Outdoor Chef Roma 570MX2 Gas Grill - Discontinued

Outdoor Chef Roma 570MX2 Gas Grill
Outdoor Chef Roma 570MX2 Gas Grill. Outdoor Chef International Ltd.

The Bottom Line

Simply put this is one of the best gas grills on the market for under $500USD. The unique design of this gas powered kettle grill gives it a level of versatility you just don't see in gas grill. This unit can do practically anything from slow barbecue to seared steaks to baked bread to paella. Setting aside all the stainless steel, popular today, Outdoor Chef can deliver this high quality, lightweight grill with this kind of abilities.

This grill is small in size with plenty of room for most needs. It is the perfect grill anyone who wants more than a simple burger burner but doesn't need a huge, heavy grill.

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  • The most versatile gas grill on the market
  • Very even heating
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Very wide range of cooking temperatures


  • Accessories can be a little expensive
  • Limited distribution


  • One 29,000 BTU stainless steel outer burner and one 4,100 BTU stainless steel inner burner
  • 430 square inches of primary cooking space
  • 33,100 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • Outdoor Chef's unique funnel cooking system
  • Porcelain coated steel wire cooking grate
  • Push button piezoelectric igniter
  • Wood (eucalyptus) shelves
  • Hood mounted thermometer
  • Made in China by European Outdoor Chef

Guide Review - Outdoor Chef Roma 570MX2

This gas grill is no longer available in the United States. Hopefully, it will return in the near future.

European Outdoor Chef has been making gas powered kettle grills for many years now and they have been very successful there. During this time, they have been trying to expand their market and this grill is the first to be distributed in the United States. The years of experience and popularity in Europe have allowed them to perfect the design and make a series of very good gas grills.

This full sized gas grill is a dual burner unit with Outdoor Chef's flip funnel system. What this means is that there is a cone shaped baffle inside the grill that can be flipped over. In the normal position, the funnel distributes the heat from the burners evenly through the grill. In the "volcano" position the heat is focused to the center of the grill giving you an intense searing zone. The two burner design lets you hit temperatures from 250 degrees F. to 660 degrees F.

Being a European grill this unit is specifically designed to not only grill up to be the perfect cooker for Paella and Risotto and also for baking bread. With various optional accessories, you can pretty much cook anything you want on this grill.

To provide the kind of versatility that this grill can it is unlike the standard black box gas grills of America. Built like a typical kettle charcoal grill this gas cooker is lightweight but durable construction all for a price under $500 USD.

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