22 Spooky and Cute Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorated front door with various size and shape pumpkins and skeletons. Front Porch decorated for the Halloween season.
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Liven up your home's curb appeal by decorating for the holiday season, starting with Halloween. These budget-friendly ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations will help you create a wickedly fun yard or porch. As a bonus, they won't scare the daylights out of your family, your neighbors, or your wallet.

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    Halloween Eyeball Wreath

    Eyeball Halloween Wreath

    Polka Dot Chair

    Get your front door Halloween-ready with this eyeball wreath tutorial by Polka Dot Chair. You'll need a wire wreath frame with chenille ties attached to it to make the wreath, along with wired ribbons. Tie bows around the frame using black ribbon; once the wreath is filled out, add a layer of fabric bows in seasonal colors. To complete the look, attach eyeball ornaments.

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    Halloween Street Signs

    Spooky Halloween Street Sign
    Birds and Soap

    Pay homage to your favorite scary movies with this DIY street sign from Birds and Soap that can be placed in your front yard. It's the perfect project to use up any scrap wood that you have lying around the house. Choose your own favorite movie locales, whether it's Elm Street, Salem, or Haddonsfield, Illinois, the fictional setting of the "Halloween" movies.

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    Balloon Ghosts

    Ghost Balloons
    Studio DIY

    Are you looking for a spooky idea that's more friendly than scary? These balloon ghosts from Studio DIY are right up your alley. To make these whimsical spirits for your porch or yard, you'll need helium, balloons, tissue paper, and a black marker.

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    Halloween Countdown

    countdown to halloween sign

    Lolly Jane

    Count down to trick or treating with a DIY Halloween calendar board from Lolly Jane. The tutorial includes a free template for the lettering. What's holding the numbers? Painted mouse traps! Kids will enjoy changing out the numbers as Halloween gets closer and closer.

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    Witch Hat Decorations

    Floating witch hats for Halloween

    Polka Dot Chair

    Create these cute and creepy floating luminaires by Polka Dot Chair using LED glow sticks and cheap witch hats from your local dollar store. To hang, pull fishing line through the top of a hat using a needle and then secure the cord to a removable, adhesive hook made for outdoor use.

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    Halloween Ghosts

    DIY Ghosts for yard
    Alanna Wendt to Tennessee

    This unearthly trio by Alanna Wendt to Tennessee was created using tomato cages, wire and string lights. To make the ghostly faces, grab a Sharpie marker.

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    No-Carve Pumpkin People

    No Carve Pumpkin People

    Pretty Providence

    Dress up your stoop with this no-carve pumpkins project by Pretty Providence. The clever do-it-yourselfers behind the site created the pumpkin people using black felt and a glue gun. Afterward, they added a few personal accessories.

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    Sugar Skull Lanterns

    Sugar Skull Lanterns
    Pear Mama

    Celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween too with this colorful sugar skull lantern tutorial by Pear Mama. She used paper lanterns, tissue paper, and Modge Podge to create.

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    DIY Shrub Monster

    shrub monster with googley eyes

    avasalphabet / Instagram

    Transform any shrub in your yard into a green monster like this one by avasalphabet. To do just add giant googly eyes. You can use disposable dinnerware to make.

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    Halloween Cat and Curtains

    Black cat halloween decorations
    Crazy Wonderful

    We love holiday decorating ideas that appeal to both kids and adults. This Halloween porch tutorial by Crazy Wonderful scores big points for being super charming. It features how to make the adorable black cat door hanging using black felt, foam board, and embroidery floss.

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    Halloween Tombstones

    diy tombstones for halloween

    Jen Woodhouse

    Trick out your yard with DIY gravestones, an idea featured on Jen Woodhouse. This is a project to complete as a family, as a grown-up is needed to man the power tools required. Thankfully, though, because these spooky slabs are free-standing, you won't have to dig up your lawn to install them.

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    Giant Spiderweb

    Giant Spider Porch decoration
    The Cavender Diary

    All you need is twine, rope and a staple gun to make a giant spiderweb, as shown by the duo behind The Cavender Diary. If you can find a large spider to purchase, use that as the web's centerpiece. Otherwise, you can make your own with spray paint, a beach or foam ball, and pool noodles.

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    Trick or Treat Signs

    trick or treat shutters

    Organized 31

    This repurposed wood shutters sign by Organized 31 will let all the trick-or-treaters on your block know that your home is dishing out candy on Halloween. Decorate the other side of the shutters with the words "Give Thanks," and you can just flip them over to decorate for Thanksgiving.

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    Felt Monsters

    DIY Halloween banners

    All Things Thrifty

    Hang some cute monsters on your front porch, using this idea featured on All Things Thrifty. The project requires a scroll saw to cut the creatures out of 1/2-inch MDF, which are then painted and decorated with black felt and hot black glue.

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    Feather Wreath

    Peacock feather halloween Wreath

    Polka Dot Chair

    If you're looking to prettify your front door with something chic for Halloween, look no further than this stylish feather wreath by Polka Dot Chair. All of the components, including the wreath frame and plumes, are available at most craft stores. Even better, the total cost is less than $20.

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    Pumpkin Puns

    pumpkins with puns
    Studio DIY

    Who says Halloween can't be punny? You don't need stellar handwriting for this colorful pumpkin tutorial by Studio DIY. After painting the pumpkins, tattoo paper is used to spell out each pun with the help of a printable.

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    Crow Decorations

    halloween porch with black crows
    The Happy Housie

    Create a creepy yet welcoming porch with this black crow door hanging tutorial by The Happy Housie. The blogger also added additional crows, plus a few polka-dotted pumpkins, to the seating area.

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    DIY Dryer Vent Pumpkin

    Dryer Vent Pumpkin Decor

    Grillo Designs

    This dryer vent pumpkin tutorial by Grillo Designs looks hard to make, but it's not. First, connect both ends of the vent to form the shape. Next, paint your new creation. When it's dry, top off with a short branch and moss.

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    Spiders and Bats

    Bats and Spider halloween DIY

    Lay Baby Lay

    Decorate your porch or child's playhouse with this bat and spider DIY project from Lay Baby Lay. To make it, you'll need wood circles for the bodies—you can buy them at most craft stores—black craft paint, black construction paper, pipe cleaners, mini pom-poms, googly eyes, and glue sticks.

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    Pumpkin Topiary

    Pumpkin topiary
    Be Book Bound

    To make this whimsical pumpkin topiary by Be Book Bound, stack a couple of pumpkins snowman-style in a decorative outdoor planter and add colorful leaves and flowers. To make them even cuter, draw on a face and buttons with a black permanent marker.

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    Painting Rocks

    Halloween Painted Rocks

    Atta Girl Says

    Give the fall harvest arrangement on your front porch a Halloween twist by adding hand-painted rocks by taking inspiration from Atta Girl Says. To weatherproof your creations, use outdoor craft paint on the rocks.

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    Emoji Pumpkins

    Ghost emoji pumpkins
    Making the World Cuter

    When it comes to kid-friendly Halloween décor, there's nothing cuter than these no-carve emoji pumpkins by Making the World Cuter. The blogger used a DIY kit to get the job done, but you can find several free printables on Pinterest.