55 Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween decorated front door with various size and shape pumpkins and skeletons. Front Porch decorated for the Halloween season.
AndreaObzerova / Getty Images

The spookiest holiday of the year, Halloween, is almost here and we have an array of fun, spooky and super creative ideas to bring the holiday spirit to your front door, porch and backyard. Whether you want to go all out with cobwebs, ghosts and bats, or prefer the minimalist approach of a festive wreath, we've got you covered!

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    Front Door Wreath

    Halloween wreath hanging on white front door

    Finding Lovely

    A Halloween wreath is the perfect way to add a festive touch to your front door. This vine wreath uses black ribbon and black leafy branches to create an elegant and understated look. If you don't want to use the typical bright orange this season, go with this more neutral color scheme for a sophisticated holiday accent.

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    Halloween Door Mat

    Halloween themed door mat with fall decor around it

    home.and.spirit / Instagram

    Use a whimsical Halloween-themed door mat such as this one based on the beloved holiday movie to welcome guests and keep everyone's shoes from trekking dirt inside. Layer the mat over a larger patterned rug or mat for emphasis and color contrast.

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    Pink "Boo!" Pumpkin

    Pink pumpkin with the word Boo written in white on it

    @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Pink may not be the quintessential Halloween color, there are no rules when it comes to creativity! Spray paint a faux pumpkin pink, and either freehand or stencil on the word "boo!" in bright white paint for a cute decoration for your front door or porch vignette.

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    Mason Jar Jack 'O Lanterns

    Orange and white lanterns on a staircase

    Erin Spain

    Get crafty and make these adorable ghost and Jack O'Lantern decorations for your front steps with just a couple of supplies. You'll need mason jars, orange and white tissue paper, black paper and mod podge and a paintbrush, as well as flameless tea light candles to use the finished decorations.

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    Cob Web-Covered Doors

    Front door decorated for Halloween

    @alexanderreneedesign / Instagram

    Go all out and cover the front doors with cobwebs for a spooky effect. Add hanging ghosts, skulls, pumpkins and other Halloween-themed decorations to complete the look.

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    Glow In the Dark Decor

    Lanterns, lit up ball and pumpkins

    @alexanderreneedesign / Instagram

    Glow in the dark objects are a great way to bring your outdoor Halloween decor to life. Use lanterns and a glow in the dark ball for a vignette by the front door. Use a glue gun to attach small plastic spiders and a white cobweb over the lanterns to emphasize the theme.

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    Skeleton In a Chair

    spooky front door skeleton

    Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Sit a life-size skeleton in a chair for a whimsical outdoor decoration that'll make neighbors and people passing by smile every time they see it! So simple, but so effective.

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    Spider Web Bushes

    Bush covered with spider web decor

    Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images

    For an inexpensive but impactful large-scale decoration, cover bushes with cobwebs and add one or multiple spiders over the top.

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    Halloween Front Porch

    Front porch decorated for fall with various Halloween decorations

    valentinrussanov / Getty Images

    Go all out and line your steps with pumpkins, hang ghosts from the porch ceiling, wrap railing with garland, stick bats on siding and spiders on columns for an extra festive Halloween look.

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    Hanging Cloth Ghost

    White cloth ghost and two orange pumpkins in a backyard corner

    Shangarey / Getty Images

    Make your own hanging ghost with just a couple of inexpensive supplies. Use a foam ball for its head and cut out eyes and a mouth out of black felt. Stick them on, then attach pieces of cheese cloth to form the ghost's body. Use fishing line to hang the head and lift the arms to make it look like the ghost is in the air.

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    Paper Bats on Windows

    Black bats stuck on a window

    Marina Andriichenko / Getty Images

    Cut bats out of black cardstock and attach them to your windows using double-sided tape for a double-sided indoor and outdoor Halloween decoration. Use bats that are different shapes and sizes to make them look more realistic and to add dimension and contrast.

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    Frankenstein Painted Jugs

    Jugs painted as Frankenstein and used to decorate backyard

    Citeswirl / Getty Images

    Repurpose old empty jugs and canisters for a fun backyard Halloween DIY. Use waterproof paint in green, black and white to create adorable Frankenstein faces, or get creative with other Halloween characters such as ghosts, Jack O'Lanterns or the Sanderson Sisters!

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    Halloween Paper Lanterns

    Jack O'Lantern orange bags lighting up a walkway

    Vstock LLC / Getty Images

    Line the walkway to your home with these adorable Halloween lanterns for a festive seasonal touch. All you need to recreate these are orange paper bags and a black sharpie to draw the faces. Place flameless tea light candles inside for a fun accent to your front yard.

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    Orange and Black Spider Wreath

    Orange wreath with black bow and spider

    Erin Spain

    This adorable DIY Halloween wreath uses the classic color combination for a fun holiday look. Start with a round foam wreath and wrap it with orange ribbon, securing it with hot glue in the back. Attach a decorative black spider to the bottom and hang the wreath using black ribbon.

