Orchid Symbolism in Feng Shui

Close-Up Of Pink-Purple Orchids Against White Background

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When you think of feng shui, what comes to mind? For many people, the first thing that comes up may be moving furniture, adding mirrors, or perhaps choosing paint colors. These are all aspects of feng shui, but there are many other layers to this practice. Feng shui is really a way of understanding and interacting with the spaces around us, and it gives us many tools and frameworks to do so.

At its core, feng shui is really about living in harmony with the natural world. When we move a bed to a more optimal location or choose a wall color based on the five elements, we are making changes in our homes to create a more harmonious and supportive flow of qi, or energy, for the people living in that home. Bringing in symbolism from nature, like plants and animals, is another way that we can do this.  

Orchids are a wonderful example of a plant that both adds beauty to your space and is rich with symbolism. Read on to learn more about the meaning of orchids and how to work with them in your home’s feng shui. 

Interior of living room. Yellow orchid in blossom blooming on coffee table by watering can

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Orchid Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

Orchids are beautiful plants with intricate and stunning blooms. There are thousands of varieties of orchids. Some are delicate and tiny, growing in fertile soil, while others are big and bold, clinging to the bark of a tropical tree. For centuries, orchids have been symbols of beauty and grace across many cultures. 

It’s not hard to see why the orchid is a symbol of beauty and perfection. Their blooms are complex and exquisite, and they often appear flawless. They’re commonly seen as the perfect flower because of their varied and elegant blooms, and Confucius said that the orchid is symbolic of the perfect man. The orchid is also connected to love and partnership because it represents a graceful and charming partner. They can represent fertility as well, because of the shapes of the flower (female) and the bulb (male). 

Orchids also represent patience. Growing and cultivating orchids can be challenging, and they require a lot of care. It can also take quite a while for an orchid to bloom. Once they do bloom, the flowers last for a long time, which is why they are also a symbol of longevity and strong, long-lasting qi.

A purple potted orchid in a living room

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Using the Orchid Symbol in Your Home

In the Bedroom

If you’d like to call in a kind and graceful partner, you may want to place a pink or purple orchid on your bedside table. Alternatively, you can place it in the Relationships area of your bedroom, called Kun. This area has to do with love and partnerships, and we often activate this area when someone is looking to start a new romantic relationship. The Relationships area of your bedroom is generally the far left corner when you are standing in your bedroom doorway facing in. 

By the Front Door

To help lift the feng shui in your home, you can also place a beautiful orchid by your front door that will be visible as you enter. Choose an orchid in a color that makes you happy, and set the intention to bring in strong, vital, and long-lasting qi. 

Gift for a Friend

You can also give an orchid to a friend, so that they can place it in their home. Giving an orchid plant to a friend can symbolize and celebrate a long-lasting friendship. 

Cultivate Patience and Kindness

Caring for an orchid can also help you to cultivate more patience. Orchid blooms last for many weeks, but once they are no longer flowering, many people throw the plant away. Caring for the orchid through this less beautiful stage is an opportunity to exercise patience and kindness. With the right care and patience, it will bloom again. 

Various colored orchids including purple and orange, on a white background

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Symbolic Orchid Feng Shui Colors

Choosing an orchid in a particular color is a way to add another layer of meaning when you are working with this symbol in your home. Here are a few colors you may see in orchids and what they represent in feng shui.

Purple is the most auspicious orchid color.

Pink is symbolic of love and self care. 

White is considered a less auspicious color for an orchid in feng shui, so it isn’t recommended as a feng shui adjustment. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of a white orchid in your home. 

Yellow represents stability and strength.