Organization For Your Children

Organizing Kids Toys, Homework, Hobbies & More

Getting your kids organized is no easy feat, but it can be done! You can utilize their existing space, and incorporate affordable storage options that will teach your kids to be organized.

Process of Elimination: Children accumulate a lot of stuff and in order to get organized, we need to get rid of some of that stuff.

  • You will need 3 large garbage bags. Assign labels to each: toss, donate and keep.
  • Rule of Thumb: Keep the items that your children use regularly or have a personal attachment to. Toss items that are in poor condition and non-repairable. Donate items that are in good condition but are rarely used, or your children are not attached to.
  • Upon determination, designate their items to the appropriate garbage bags.

Invest In Storage: There are so many storage options available for every budget and to accommodate all spaces. Storage is necessary for organization because it provides a designated place to store our items and prevent clutter. Some options to consider are:

  • Closet storage: Unless your closets are already filled, you can utilize this space for storage bins, shelving, drawers, or boxes. Added Bonus: When the items are not in use, they can be disclosed by shutting the closet door.
  • Furniture with storage: Many furniture pieces contain storage options such as, benches with storage under the seat or child-size armoires with drawers, just to name a few. This type of storage is a great way to add function and style to a room.
  • Under bed storage: Utilizing the empty space under your children's bed is a great place for storage containers.

Organizational Tips:

  • Toys: Storage benches, bookshelves or hanging hammocks are a few ways you can store your children's toys that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.
  • Homework: A designated workspace with preferably a desk, or even a craft table offers a functional place for your children to do their homework. Tip: select desks or tables that have drawer or shelf storage to hold their school supplies.
  • Hobbies: For hobbies that require medium to small scaled items, you can utilize storage containers in your closet, under bed or furniture pieces. Large scaled items, like sports equipment for example, can be stored in your garage in appropriate containers.
Since kids often learn by example, try to get in the habit yourself of keeping things organized. An added bonus is that while you are influencing your children, you are also helping yourself.