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    Painted Pumpkins

    Painted white pumpkins on front porch steps

    Finding Lovely

    For a simple and elegant Halloween craft, use waterproof black paint to add masks to white pumpkins to make them look like faces. Spray shellack over the top to add a glossy top coat and keep the paint from fading or coming off — and to deter squirrels from munching on them!

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    Halloween Throw Pillow

    Trick or treat pillow on a wicker chair on a front porch

    Finding Lovely

    Outdoor throw pillows are a great way to add a seasonal touch to your front porch. Whether it's a cute typography pillow such as this "trick or treat" one or a fun orange one for a pop of Halloween color, they add texture and coziness and can be reused year after year.

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    Red and Orange Skeleton Wreath

    Orange and yellow flower wreath with skeleton in the middle

    @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

    If you already have a fall wreath hanging on your front door, instead of replacing it with a brand new Halloween wreath, simply add a kitchy little skeleton or skull to it. Attach it with floral wire or a twisty tie, then remove it once Halloween is over so you can keep the wreath up through Thanksgiving.

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    Black Lanterns

    Front porch decorated with black lanterns, mums and pumpkins

    @styleitpretty / Instagram

    Use black outdoor lanterns for a subtle Halloween touch. They'll add visual depth and contrast while carrying the holiday color theme in an elegant way. Use orange mums and pumpkins to complete the look and give your home a festive feel.

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    Halloween Themed Planters

    Front door with Halloween decorated planters on either side

    Angela Auclair / Getty Images

    Create height and make a statement by adding tall branches to planters flanking your front door. Not only will they frame your front door and draw focus to it, but they provide lots of spots to tuck in Halloween decor. Hang mini skeletons, tie orange ribbons or leaves and tuck in pumpkins to add a festive touch.

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    Cob Web-Covered Wreaths and Mums

    Front door decorated with cobwebs on mums, sculls and wreaths

    @alexanderreneedesign / Instagram

    Cover mums, outdoor plants and wreaths with cobwebs. Stretch them out so some parts are thinner than others to give them a more realistic look, create dimension and allow the bright colors of the mums to show through.

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    Wall Sconce with Halloween Decor

    Small skeleton hanging off an outdoor lantern

    Zen Rial / Getty Images

    For a subtle nod to Halloween, hang a mini skeleton off a wall sconce. The glow of the light at night will illuminate it and draw attention to it and add a a whimsical addition to your home.

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    Hay Bales

    Red barn with hay bales and halloween decor in front of it

    dkapp12 / Getty Images

    Not only are hay bales synonymous with fall decor, they're a great way to add height by stacking and dimension by angling them. They're bulky enough to form a substantial part of your decor and can be kept out the entire fall season, accented by Halloween-themed decor in October and more neutral fall decor in September and November.

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    Front Door with Large Spider

    Big spider on red front door

    Hanneke Luijting / Getty Images

    Wish guests a happy Halloween as soon as they come to your front door by adorning it with a giant spider. Attach it using command hooks or tying fishing line to each of the legs and securing it on the other side of the door.

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    Spooky Halloween Sign

    Front yard with Halloween tomb stones, sign and cob web

    Susan Vineyard / Getty Images

    Add a Halloween sign made from wood planks and painted with red paint. Go creepy with a sign like this "trespassers will be eaten" one, or go more kid-friendly with "boo" or " trick or treat"! Wrap cobwebs around the edges for an extra decorative touch.

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    Face On Front Door

    Front door with face on it and halloween decor on front porch

    Rawpixel / Getty Images

    Tape a face cut out of black craft paper onto your front door for an understated, easy Halloween decoration. Laminate the paper if you plan on leaving it out for an extended period of time to protect it from the weather and add glow in the dark stickers to make it visible in the dark.

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    String Light Wrapped Lamp Post

    Halloween lights wrapped around lamp post

    Vstock LLC / Getty Images

    Wrap orange string lights around a lamp post, porch posts or columns for an easy to do and inexpensive decoration that makes a big impact. They'll add that quintessential Halloween spirit and they're another decoration that can be stored away and reused year after year.

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    Hanging Witch Hats

    hanging witch hats

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Hang black witch hats off your porch ceiling for a charming touch of whimsy. If you use fishing line to hang them, they'll look like they're floating, creating such a magical scene. Use them on a porch, by the front door or inside your home for an elegant decoration.

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    DIY Cobweb

    Black twig and wire spider web with fall leaves on it

    Dana Hoff / Getty Images

    Make your own spider web with four twigs, some wire and black spray paint. Grab two twigs and secure them together in a cross shape using wire (add hot glue if necessary), then add the other two twigs in a criss-cross shape. Take some wire and begin looping it around the twigs starting in the middle and working your way out. Once you're done, spray paint the whole spider web back with spray paint. Add faux fall-colored leaves or a giant plastic spider and hang it on the door or fence.

