Organize Your Parrot's Pantry For Optimum Use

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    Organize Your Parrot's Pantry For Optimum Use

    Getting organized makes life with pet birds easier. ludiste photo/Getty Images

    Busy lives and rushed mornings make it difficult to plan meals for yourself and your family, let alone your birds. But if you have the proper pantry, a well-balanced nutritional and satisfying meal can be put together in less than 5 minutes with just a little bit of preplanning and a well-stocked “Parrot Pantry”. Sometimes referred to in the Human Recipe World as “OAMC”, or “once-a-month-cooking”, this technique can be applied to preparing meals for your birds, ensuring freshness, variety and...MORE nutrition. I’ve been doing this for my birds for over a decade now when I discovered that it is virtually impossible for 3 parrots to consume an entire two-pound package of fresh kale in a week.

    I've learned from experience about how to keep a variety of items well stocked and readily available at your fingertips. So putting together meals for my birds that last 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator and even for months in the freezer is never a problem. And if you plan it right, you can have frozen, dried and fresh items ready and available at all times to combine appetizing, unique and varied meals ready for your birds in minutes.

    I also find it to be less expensive if you stock up and utilize readily available storage techniques. The less I have to drive to shop for my birds, the less expensive it is for me. The time consideration is a factor as well as the convenience. It’s simply easier if everything I need to prepare 3 days worth of meals is already available to me at home when I can find the time to prepare it.

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    Types of Storage

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    There are several classifications of items to consider when preparing your “Pantry Storage Plan.” These are:





    Shelf Stable

    Your Storage tools:

    Food Processor

    Permanent Marker

    Vacuum Sealer And Bags (If Available)

    Canning Jars In Several Sizes

    Zip -Lock Bags

    Large Freezer Bags And Sandwich Zip-Locks

    Plastic Containers

    Approaching this plan from the point of view of time and convenience on a day-to-day basis employing all of these storage methods simultaneously works best. Use...MORE the appropriate method for the type food you are readying for storage according to the type of storage you need. 

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    Can It!

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    Canning jars are wonderful airtight storage solutions for healthy seeds and beans, vitamin supplements, sprouting mixes, live sprouts (in the fridge) and pellets. Any issues you might have with moths or other insects might become greatly reduced if you employ this method. They come in a variety of sizes and are much prettier than all of the half filled bags they are sold in. And they store so much neater and they are easier to organize. 

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    Zip It Good

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    Zip lock bags are wonderful items to use for refrigeration of fresh foods of any sort. Buy at discount warehouse stores in bulk. They come in various sizes from the small snack size to the extra large two-gallon size. So it doesn't really matter what size your flock is. You can always find the right size bag to store your food either in the pantry or in the freezer. If you are storing food for your flock in zip lock bags for the freezer or refrigerator, ensure that you squeeze the air out...MORE before storing. 

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    Brrrrrrr! It’s Cold In Here!

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    Freezer bags work well for refreezing vegetable mixes, nuts, (both shelled and unshelled) sprouting mix, healthy seeds and grains and grain mixes. These can be reused if utilized for storing items already packaged in smaller bags.

    If you have a vacuum sealer, this works well in freezing bulk purchases of all sorts. This is a time and money saver if you have the room to store purchases, either in the refrigerator, freezer or in a pantry if it is a shelf stable product. Candidates for vacuum...MORE sealing for dry and freezer storage are rice, dried beans, parrot pellets, Chop and Grain Bake

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    Think Portion-Ready

    Patricia Sund

    If you are coming home from a hectic day, wouldn’t it be easier to simply reach into your fridge or freezer and have a meal available for your flock that is ready to go? All you need to do would be to add fresh items if desired such as cut up fruit, a dash of a nut mix and a sprinkle of a vitamin supplement. If you have that all available conveniently at your fingertips, keeping your birds on a healthy fresh diet is no problem.

    Make a big pot of your bird's favorite bean recipe and portion it...MORE out in meal sized bags to feed one or two meals to your entire flock. Squeeze out the air or vacuum seal and freeze.

    Make a vegetable pasta casserole combined with vegetables, beans and nuts. Portion into bags and freeze.

    Precut vegetables you've found on sale and cut to the desired size. Portion in bags and freeze.

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    Get It Home And Keep It Fresh

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    Keeping these items on hand will give you the ability to whip up something at a moment's notice either through need or just because you feel like making something for your birds that day. No need to run out to the store. Many of the items you might need are already in the pantry. 

    Dried Beans

    Nuts: Raw, Unflavored And Unsalted

    Nut Butters


    Wild And Brown Rice

    Quinoa, Spelt And Other Ancient Grains

    Sprouting Mix

    Hemp Seed

    Chia Seed


    Flax Seed

    Healthy Bird-Friendly Oils 

    Freeze Dried Vegetables

    U...MOREnsulphured Dried fruit 

    Powdered Vitamin Supplements

    Prepared Treats: (Nutriberries, Avi-cakes and other pre-made treats last longer and stay fresher when re-packaged in jars or zip-lock bags.)

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    You've Done It!

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    Once you get organized and devote a shelf in your pantry for the "Parrot's Pantry," you will find yourself using it as the go-to place for feeding your birds wonderfully healthy and welcome meals that your birds will go "tails up" for. The entire point of keeping this pantry is not only for the health and well-being of your companion bird, but to keep things more efficient and easier for you and your entire family.