Origami Money Envelope Letterfold Tutorial

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    Origami Money Envelope Letterfold Tutorial

    origami money envelope letterfold
    Chrissy Pk

    Learn how to make an easy origami letterfold from A4 or printer paper. This origami envelope is a great way to give money for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations and weddings!

    If you remember passing notes in class, there was probably a specific way to fold it! This one is especially nice as it looks like an envelope.

    Traditionally this particular way to fold, called 'Origata' a way to wrap gifts with just paper, no glue or scissors. Origata later became origami and included...MORE not just wrapping gifts.

    You will need one sheet of rectangular paper for this envelope. A4 paper works the best.

    For some great ideas for paper you can use for origami, check out Where to get Origami Paper - unusual places.

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    Origami Money Envelope Letterfold Tutorial - Step 1

    origami money envelope letterfold 1
    Chrissy Pk

    Note: to make it easier to understand origami diagrams, after looking at what step you are on, check out the next picture to see what it ends up looking like.

    Start with the paper white side up if you have one. And the paper should be in a portrait position.

    1. Start by folding the top left corner of the paper down to the right, there will be a smaller section at the bottom. 

    2. Now fold the top right corner down to the left on top of the front flap, still leaving that smaller section at the...MORE bottom.

    3. Fold the top corner down to the bottom of the front flap.

    4. Now bring the bottom edge up and under the top flap and crease well.

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    Origami Money Envelope Letterfold Tutorial - Step 2

    origami money envelope letterfold 2
    Chrissy Pk

    5. Fold the little section at the bottom up and over the top flap, this will secure the top triangle of the envelope in place.

    6. Flip the paper to the other side, left to right.

    7. Fold the left and right in to the middle. There should be a small overlap.

    8. Insert one of the sides into the other one.

    You can adjust how much you fold the left and right edges in. If you fold less, it will be a longer envelope. If you fold more, it will become smaller.

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    Origami Money Envelope Letterfold Tutorial - Step 3

    origami money envelope letterfold 3
    Chrissy Pk

    9. Flip the envelope to the other side.

    10. Now it's finished!