5 Organization Tips and Important Reminders for Type-B People

Don't worry about not being a perfectionist

Pegboard organizer on wall

Aleksandar Nakic / Getty Images

Arguably, there are two types of people in the world: Type-A and Type-B. While research may argue against these generalizations, many people will say that they clearly fall more on one side than the other. And when it comes to organizing, that’s definitely true.

Type-A people are often labeled as the ‘perfectionists’ or the ones with the magazine-worthy spaces and color-coded drawers. On the other hand, Type-B people are often seen as the ‘anything goes’ type of organizers—more focused on getting the mess out of the way than having everything look nice.

While both types have their positives and negatives, if you resonate with the Type-B mindset (or are connected to someone who fits this category perfectly), here are seven organization tips to help lean into their natural tendencies (without shame!).

1. Don’t Try to Be What You Are Not

As a Type-B person, you’re actually pretty comfortable and confident in who you are (and what you’re not). That means when it comes to organizing, you have to keep in mind that you’re not going to be the one who color-codes and label every single thing—and that’s okay.

Instead of focusing on the things you’re not and trying to force yourself to fit an unrealistic mold, lean into who you are. Maybe you like the junk drawers where you know you can find everything from that random pair of tiny scissors to double-sided tape. Maybe it makes more sense to combine all of your workout clothes in one drawer rather than a separate one for pants and shirts. Or maybe you prefer the messy desk and the organized chaos—if that’s you, there’s no shame in that. Simply be you. 

2. Take Things Slow

As a Type-B personality, you’re actually (and perhaps ironically, in some ways) more calculated and deliberate in your actions. Unlike your Type-A counterparts, who are quick to jump in and hyper-focus on every little detail, you aren’t zoned in on the small things so much that you forget the big picture. And you aren't obsessed with getting things done at full speed.

Instead, you take things slow (and you should). It’s more important for you to reach the overall goal, rather than getting lost in the tiny pieces. Having a step-by-step, methodical process helps you to organize more successfully and intentionally.

3. Lean on Your Creativity

As a Type-B person, you’re pretty creative (and perhaps even more than your Type-A counterparts). Where a Type-A person is quick to react and perfect every choice and action, you find it easy to create alternative options, innovative ideas, and workarounds for the things you don’t enjoy.

If there's a room you're dreading to organize, you'll come up with a solution to make the task easier. For example, instead of having to create a space for every single book or writing utensil on your desk, you'll be quick to grab old glass jars for holding pencils and snag wicker baskets from a garage sale to make homes for your favorite reads. It's not that you're lazy in this approach (although, let's face it — sometimes there's a little bit of laziness in there), but you prefer organizing be less of a burden so that you can focus on other things.

4. Think About the Big Picture

Type-B people are naturally well-rounded. Although it’s not as natural to be organized all of the time, you see the value in it and can become organized when needed. But, you’re also pretty good at seeing beyond the order to what really matters—connecting with people, getting things done, and making spaces conducive to living, working, and being with others.

Whereas a Type-A person will forgo socialization to deep-clean their home, you're willing to leave things messy if that means you can be around people you love. For you, the drive for perfection is a lot less pressing because you have a 'zoomed-out' focus — in the grand scheme of things, a disorganized kitchen is far less important than showing up for a friend.

5. Use Your Introspection to Your Advantage

You’re very introspective. Because of this, you tend to notice what others are feeling rather than Type-A people, who are often looking for ways to be perfect.

This comes in handy in social situations but also in the day-to-day. When spending time with someone, you'll be the first to notice a shift in mood and you're honestly more perceptive than most when it comes to others' reactions or thoughts.

This introspective nature is an advantage when it comes to organizing. Since you're already tuned in to the emotions of others, it's a good idea to prioritize their feelings (and yours, of course) when you clean, sort, and decorate. Allowing your introspective nature to play a larger role in organizing your physical spaces will undoubtedly lead to comfort over perfection.

And as a Type-B identifier — that's the ultimate goal.