9 Outdoor Deck Designs, Types, and Locations

Wood deck near swimming pool

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You want to build a deck (not a patio) from wood or composite decking materials. Next comes a deck type or design, which will be determined by where the deck will be located in relation to your house.

If your lot is large, your biggest decision will be where to place the deck. If the property is smaller, the yard is on a slope or presents other challenges, you'll need to get creative. Consider locating a deck:

  • On a seldom or unused driveway
  • Over a garage
  • In an unused side yard
  • Nestled against a hill or on a slope
  • In the front yard as an enclosed courtyard deck
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    Attached Deck

    Modern bench on deck
    Lisa Hallett Taylor

    An attached deck is much like a patio, except that it is made of wood or wood composite decking materials and is slightly raised. A common place to attach a deck is at the back of an L-shaped or U-shaped house.

    Visualize it: A deck can serve as a bridge connecting exterior doors of both inside parts of the L-shaped house. The deck also provides additional living space—outdoor living space. A roof or overhead would offer shade, making the deck even more usable and part of the home's livable space.

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    Detached, Floating, or Island Deck

    Deck with furniture in back of a single-level house and garden
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    The opposite of an attached deck, a detached deck can be positioned anywhere on a property but still should be easily accessible via a path or steps. It stands alone, like an island. Unlike a concrete patio, which has to be set on a smooth, even surface, a detached deck is much more adaptable and forgiving of areas with poor drainage or bumpy, rocky, or uneven terrain because it can be built above whatever is going on below.

    The peninsula-style deck is also a type of detached deck—it connects a house, patio, or another deck area to a detached deck via wood or composite decking walkway.

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    Wraparound Deck

    Large country home with wrap-around deck.
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    Kind of like an old-fashioned wraparound porch, only parts of it can be larger, more uneven, and room-like than a porch. A wraparound deck is slightly elevated.

    Pros of wraparound decks:

    • Let you follow the sun or shade—whichever you desire
    • Extend the living space of your house
    • Assist with air circulation throughout the house when access doors are open
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    Multi-Level Deck

    Multilevel wood deck Mississippi
    Patricia McCarthy

    A multilevel deck is the answer for a large property or one that changes in elevation. Multilevels are a series of decks on different levels, often connected by steps or paths.

    The terrain often dictates the need for a multilevel deck: Hills, slopes, and rocky landscaping may not be able to accommodate anything other than a raised wooden deck. In other words, it would be lots of work and expense to pour a concrete patio when you could just build a deck over a slop or rocky area of your yard.

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    Side-Yard Deck

    Side yard deck with bamboo
    Lisa Hallett Taylor

    Side yards are often the forgotten space or embarrassment of the yard. If you aren't using the space for a dog run and only use it as a pathway from the front yard to the back, why not stake a claim and turn that area into usable space?

    A private deck for lounging or decking coming off a dining room, kitchen, or bedroom into the side yard uses the space efficiently. It can also provide a secluded, peaceful getaway without leaving home. How about a small deck with a hot tub right outside your exterior bedroom door? Add a privacy screencontainer plants, and music for a truly relaxing space.

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    Swimming Pool Deck

    Wood pool deck
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    Decking is a smart choice around a pool because it's slip resistant and won't scorch swimmers' feet, like stone or concrete can. The warmth of wood decking makes it a natural surround for a koi pond or pool. Since real wood can split and splinter, it will need to be maintained with a deck finishing product regularly so that swimmers don't get splinters in their feet.

    Wood or composite decking is one of the simplest ways to make an above-ground pool more easily accessible. A deck surround also brings more space for swimmers who want to lounge by the pool at the pool level and makes it possible for adults to keep a poolside watch on swimming children. 

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    Entryway Deck

    Platform-style decks for entryway
    Lisa Hallett Taylor

    An entryway deck is like a front porch but not completely covered overhead. The decking composite or wood steps and platforms are part of the total architectural design. This type of deck also sometimes has built-in benches or planter boxes.

    Materials, shape, and design complement the architecture of the house, making the deck and home look like they were built at the same time, by the same builder and not as an awkward, added-on afterthought.

    Wood entryway decks can be as simple as a few connected platforms leading up to the front door (pictured), to a front courtyard deck area that is basically an outdoor room one enters before stepping foot inside the actual house.

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    Deck for Outdoor Dining

    Hardwood dining table on outdoor deck
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    An extension of the kitchen or dining room, the dining deck might include a grill, counter, bar, food-prep space, and an outdoor dining table. This type of deck can be as simple or elaborate as your budget, space, and imagination allows.

    Even if you plan on building a completely equipped outdoor kitchen, it's still a smart idea to locate it near your indoor kitchen. When planning an outdoor dining or kitchen deck, consider:

    • For safety reasons, where to locate the grill in relation to the house and roof (city codes usually specify)
    • A sink for easy cleanup
    • Where the outdoor dining set will be located
    • If you do lots of entertaining, do you have room for buffet tables or additional dining tables and seating?
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    Rooftop or Over-Garage Deck

    Newly Built Canadian Summer Deck
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    A rooftop deck or a deck on top of your garage is a great idea, but don't rush into this project until you have some structural/engineering matters tested first. This type of deck is perfect for a flat roof. A rooftop deck:

    • Can provide better views than ground-level decks
    • Offers more privacy
    • Picks up breezes
    • Is often a solution for an urban dwelling
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    Maintaining Your Deck

    Pressure washing a deck
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    After building your dream deck, you'll need to maintain it. Learn about the best cleaners and how to clean a deck so that it will look beautiful for many years. Besides making it pleasing to the eyes, you can make your deck and the surrounding area a joy to the nose by removing any offensive odors