The 10 Must-Have Organizing Tools You Need for a Neat Home

over the toilet storage brass

Jessica Nelson Design

Now that we’re in the height of spring cleaning season, we’re finding two distinct camps of spring cleaners: those who have to declutter before they organize, and those who can’t even think about decluttering until they have all the organizational tools they need on hand, ready to go.

Regardless of where you fall between the two, some guidance is always helpful. We turned to the experts to find out what staple organizing tools are a must-have to get that fully-refreshed feeling.

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    Drawer Organizers

    organized junk drawer

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    Junk drawer, begone—some of the first tools on your list to buy should be drawer inserts and organizers. “Implementing drawer organizers is a great way to keep your drawers neat and your frustration at bay,” Sarah Fishburne of The Home Depot says.

    But while these are most commonly used in kitchens, Fishburne tells us drawer organizers are great for bathroom vanities, too. Adding compartments to your drawers ensures makeup, creams, shaving supplies, hair tools, and more have an easy-to-spot place and won’t slide around.

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    Mop and Broom Holder

    Cleaning supplies stored and organized along wall and with shelving

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    According to Fishburne, you should consider how to maximize a space to its fullest potential when beginning to organize, and that means optimizing your utility closet.

    “Start by keeping your brooms and mops off the floor to create extra space," she suggests. "A wall organizer is perfect for your kitchen storage, allowing you to consolidate any cleaning products."

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    Shower Storage

    Bathroom shower storage ideas


    There is rarely enough, if any, built-in storage in your shower or bath area. That’s why Marcia Sloman of Under Control Organizing thinks a shower caddy is key.

    Shower caddies are great for holding hair care, soap, shavers, and mouthwash—they are essential tools for any bathroom,” Sloman explains. “They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, fitting over the shower head or in tub and stall corners."


    Choose something sturdy and easily removed to clean soap scum and mildew.

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    Wire Baskets

    Bathroom cabinet towel storage in baskets

    Neat Method

    Plastic containers are widely beloved in the world of organizing. Using these, you can easily see what you're storing, which is appealing. But wire baskets have the same appeal—and they're usually more stylish, too.

    “A tool we frequently use all over the home is a wire basket,” Ashley Murphy of NEAT method says. “It’s durable and comes in multiple sizes and colors, so it’s super universal. We love using them to corral anything from snacks in the pantry to hair products in the bathroom.” 

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    Over-the-Toilet Storage

    over the toilet storage brass

    Jessica Nelson Design

    Having the right bath storage solutions can keep your bathroom organized and tidy, says Fishburne. And an underutilized space that is actually great for storing essentials? Over the toilet.

    “From roomy vanities to the perfect wall cabinet, there are many bath storage ideas to fit any space, lifestyle, and budget—but over the toilet is one of the bathroom's most underused areas," she notes.

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    Foil and Plastic Wrap Organizer

    organized kitchen drawer

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    There are tons of great kitchen organizers, but one area that’s often overlooked is that cabinet or drawer full of parchment paper, plastic wrap, and tin foil. 

    A great trick for storing and organizing all of your foil and plastic wraps is with a wrap organizer, Fishburne tells us. “It helps increase your cabinet space and hangs perfectly over an inside cabinet door," she says. These are also great for organizing crafts, gift wrap, and extra totes or grocery bags.

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    Hang-On Hooks

    Handbag storage for the front of a closet door

    Clever Handbag Storage

    A go-to tip for organizing your bedroom is utilizing hooks and door racks to create more space, says Fishburne. While you might think hooks are just for coats, they can add storage to even the smallest of spaces.

    "A row of hooks can help organize your bedroom closet, serving as a catch-all for outerwear and bags that often seem to pile up and create cluttered areas,” she says.

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    Multi-Garment Hangers

    Front view of an organized closet with the doors open

    The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

    If your closet needs an overhaul, Sloman suggests finding hangers that can handle multiple garments at once.

    “Multi-shirt or pant hangers are an essential tool for a bedroom closet that has more tall hanging space available than short,” she says. “Four or more shirts and pants can be tiered to hang and take up less space than those hanging side by side.” 

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    Stylish Woven Baskets

    Pretty woven wicker basket.

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    Your organizing tools don’t need to look completely utilitarian—in fact, you’re more likely to use them if you like the way they look. Finding creative ways to put everything into its proper place can be complicated, but when you also want to make style a priority, it takes even more effort,

    The solution? “Decorate your living room or bedroom while staying organized with stylish baskets," Fishburne says. "A decorative tote with a lid can serve double duty as both storage and furniture when you use it as an accent table.” 

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    Storage Benches

    mudroom with under bench storage

    The Spruce / Margot Cavin

    If you’re working with a small space like a mud room or entryway, finding furniture that can work double duty as storage is a must, Sloman tells us. 

    “Storage benches, seats, and ottomans are perfect storage containers to hold pillows, linens, blankets, papers, shoes, or clothing, and act as a seat or footrest,” she says. “You can find them in a variety of colors and materials to suit your décor, and they fit nicely in a mudroom as well as any living space.”