9 Storage Products Pro Organizers Swear By

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organization bins

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When it comes to home organization products, what are truly the best pieces to bring into your home to ensure that everything is orderly and spick and span while still looking aesthetically pleasing? With so many option on the market, it can be difficult to determine what is the real deal and will actually transform your life at home. It's tempting to spend a fortune on these types of supplies, but most of us don't have an unlimited budget and will need to focus in on a few top picks.

To help you streamline your shopping, we spoke with nine professional organizers and asked them to weigh in with the products they swear by when tackling clients' homes. One theme that came up often in our experts' responses? Clear solutions; they're majorly in!

JIAKAI Honeycomb Drawer Organizer



"Honeycomb dividers for organizing socks, undies, and even sport bras are one of my favorite organizing products and I use them every chance I get." — Kenika Williams of Tidied by K

mDesign Plastic Stackable Water Bottle Holder

mDesign Water Bottle Holder Rack


"Raise your hand if you have a kitchen drawer or cabinet that is stuffed to the max with water bottles. I have yet to walk into a kitchen that isn't, and I’ve organized a lot of kitchens. First, toss all the ones that leak, that don’t have matching lids and that, for whatever reason, you just don’t love. But if you’re still left with your fair share of water bottles, you need an amazing product to keep them organized and save you space. A plastic wine rack that doubles as a water bottle holder is an organizer’s best-kept secret. They fit inside most cabinets, and the best part is you can see your entire collection at once. They are a total game changer for anyone who uses water bottles daily." —Corinne Morahan of Grid + Glam

mDesign Lazy Susan Plastic Rotating Turntable

lazy susan


"I love a nine- or 10-inch lazy susan! I use them in the kitchen for your most used items, in the bathroom so you can easily access all your toiletries, in the nursery for baby supplies on… the list is endless." — Melissa Adams of Happy Organized

The Container Store The Everything Drawer Organizers

drawer organizers

Container Store

These are my go-to for corralling kitchen drawers, bathroom drawers, and junk drawers. They come in an assortment of sizes and help keep items from rolling around when you open and close a drawer." — Christina Schubert of Maison Grace Home Organizing

mDesign Clear Plastic Large Storage Bin, Set of 4

clear plastic bins


These come in different sizes, but I love using the larger ones in the pantry, bathroom, or closet. In pantries they help group things all together. Because they are clear, it is easy to see what is inside and just grab what you want." — Christine Daves of Think Organized

mDesign 3-Pocket Fabric Over-the-Door Hanging Storage

over the door hanging organizer

via mDesign

"This product is great because it can live on the back of any door in the house and create extra storage without adding visual clutter. You can store school supplies, sunglasses, small bags, hats, charger—anything a teen needs to quickly grab before heading out the door, and more importantly, it can be put away at the end of the day." — Erica Thompson of Organized by Design

Target 50-Quart Plastic Storage Box on Wheels

clear bins


"These bins are quickly becoming one of my favorites out there, given that they're multifunctional, clear, affordable, available, stackable, and have wheels!" — Tanisha Lyons-Porter of Natural Born Organizers

Pipishell Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer

Pipishell Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer


"One of the most useful items for your organization project is drawer organizers. The expandable version allows you to use this product in different-sized drawers and gives you the perfect fit without needing a measurement. This gadget is almost always on our client's shopping lists." — Lia Brady of Organize With Lia

The Container Store The Container Store The Home Edit Clear Stackable Drawer

clear bin

The Container Store

"My favorite organizing product would have to be the large drawer from iDesign/The Home Edit’s new line at The Container Store. But I’d also like to include the accompanying organizers that nestle within. The drawers are incredible versatile and can truly be used in all spaces. I particularly like using them under bathroom sinks to not only maximize vertical space, but to also categorize items on a micro level. The key to staying organized is for all items to have a home, and the bin organizers that fit within these drawers allow you to do just that. And they can be easily moved when systems need to be updated down the line. All in all, a product that will never disappoint!" — Gabriela Michel of Simplify & Bloom

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