Book Review - Origami Ikebana by Benjamin John Coleman

Create Lifelike Paper Flower Arrangements!

Origami Ikebana Review
Chrissy Pk

'Origami' - which of course means 'folding paper' and 'Ikebana' which means 'flower arranging' in Japanese, come together in this wonderful new technique, Origami Ikebana.

Benjamin John Coleman has created a method that every origami enthusiast will appreciate, especially those who enjoy realistic origami flowers! With these in depth instructions you can create your own lifelike displays. 

In this 128 page paperback book, he teaches 30 different origami flower variations and 8 different leaf models.

You will also learn how to make the stems and rocks that will bring the whole thing together.

The book begins with a short thought provoking section on the essence of flowers and an introduction on how Benjamin came across the art of Ikebana. You can find out more about Benjamin on his personal website, here. There are some very detailed pages about how to understand the new 'Glow-Fold' diagram method that he has patented, and about his techniques of cutting the paper and the tools you will need. 

If you make and sell your crafts for a living, this book has a section with tips on how to best pack your sculpture for shipping, these origami flower arrangements are lightweight and apparently robust when packed correctly.

What I find most appealing about the origami flowers included is that the paper is painted in a certain way before folding, which results in a very organic look.

The difficulty level of the flowers in the book are intermediate, and even if you don't have the time or supplies to make an entire plant of flowers, leaves and stems - you can create some beautiful flowers from this book and make a smaller, less detailed display.

The instructions are a mix of diagrams and photos, in full colour and very clear to understand. There is also an instructional DVD included in the book. The layout of the book itself is a A4 size, soft covered - but sturdy - paperback. The photos are vibrant and high quality, making this book the perfect gift for the paper craft enthusiast, or yourself.

Going further on in the book he describes in detail how to create and paint paper rocks and boulders - which are what the stems will be mounted on.

To create the stems and vines of the plants, he teaches a technique called 'Makigami' which uses rolled up newspaper, glue and paint. The resulting Ikebana style arrangements are beautifully detailed and would make a minimalist centrepiece in any chic living room setup.

Origami Ikebana is published by Tuttle who kindly sent me this book to review, I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own, to contact me about book or product reviews, please contact me on my website, Paper Kawaii here.

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