9 Tips for an Organized Playroom

empty children's playroom with tent and toy railway
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Fun and Organized Playtime

Pale pink and white playroom set for a tea party
The Pink Dream

A playroom is definitely a place where kiddos and imaginations should run wild, but that doesn’t mean that all of their toys, books and other playthings should live in a constant state of disorder. It’ll be better for your sanity if everything is in its proper place, and your kids will learn good lessons in how to keep things neat and tidy.

While there are plenty of practical storage solutions out there that are perfect for playrooms, there are ways to bring together storage and style in the same space. If you’re dreaming of a playroom for your kids that’s clean and matches the décor in the rest of your home, look no further than these brilliant ideas.

Consider Small Areas Where Toys Can Land

black and white playroom with teepee

Katie Lamb

If you’d like to keep your home’s playroom on the minimal side, look to this inspiration from Katie Lamb. In her twins’ playroom, she chose a pared-down approach when providing small and simple places to stash toys, like miniature cubbies and a little basket. These items keep things out of the way without taking up too much space. These storage solutions also allow enough room to display a sweet and stylish teepee.

Organize by Color

Colorful art supplies in a playroom
A Beautiful Mess

In a playroom dreamed up by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, color pops everywhere through the décor, craft supplies and playthings. She got creative when arranging the craft supplies, organizing them in jars by color. Organizing a playroom by color is not only pleasing to the eye, but it can also help a child organize things easily.

Designate a Main Organizing Area

blue cubbies in a modern farmhouse playroom
Pencil Shavings Studio

Choose a spot as the “organizing headquarters” in the playroom, where all of the main toys and other items go. In this farmhouse-style playroom showcased by Rachel of Pencil Shavings Studio, a blue, kid-sized shelving unit holds all of the playtime essentials while also offering a fun, bright hue in the room.

Don’t Forget About Cubbies

silver white and pink playroom with star wallpaper


Cubbies are so key to an organized playroom. It’s no surprise that most teachers turn to cubbies for their classrooms! In this whimsical playroom designed by Sissy + Marley, silver fabric bins reside in a shelving unit with cubbies, which stylishly hides everything away. The silver matches up flawlessly with the star-print wallpaper and fanciful bunting, too.

Keep Things Hidden Away

Pink and white playroom

The Pink Dream

Little cabinets are a great way to keep everything out of view. Plus, if you’re in a rush, it’s easy to do a sweep, pick everything up off the floor, drop items into the cabinets and guests will be none the wiser. In a pink playroom crafted by Ceres of The Pink Dream, the classic and pretty cabinets take center stage in the décor and work as an ideal storage solution.

Bring Fun and Organization Together

playroom with rock climbing wall
The Mom Edit

Who says that fun and organizing can’t go together? In this playroom designed by Annmarie Naples and featured on The Mom Edit, a built-in shelf full of organized books sits alongside a cool and creative rock-climbing wall, which is a completely inventive use of space.

Provide Spots for Beloved Books

White bookshelves in a playroom


Books should always be within reach for afternoon snuggle sessions and storytime before bed, so it makes sense to organize them on their own set of shelves. In another playroom designed by Sissy + Marleyevery favorite book is on display and organized neatly on floating shelves.

Install Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelving in a kid's playroom

The Home Edit

Built-in shelves are a lifesaver in a playroom. You won’t need to take up room with a stand-alone shelf if you’re strapped for space, and it’s an obvious place to organize toys and other items. Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit looked to built-in shelving when they organized this home, placing toys, bins and even artwork on these handy built-in shelves.

Think About Multi-Use Storage Solutions

Multipurpose storage in a playroom

farmhouseforfour / Instagram

Lastly, there’s no one “right” way to provide storage solutions in a playroom. In fact, you can play around with several different solutions, which is what Lauren of @farmhouseforfour did in this vibrant playroom. She incorporated a coffee table with storage underneath, baskets, cubbies, cabinets and more, which means there are near-limitless places to put away toys and keep things streamlined and organized.