Outback Steakhouse Free Veterans Day Meal

Military Members Get Free Food at Outback Steakhouse on Veterans Day

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To honor the military this Veterans Day, Outback Steakhouse is offering all veterans and active military a completely free Bloomin' Onion and beverage, in addition to a discount for police, firefighters, and first responders.

Tip: In addition to free food this Veterans Day are many other businesses that are discounting purchases and handing out other types of free stuff. See this list of Veterans Day Freebies and Discounts for more information.

When Veterans Get Their Free Food at Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse's free Veterans Day food offer for 2018 is available on Veterans Day, which is Sunday, November 11.

After you've found a nearby Outback Steakhouse, I recommend you give them a call to see what time of day you should come in to get the free food, as well as to verify that your location is participating in the Veterans Day offer.

Also check out this list of frequently asked questions about Veterans Day free meals for some information on how Veterans Day offers work.

What Outback Steakhouse Is Giving Away For Veterans Day

Outback Steakhouse has another offer in addition to the free Bloomin' Onion and beverage for military personnel. 

Any military member, police officer, firefighter, or first responder who orders between November 8 and November 10, will get 20% off their entire check.

Who's Eligible for the Outback Steakhouse Veterans Day Free Food

Outback Steakhouse's Veterans Day free food can be had by all military personnel. This includes not only veterans but also active duty military.

This means that if you bring friends or family with you, only the military members are eligible to take advantage of the free food. Of course, if you fall under one of the categories mentioned above, you can get 20% off your meal.

This is just one of a few restrictions put in place by Outback Steakhouse. More are explained at the bottom of this page.

What You Need to Take With You to Outback Steakhouse

Military ID is required for military members to get the free food and beverage on Veterans Day.

This proof of service isn't unique to Outback Steakhouse. Nearly all restaurants that have Veterans Day free meals will require some sort of verification to prove that you're an active or retired military member.

Outback Steakhouse Veterans Day Free Food Restrictions

Sunday, November 11, is the only day for which this Veterans Day offer is valid. However, the 20% discount for other service members can be taken advantage of for a couple days, between November 8th and 10th.

The Bloomin' Onion and beverage is what Outback Steakhouse is offering this year. This means you don't have free reign to choose anything else off their menus.

It's important that you bring military ID with you. Any veteran or military member that doesn't present a military ID may not be able to have the free food and beverage. If you can't provide a military ID, but instead have some other form of proof of service, I recommend you contact your local Outback Steakhouse to see if they can work with you.