Oreck XL 21 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Oreck XL 21 Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck XL 21 Vacuum
Oreck XL 21 Vacuum Cleaner. (Photo from Oreck Corporation)

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Imagine an 8lb vacuum cleaner with all the power of bulkier models weighing two to three times as much. With its advanced filtration, light weight, and 21-year warranty, the Oreck XL 21 offers consumers a vacuum cleaner that really cleans, endures, and doesn't require super-human effort to operate.

Oreck XL 21 Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Warranty: 21 years.

Cord Length: 30 ft.

Filtration: HEPA, sealable bags

Height Adjustment Settings: 0

Tools: Comes with a separate backpack canister vacuum with tools.

Extras: Headlamp, One speed for carpet, another for hard surface and low piles.

Who Should Buy the Oreck XL 21?

Households with a lot of carpet will want to look at the Oreck as a great option. Consumers with back problems or those who want a lightweight vacuum cleaner with all the cleaning power of bulky, heavy vacuum cleaners will love the Oreck XL 21. Allergy sufferers will appreciate the 7 layers of HEPA filtration, the self-sealing bags, and minimal exhaust from the Oreck XL 21.

Impressive Features for the Oreck XL 21

Oreck XL 21 Weight

The Oreck XL 21 weighs 8lbs. It's easy to move, easy to store, and really easy to carry up a flight of stairs. The Oreck XL 21 doesn't require you to force all of your weight against it to push it across the carpet. It's not a bulky vacuum cleaner, making it easy to store it in a closet without taking up a ton of space.

If you're tired of lugging around heavy vacuum cleaners, the Oreck is a slim breath of fresh air.

Oreck XL 21 Filtration

Seven layers of filtration are included in the inner and outer bags of the Oreck XL 21. This superior filtration is capable of trapping 99.9 percent of allergens, bacteria, and other particles.

What's even better, is that the Oreck XL 21 seals the vacuum bag automatically when you take it out of the vacuum cleaner, eliminating any dust puffing out of the bag. The outer bag also contains Microban protection to eliminate growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. No more nasty smells will be coming from your vacuum cleaner.

The Oreck XL 21 Warranty

Not only is your Oreck warranted for 21 years, but your local Oreck Center will give you 21 free annual tune-ups for your vacuum cleaner. These tune-ups are designed to return your vacuum cleaner to that out-of-the-box feeling.

What Is Lacking In the Oreck XL 21 Vacuum Cleaner?

Oreck XL 21 and No On/Off Brushroll

The Oreck XL 21 doesn't have an on/off ability for the brush roll, making it less effective on hard surface flooring although it does an okay job. If you have a lot of hard surface flooring, Oreck has other vacuum cleaners designed for those surface types. The Oreck does have a high and low speed for the brush roll designed to help with different carpet and rug heights.

Oreck XL 21 Tools

The Oreck XL 21 doesn't have any tools on the upright vacuum. Instead, it comes with a separate backpack canister vacuum with many tool options. Those who prefer to have an all in one vacuum cleaner may not like the two vacuum cleaners.

The backpack vacuum cleaner is lightweight, easy to carry, and very effective at cleaning all the tool-needy surfaces of your home.

Maintenance for the Oreck XL 21 Vacuum Cleaner

Change the Oreck XL 21 Bags

Consumers will need to change the Oreck XL 21 bags when they reach the fill line. Packages of vacuum cleaner bags retail for around $20.00 and contain 8 bags.

Inspect the Oreck XL 21 Brushroll

You'll need to occasionally inspect the brush roll for your Oreck XL 21 to remove threads and hair from the brush roll.

Oreck XL 21 Belt Replacement

The Oreck XL 21 may need to have the belt replaced. An extra belt is located on the bottom of the unit.

Oreck XL 21 Tuneups

Take your Oreck for its yearly tune-up at an Oreck Clean Home Center. Not only will this clean and restore your vacuum cleaner to its best state, but it keeps your 21-year warranty in effect.

Where to Buy an Oreck XL 21

The Oreck XL 21 is available at an Oreck Clean Home Center. There are more than 450 centers across the country. The vacuum cleaner is available for around $200.

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