orange art deco wallpaper bathroom

    This eclectic bathroom by Designstiles features a beautiful art deco orange wallpaper, which becomes the star of the show in this space. A round floor mat recalls the circular shapes on the wallpaper, and a mirror with a fantastic frame adds the perfect finishing touch.

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    Orange Contemporary Bathroom

    Orange contemporary bathroom
    Moon Design + Build

    A small yet ultra-sleek bathroom benefits from an influx of muted orange to add light and space. The design by Moon Design + Build features a smooth, almost cake-like shade of orange that perfectly complements the white shower area and the floating natural wood cabinets. A dark granite floor provides a helpful contrast.

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    Nautical Orange Boy's Bathroom

    Orange and blue bathroom
    Peppermint Bliss

    We've seen orange in a girl's bathroom, but it also works for a boy's. This nautical-themed bathroom by Peppermint Bliss uses orange as its main color, accented by bright blue and lots of white. Note the fun, bathtub alcove with blue wall tile, which is reminiscent of waves on the water. 

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    Minimal Bathroom With Square Orange Tile

    Orange minimalist bathroom
    Shannon McGrath

    This ultra-minimal bathroom by Bower Architecture features a light well above the tub, a square orange tile that brings a sense of order and symmetry, and a very basic vanity. The absence of superfluous decorations or items ensures that this bathroom keeps an ultra-modern profile.

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    Contemporary Bathroom With Orange Faucet Taps

    Orange bathroom with a green wall
    Sophie Mutevelian

    This bathroom by Found Associates makes a bold style statement with a column pedestal sink, a green wall, and orange faucet taps and spout. The single towel peg to the side of the sink is also a very interesting touch. Clean geometrical shapes and well-defined, bright colors are characteristic of the contemporary style.

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    Grey and Orange Wallpaper

    Orange bathroom with floral wallpaper
    Molly Frey Design

    Floral wallpaper with an orange background adds just the right pop of color in this grey and marble bathroom by Molly Frey Design. The Moroccan-style mirror and oval vessel sink add softness, in contrast with the large angled marble countertop.

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    White and Orange Modern Bathroom

    Orange bathroom with white tiles
    la SHED

    A simple white square tile is combined with large mirrors and orange accents in this bathroom by la SHED Architecture. The small space is kept manageable with a floating sink and a tankless toilet, and prominent use of white keeps it light and airy. An orange curtain rod, as reflected in the mirror, continues the theme and interrupts the regularity of the small tile.

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    Warm Orange Mediterranean Bathroom

    Orange bathroom with wooden furniture
    Schippmann Design

    A blood orange paint shade combined with a rounded ceiling and warm wood make this bathroom by Schippmann Design feel like a North African spa. Note how the countertop is in the same shade as the wall, which makes it disappear into it. This increases the impression of a large, open space.