Our Favorite Rooms Rocking the Sunset Hues Trend

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    Sunset Hues Are All The Rage


    We've seen a lot of inspiring color trends lately, but the sunset hues trend just might be our favorite one of all. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s just as it sounds, colors you’d normally see in the best sunsets, are refreshing all kinds of interiors.

    But don’t think that working with these hues has to make your home look like an Easter egg or a child’s nursery; the rooms we’re about to show you demonstrate just how chic and sophisticated this pastel trend can be. Whether you’re a minimalist looking to refresh your abode with a simple splash of color or you’re aiming to have the most layered and lively nest on the block, let these images inspire you to take your design to the next level.


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    If you’re not quite sure how to make this trend work, opting for a monochrome color palette can help you get there. All you have to do is pick your favorite sunset hue and spread it throughout the room. Keeping it one-note will help to liven up your space without overwhelming it.

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    Binti Home Blog

    The sunset print on this wall takes this trend to a very literal level and we couldn’t love it more. Not only does it look all kinds of warm and inviting, but having all of your colors laid out in one print makes finding matching decor a cinch.

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    Pattern Play

    IDA Interior Lifestyle

    Don’t think that just because you’re choosing bold, candy-coated colors that you can’t still play with plenty of patterns. A great trick to keep this combination from becoming overbearing is to choose a few pretty pastels and balance them out with the cool edginess that a black and white pattern can bring.

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    Dazzling Decor

    Sugar & Cloth

    The beauty of these sweet hues is that you don’t need a lot of them to make a big design impact. Here, a few pieces of decor in rainbow colors contrasted with warm metallics makes for a high-style space that can easily be refreshed and updated as new trends hit the interior design scene.

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    Exposed Brick

    Casa Vogue

    The aesthetic warmth of the exposed brick and natural wood in this room makes it a perfect candidate for the sunset colors of pale peach and yellow-gold to shine brightly. And the quiet rugs in muted neutrals keep the look grounded in sophistication.

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    Mix and Match


    Because these colors are naturally occurring it’s almost impossible for them to clash, so have fun with mixing and matching. This yellow and pink wall is a compelling choice that paves the way for a handful of funky accents to carry a ton of visual weight.

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    Paint-dipped Chairs


    As we said, a little goes a long way with this color palette. If you have any natural wood furniture in your home, consider adding a coat of pretty pastel paint and behold the design magic that can be made.

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    Statement Furniture

    Style By Emily Henderson

    We absolutely love the statement this yellow couch is making. Not only does it infuse the look with uplifting cheer, but the corresponding throw pillows and matching gallery wall ensure the pastel hues maintain a sense of maturity and refinement.

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    When in Doubt, Look Up


    Don’t overlook your ceiling’s ability to contribute visual intrigue to your design. This beachy color combination already gives us vacation vibes, but the addition of a statement ceiling takes it from great to wow while eliminating the need for loads of extra decor to give it personality.

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    Live Literally


    Okay, we just might have saved the best for last. If yours is a colorful style sensibility, then there’s no better time to take it to the extreme. From the gradient walls to the ombre bedspread to the pastel pillows, this space very literally looks like a sunset, and it’s all the better for it.