Planter made of pallet boxes mixed with different greens and flowers in backyard

Outdoor Building

Whether you're building decks or fences, installing a pool, or fixing a driveway, our guides and expert tips will help you get your outdoor projects done right.
Irrigation sprinkler
How to Blow Out Sprinklers for Winter
Digging a french drain in yard
What Is a French Drain?
Contemporary Suburban Home
Veneer Stone vs. Natural Stone: Which to Buy and Install?
Lawn sprinkler spraying water on grass
How to Turn a Lawn Sprinkler System Back on in the Spring
Lawn irrigation valve box exposed showing pipe and valve with wires
How to Replace a Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Valve
Outdoor faucet covered with snow during winter
How to Winterize Outdoor Faucets
Outdoor spigot with tan knob on brick wall next to white gutter and plants
How to Prevent Outdoor Spigots From Freezing
Nail hammered to concrete through wooden plank
How to Drive Nails Into Concrete by Hand
breaking up concrete with a sledgehammer
How to Break up Concrete by Hand
Lawn irrigation sprinkler spraying water across various lawn plants, pathway lamp and sidewalk
How to Troubleshoot Your Lawn Irrigation System
Pressure vacuum breaker
Pressure Vacuum Breaker Basics
Lawn sprinkler spraying water on grass next to gray pathway blocks
How to Find Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Valves
pile of firewood
How Much Firewood Is in a Cord and How to Store It
Add an Outdoor Outlet With an Existing Circuit
How to Add an Outdoor Outlet With an Existing Circuit
bistro lighting
11 Tips for Safe Outdoor Lighting
How to Avoid Utility Lines When Digging in Your Yard
Overhead view of a yard drain
DIY Solutions to Maintain a Yard Drain and Stop Clogs
White lawn irrigation pipe with compression coupling underground
How to Use Compression Couplings to Repair Lawn Irrigation Pipe
Red water hydrant
How to Repair a Frost-Free Yard Hydrant
Close up of industrial bricklayer installing bricks on construction site
Cleaning Cement off Masonry With Muriatic Acid
Close-Up Shot of a Variable Flow Freezeless Yard Hydrant for Irrigation Outdoors in a Xeriscaped Yard in the Rocky Mountains in the Summer
Yard Hydrant Installation Instructions & Tips
Lawn sprinkler spraying water on grass in between sidewalks
How to Repair a Sprinkler System: 7 Ways
Clear Force CF1400 Electric Pressure Washer 1400 PSI
Should You Buy the Clean Force 1400 Electric Pressure Washer?
Close-up of plastering wet cement on the wall
How to Resurface Concrete
Foam cover being placed on outdoor faucet
How to Install Hose Bib Covers on Outdoor Faucets
Sharpened Axe
How to Sharpen an Axe
Lawn sprinklers
Replacing or Rebuilding a Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Valve
Hydrant and pipe of water supply with natural bokeh background.
How to Replace a Frost-Free Hydrant
String lights outside
Outdoor Lighting and Receptacle Codes
Sprinkler system spraying water across pink flowers closeup
How to Install Automatic Drain Valves to Prevent Frozen Sprinkler Systems
chainsaw working on wood
How to Use a Chainsaw
Illuminated family home in snow
Easy Winter Preparation Checklist for Your Home
Pressure-vacuum breaker pipe jutting out of ground for irrigation system
How to Install a Pressure-Vacuum Breaker on Your Irrigation System
Sprinkler with stop-and-waste valve spraying water on lawn next to cement blocks
How to Replace a Sprinkler Stop-and-Waste Valve
Sprinkler with pressure-vacuum breaker spraying water on pink flowers
How to Replace an Irrigation System's Pressure-Vacuum Breaker
Concrete mixing
10 Tips for Working With Concrete
Sprinkler line repaired with telescopic coupling underground
How to Repair a Sprinkler Line With a Telescopic Repair Coupling
DIY Wood Sandbox
How to Build a Simple DIY Wooden Sandbox
Retaining Wall
How to Repair a Retaining Wall
Screened in porch
How Much Does a Screened-in Porch Cost?
Smokeless Fire Pit
How to Make a DIY Smokeless Fire Pit
Front view of a finished DIY wooden bike stand
How to Build a DIY Bike Stand
Outdoor kitchen countertops
10 Types of Outdoor Kitchen Countertops
Outdoor DIY Sectional
How to Make Your Own DIY Outdoor Sectional
Backyard String Lights
How to Make a DIY Light Pole Planter
Garden Shed
How to Move a Shed
Landscape Lighting
How to Install Landscape Lighting
Lawn Sprinkler
How to Make a DIY Sprinkler System
DIY Patio Bench
How to Make a DIY Patio Bench
A DIY hammock stand
How to Build a DIY Hammock Stand That Holds 400 Pounds
Retaining Wall Stairs
How to Build Retaining Wall Stairs
wooden french cleat wall used as tool storage
How to Build a French Cleat Wall
Wooden gate
How to Build a Deck Gate
Pouring Concrete Slab
How to Lay a Concrete Slab
Person measuring and marking on wood
How to Build Porch Steps
DIY Rain Barrel
How to Build a DIY Rain Barrel
white stock tank with stepping stones surrounding it
Guide to Making a Stock Tank Pool (in 9 Steps)
Bags of Concrete
How to Calculate How Much Concrete You Need
red barn converted into barndominium
What to Know Before Building a Barndominium
Tire swing hanging from autumnal tree
How to Make a Tire Swing: DIY in 9 Easy Steps