Organizational Tips for Wedding Planning

wedding planning timeline
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Let's be honest: planning a wedding (even if you hire a wedding planner) is complicated. There are lots of moving parts, lots of people involved, and lots of tiny details to iron out when it comes to planning a wedding, so organization is key to success! If you are in need of some advice and tips for staying organized when it comes to planning a wedding, read on for some great info.

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    Keep It All Together

    Wedding Planning Binder
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    Buy an organizational binder for your wedding planning process that you can use to corral all your paperwork. Wedding planning can use quite a bit of paper, from collecting inspiration and vendor quotes to bills or invoices and much more. You'll want to find a way to keep all this information together in one centralized place to keep yourself on track and ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

    One great wedding planning binder is the Southern Weddings Planner, which has all the features you need in a three-ring binder, allowing for additional customizations of your own!

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    Save Everything

    Wedding Budget Receipt Pouch
    I Heart Organizing

    It's important to keep track of all your invoices, bills and receipts, especially when it comes to staying on budget. Consider adding a pocket pouch to your binder to hold receipts and other info so you can make sure to keep true records of your spending. It is also important to save all correspondence with vendors, including agreements and contracts for your reference as well as your protection. 

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    Use Spreadsheets

    Wedding Budget Spreadsheet
    Savvy Spreadsheets

    Whether you're trying to keep your guest list addresses together or keep up with your wedding budget, spreadsheets are fantastic tools for organizing information. Consider keeping a spreadsheet of all your guests, which can be useful for your invitation list and to keep track of RSVPs, as well as tracking your thank you notes. 

    Spreadsheets are especially helpful if they have mathematical formulas applied for the sake of tallying expenses. These Wedding Budget Spreadsheets from Savvy Spreadsheets are a huge help ​for keeping up with your spending. 

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    Automation is Key

    IFTTT wedding recipes

    Find ways to automate parts of your wedding planning to save yourself time. Consider using IFTTT to create some time-saving wedding hacks to keep you organized without bogging you down with the details. This simple app allows you to create recipes to automate different tasks, freeing up your time and brain space for more important activities. There are other wedding planning apps out there.

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    Give Yourself a Timeline

    wedding planning timeline
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    You'll want to make sure to keep a calendar of important dates when it comes to your wedding. Just like with any big task or project, you have to give yourself deadlines and action steps to get it all completed in time. Check out some wedding planning timelines and add key milestones to your calendar to ensure you are keeping up the pace. You'll want to make sure all your DIY projects are finished with plenty of time before the big day so you don't stress yourself out.

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    Visually Organize Your Calendar

    wedding sticker set
    1 Canoe 2

    When it comes to juggling everyday life along with planning a wedding, it's easy for your calendar to get packed to the point that you can't make sense of what's important or not. Try using some visual cues in your calendar to mark special dates or occasions, such as these darling wedding planning stickers from 1 Canoe 2. They have an adorable design for everything from the dress fittings to the cake tastings, as well as bridal showers and the bachelorette party! These stickers will definitely brighten up your calendar and serve as great visual reminders for those important appointments.​