The Outdoor Decor You Need This Year, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Outdoor furniture for your zodiac sign

The Spruce / Sydney Brown

Creating an outdoor area that suits our preferences—from entertaining to a sanctuary to escape from the rest of the world—can initially seem daunting. Is it more important for decor to be aesthetic or functional? Should you prioritize comfort or style? However, our zodiac signs can give us some insight regarding what we value most and what will work best for our interests.

From a fiery Aries to a fluid Pisces, we’ve selected the best outdoor decor option for you that will help turn your outdoor space into the perfect oasis. Read below to see which outdoor decor your need this year based on your zodiac sign.

ROZATO Tabletop Fire Pit With Roasting Sticks

Fire pit with roasting sticks



Creating a cozy, welcoming space is important for you, Aries. As someone who enjoys embracing the outdoors and initiates getting others together, it only makes sense for you to choose outdoor decor that fosters those mindsets. A tabletop fire pit is a perfect fit for your fire sign nature, as it creates the perfect level of ambiance for friends to gather and keep the conversations going well after the sun goes down. Plus, the size works well even if you don’t have a large outdoor area to work with.

World Market Wide Glass Palm Leaf 5 Wick Scented Citronella Candle

Palm lead citronella candle

World Market


When selecting any type of decor, form and function matter a great deal to you, Taurus—and outdoor decor is no exception. While spending time on a balcony or patio can be peaceful, that harmony can be interrupted by unwelcome pests, and mesh nets and bug spray aren’t always the most flattering solutions. Choosing citronella candles that are stylish and that smell pleasant are a match made in heaven for your outdoor space.

SUNTHIN 48ft LED Outdoor String Lights

SUNTHIN 48ft LED Outdoor String Lights



It’s no secret that a set of string lights can easily dress up an outdoor space, making them an ideal decor essential for you, Gemini. You enjoy options that are customizable as well as adaptable with any ideas you may have. These string lights from Amazon are highly rated, have adjustable light settings, and are durable enough to keep your space lit no matter what comes your way.

World Market Woven Circles Indoor Outdoor Lumbar Pillow

Outdoor lumbar pillow

World Market


Simple touches can make all the difference, especially when we are talking about outdoor decorating. Comfort is just as big of a factor as style, though, which makes decorative throw pillows a perfect win-win for you, Cancer. With flattering styles and shapes in a range of patterns, you can easily find options that fit the feel of your outdoor patio sets without breaking the bank.

Kaixoxin Solar Lantern Lights for Hanging or Table

Outdoor solar lanterns



When selecting lighting options for your outdoor space, it only makes sense you would want something that stands out just as much as you, Leo. These decorative solar lamps are powered by the sun (perfect for your sun-ruled nature) and create intricate designs on their surroundings when lit. They can be easily moved or hung to suit your needs and create the perfect atmosphere to entertain or to unwind—the choice is yours.

Bloomscape Gardenia Tabletop

Tabletop gardenia plant in terra cotta pot



Being out and about in nature can be soothing for many, but you're a sign that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty—taking care of plants, that is. Cultivating certain outdoor plants can add an extra touch of beauty to your outdoor space in a way that is natural, perfect for your Earth sign minimalist preferences. Selecting a plant with specific care needs, like these gardenias from Bloomscape, is no issue for you, Virgo.

Ruggable Outdoor Havana Multicolor Rug

Outdoor rug



Balance and harmony are the names of the decor game for you, Libra. Yet decor choices can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with limited space. The perfect accent for your outdoor decor dreams, an outdoor rug—like this option from Ruggable—adds the perfect dose of vibrancy and color to your patio. Whether you opt for a bigger choice to cover the whole space or a few smaller options to section off different areas, you have plenty of ways to work your magic.

Winston Porter Arrya Vinyl Trellis

Winston Porter Arrya Vinyl Trellis



It’s no surprise that you would opt for some privacy in your outdoor space, Scorpio. While curtains and drapes are certainly one route to work with, a more decorative option involves incorporating an outdoor trellis to serve as a privacy screen. Whether you paint and use it as is or decorate it with various flowers and greenery, a trellis can serve as the perfect outdoor decor for those moments you just want to keep to yourself.


For an on-the-go Sagittarius, outdoor decor needs to make a statement while being easily adaptable. This portable LED lamp from HAY is sleek and a stunning addition to any outdoor scene but is also portable and rechargeable to take with you anywhere. The gorgeous appearance paired with function is the perfect asset for those long nights spent catching up with friends or reflecting on your latest adventure plans.

Cedar Alpha Gazebo Bird Feeder

Gazebo shaped bird feeder



Nothing wrong with going a little traditional, right Capricorn? For those moments you spend outdoors—or even when you’re looking out the window from your home office—a well-crafted bird feeder allows you to experience nature up close. This selection from Amazon comes in a wide variety of styles and structures that will suit even the pickiest of the Earth signs.

Etsy Cactus Scene Metal Wall Art Steel Outdoor Decor

Cactus metal outdoor decor



While you aren’t opposed to decorating an outdoor space, Aquarius, you prefer to choose accents that are durable and unique. Selecting an option like this steel decor wall art from Etsy allows you to add an artistic flair without fear of falling apart from outdoor elements. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can easily include it with any type of style you have in mind (and if desert motifs aren’t your style, this seller has plenty of other selections to choose from).

Alpine Corporation 16 in. Tall Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop 4-Tier Pouring Pots Fountain, Brown

Outdoor fountain

The Home Depot


You may not always have the outdoor space for a lake or pool, but it’s no secret that water is essential to you, Pisces. The calm and serene effects running water can have are ideal for moments you want to unwind and relax outdoors—so a tabletop outdoor fountain seems like a perfect selection for you. With its stone design and durable construction, you will have a gorgeous decor piece that will become a decor staple for years.

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