11 Organized Closets That'll Motivate You to Update Your Own


With the transition of seasons comes the time to start thinking about putting away the past season's clothing until next year and bringing out all your stored away clothing for new weather. And, for a lot of us, that means taking a long hard look at the current state of our closets and usually not loving what we see.

But organizing your closet for a new season doesn’t have to feel like an impossible chore. In fact, it can be all sorts of satisfying, especially if you have some motivating...MORE inspiration to push you through it. These closets are so beautifully organized that you’ll be hard-pressed not to start getting to work on yours.

From expansive, color-coded walk-ins to flawless, makeshift organization in a teeny tiny space, let these closets inspire you to take yours to the next level, no matter the space and aesthetic you’re working with.

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    Closet Makeover

    Once a cluttered eyesore, this closet underwent a breathtaking makeover in the short span of a weekend. Making the most of a tiny amount of space, we love how this closet serves as a glamorous and functional place to get ready for the day, proving you don't need a walk-in to create your own personalized, dreamy space.

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    organized closet
    Bright on the Day

    One glance over this stunning set-up is enough to induce a big ol’ exhale of satisfaction. Start your organizational journey by putting piles of like items together.

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    Stylish Women Outfits

    If you’re short on space, consider installing a few compact drawers to keep things tidy. Even better if you get some with a glass front, like these, so you always know what you have.

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    A lot of us aren’t lucky enough to have a grand, walk-in closet to house our favorite things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something just as effective. An empty wall, a clothing rack and a sheet are all you need to fashion your very own wardrobe dressing room.

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    Little makes a more striking visual impact than arranging your items by color, size and type. Plus, it’ll make it a whole lot easier to put together the perfect outfit each day.

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    Hi Sugar Plum

    The craft enthusiasts among us well know how chaotic a craft closet can become. Let this be the season you take control of yours and curate it to perfection using this stunner as inspiration.

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    Room for Tuesday

    Clearly, being short on space is no excuse to not have a pretty and polished closet. A few shelves and two layers of bars will seriously maximize your organizational potential.

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    Indoor Lyfe

    Perhaps you don’t have a closet at all. Don’t let that stop you from creating one that’s just as enviable as the next. All you need is an empty wall, a couple racks and the will to arrange things cohesively.

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    Cute baskets and bins make a big impact when it comes to tidying up your treasures. Of course, if you have space for a glamorous desk and faux-fur chair, that doesn’t hurt either.

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    Kelley Nan

    Just because bathroom utility items aren’t super attractive doesn’t mean their storage has to match. Add an over-the-door organizer for pretty and easy organizational perfection.

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    Stephanie Sterjovski

    Miscellaneous items and accessories have a tendency to end up in messy little piles. Pick up a few drawer organizers and say goodbye to that problem once and for all.