Origami Garden by Ioana Stoian: A Review

Amazing flowers, leaves, bugs and birds

origami garden by ioana stoian
Chrissy Pk

Ioana Stoian's book, 'Origami Garden' has 41 origami models & 20 sheets of origami paper included, it's great for beginners & more advanced folders.

A little about the Author

Ioana Stoian was born in England, her two main passions are paper making and paper folding, which she first became interested in after a visit to Japan in 2006. You can check out Ioana's other amazing work on her website, here.

The first book Ioana published is called 'Origami for All' (available here), which contains 16 of her own designs, which is the main difference between the two books. Origami Garden features models by a collection of different designers including herself, Wayne Brown, Eric Gjerde, Isa Klein, Leyla Torres, Tomoko Fuse and more, and each model is credited with the designs. It's nice to see a lot of female origami designers are included in this new book!


The book itself is a sturdy paperback, with good quality pages, full colour photos and diagrams and is about 20 x 20 cm making it easy to flip though. The diagrams are very clear and easy to understand, the models are rated by skill level 1-3, which is very useful for those whole have never folded anything before.

At the beginning of the book there are four double page spreads which show how you can create themed scenes using the origami models which is super adorable, this is a great example of how origami can be appealing to young kids and grown ups alike, I can imagine my 7 year old using these origami bugs, flowers, birds and leaves to create a lovely scene of her own, as I did!

Some of the models are easy enough and with some help - I think young children will have lots of fun with these origami projects.

I love the fact that this book is very straight to the point, with only a few introduction pages, the rest of the book is dedicated to the diagrams, which also have a photo of the final model displayed in stylish settings.


The first model in the book is the traditional origami waterbomb, this versatile origami 'water balloon' has so many different uses, the most popular is usually a hanging decoration, I would never have thought to make a little box to put these in and have them as eggs in a nest! The nest itself is a traditional origami box.

If I had to choose a few favourites from the book they would be: the eggs in a nest, slow snail, busy bee, dainty bellflower, mini watering can, miniature trowel and the flower box. In fact I think all of the models are great, and it's quite unusual to enjoy all origami models in a book, as so often you buy the book for just one or two of the models.

As an added bonus there are 20 sheets of origami paper included in an envelope at the back of the book.  It is a nice selection of bright colours and bold patterns which are perfect to use for the projects in the book. 

Overall I would say this book is a great addition to your collection or even a great starting point for beginners. The models will appeal to kids and adults, the models are lovely to display and the diagrams easy to follow, so I would highly recommend this book. 

You can get your hands on a copy from Amazon here.

I made a tutorial for the 'Slow Snail' on my youtube channel, which also includes a quick flip through and overview of Ioana's book, here.