Orange Bedroom Ideas

Orange is a delicious fruit and a vibrant, fun color option for bedrooms. This color choice is often used for fall holiday decorations, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Orange, believe-it-or-not, is a popular color used in many bedroom decorating styles, such as modern, traditional, and eclectic bedrooms.

Even though this is an exciting, warm color alternative, it can be unforgiving if used incorrectly; here are some great tips and ideas on how to incorporate the color orange in your bedroom.

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    Combine Orange and Grey

    Gray and orange bedroom
    Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Orange and grey is a great color combination for bedrooms. Whether you use grey as your base color with accents of orange or the other way around; this combination always works well together, especially for contemporary and modern bedrooms. If you want more of a dramatic color contrast use a cool grey hue; for a more subtle look find a grey hue with warm undertones.

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    Warm Color Combination

    Warm color scheme bedroom
    Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Combining warm hues together—such as orange and red or orange and pink—can be great alternatives for a tween or teen bedroom idea. These color combinations create a wonderful contrast and lively color options for these types of contemporary bedrooms. With the right pieces of furniture, accents, and artwork this color duo works well as long as you remember to use a neutral color to balance out the design—like white, soft browns, or beige—otherwise the room will begin to look too busy and chaotic!

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    Neutralize It

    Neutral orange, warm-toned bedroom

    The Joshua Treehouse / Instagram

    This lovely airy, bohemian style bedroom designed by Sara and Rich Combs is a perfect example of an orange bedroom idea that isn't too bright or vibrant. This design is well thought out using soft browns, creamy whites, patterns, and different shades of orange to create a complete and well-balanced color scheme. The neutrals still allow for some orange to shine through, while still remaining a classic style that will be pretty for years to come. A great idea that you can create by incorporating a few simple pieces to your bedroom, such as the area rug, accent pillows, and bedding.

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    Orange Accents

    Boho room with orange accents
    Yasmine Boheas / Unsplash

    Using several textures, patterns, and decor is another great idea for creating a beautiful orange color scheme for a bedroom. Such as this chic, eclectic bedroom. Its accent pieces help create a serene, beautifully curated room and color scheme.

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    Use Pastel Shades

    Canopy bed with orange accents
    Mark Chaves / Unsplash

    This airy bedroom is a wonderful example of how to incorporate soft, pastel shades of orange into a bedroom. This gorgeous bedding, throw, and window treatment provides soothing, subtle hints of orange that is combined with beige, deep browns, and white trim to maintain harmony.

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    Bold, Vibrant Orange and Dark Blue

    Orange and navy bedroom
    Chastity Cortijo / Unsplash

    Color complements are wonderful color schemes for bedrooms because they create a stunning contrast; which can be bold—such as this modern bedroom that uses dark blue, red, and vibrant orange—or subtle by using pastel shades. This color scheme is always a great way to add some fun color and interest to a bedroom; the key to a successful design when using color complements is to incorporate a neutral base or accent color—like white, black, brown, or grey.

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    Combine Orange and Natural Wood

    Orange and neutral room
    Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Using natural wood textures and orange together can be a stunning combination if done correctly. Use these color combinations as accents within bed pillows, bedding, artwork, bed frames, and other pieces of furniture.

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    Make an Accent Wall

    Orange accent wall in bedroom
    Norbert Levajsics / Unsplash

    If you want to add orange on an accent wall but do not have the time, or patience to add wallpaper or a faux paint technique, using a solid orange paint color is always the best solution. It will add a wonderful focal point to your bedroom and give the room depth making a small room appear larger.

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    Use Furniture

    Bedroom with orange accent chair
    Emily Henderson

    Besides paint, wallpaper, accent pillows, bedding, window treatments, and artwork, another alternative to add orange to your bedroom is to use furniture. This can be done with a headboard, chair, bench, end tables, dresser, or wardrobe that is custom-made to your specifications. We love this orange accent chair in a room designed by Brady Tolbert.

    This alternative can be quite expensive but if you’re a devoted do-it-yourselfer then you can find these pieces at estate sales, flea markets, or ​Craigslist to reupholster and refurbish while keeping within a reasonable budget.

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