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    Banister White Ghost

    Front porch steps decorated for Halloween

    Seventy Four / Getty Images

    Give your guests a ghoulish welcome with this DIY ghost hanging off the banister. You'll need a white bedsheet, a sharpie and a round foam ball. Place the ball inside the center of the white bedsheet and secure it with spray or hot glue, then, draw the ghost's face using the black sharpie.

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    Spooky Planter

    Planter with skull and hand sticking out of it

    Keith Getter / Getty Images

    Give your planters the Halloween treatment by sticking a plastic skull or bony fingers into the soil for a little spooky surprise!

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    Front Porch Ghosts

    Decorations hanging off front porch

    arinahabich / Getty Images

    Make porch ghosts with black hats and round green, orange or purple table cloths. Secure the tablecloth to the inside of the hat using hot glue, and add a face onto the fabric using cut out felt shapes. Hang the hat with string or fishing line to create a cool floating effect. They'll sway in the wind and be such a magical addition to your front porch.

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    Hanging Jack O'Lantern Tins

    Hanging tin cans painted as Jack O'Lanterns

    CatLane / Getty Images

    Either purchase can-style lanterns with handles or get a regular empty can, wash it out well and spray paint the exterior orange. Create a Jack O'Lantern stencil to spray paint the eyes, nose and mouth black, or freehand the face onto the can using black paint. Add a flameless tea light inside and hang it off a branch, place it on porch steps or use it as a centerpiece on an outdoor table.

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    Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe Table

    Black table set up with pumpkin tic tac toe and hay bales around it

    Keith Getter / Getty Images

    Assemble an outdoor Halloween-themed Tic Tac Toe game using a square outdoor table, masking tape and small painted pumpkins. Create a grid on the table using masking tape and paint Xs and Os on pumpkins using black paint. Place them on the table so anyone walking by can play the game.

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    Hanging Ghost

    Cloth ghost hanging on a tree

    Jamie Atlas / Getty Images

    Hang a ghost made from a sheer white curtain and a foam ball off a tree branch for a simple but effective Halloween decoration. Use one or fill the whole tree, it'll look scary either way.

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    Halloween String Lights

    Front door decorated with wreath, colorful lights, mums and pumpkins

    svetikd / Getty Images

    If you live in an apartment building and your "outdoor" area is a hallway, line your door with Halloween lights. These large bulb lights add a fun pop of color, frame the door and are an easy way to add a touch of Halloween to an apartment hallway.

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    Halloween Graveyard

    Decorative Halloween graves on front lawn

    Dogora Sun / Getty Images

    For a classic kitchy Halloween display, place different sized and shaped foam graves around your yard. Add decorative fencing, cobwebs and skulls here and there to fill empty grass patches and create a horror movie-worthy scene.

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    Pink Halloween

    Pink front door decorated for Halloween

    @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Halloween doesn't have to be all orange, black and purple — depart from the traditional color scheme and go with pastels accented by black for a fun twist.

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    Black Cat Pumpkin

    Orange pumpkin with black cat painted on it nestled into landscaping

    Grace Cary / Getty Images

    Instead of carving a pumpkin, paint a black cat — also very Halloween appropriate — on it. Nestle it into your front lawn, tuck it into your backyard landscaping or place it by the front door.

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    "Boo" Painted Pumpkin

    Front steps decorated with pumpkins and mums

    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    Typography is a fun way to add a statement — literally! Paint the word "Boo" (or any other Halloween phrase!) on a pumpkin and place it by the front door to greet your guests as they come in.

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    Halloween Lanterns

    Black Halloween lanterns on a wood table on a front porch

    Finding Lovely

    Use black lanterns of different shapes and sizes to create an outdoor centerpiece. Think in odd numbers and use three lanterns and fill them with items such as a black tree, a crow, pumpkins, candy corn or skulls. Use this centerpiece on a small bistro table on your porch or on an outdoor dining table for outdoor dinners throughout October.

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    Oversized Spiders

    Large spiders on a house facade

    Isabel Pavia / Getty Images

    Oversized decorative spiders can be purchased online or in party stores and are a fun, exaggerated Halloween decoration for you home's facade. They come in sizes up to seven feet large and the easiest way to attach them is using large zip ties on window shutters, downspouts, siding or door frames.

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    Ghost Vine Wreath

    Halloween wreath with bow and ghosts on a front door

    Finding Lovely

    A plain vine wreath is one of the most versatile holiday wreaths you could ever buy, because you can embellish it with different seasonal accents for every holiday. For a more neutral, muted color Halloween wreath, use a burlap bow and attach small black bats and white ghosts to the wreath using hot glue or floral wire.

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    Oversized Spider

    Big spider decoration on garage facade

    Philippe Gerber / Getty Images

    Continuing with the spider theme, attach a large spider on the facade of your home, garage or in your yard. It'll make everyone do a double take, especially when placed in an unexpected spot!

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    Classic Jack O'Lanterns

    Jack O'Lanterns lit up at night around an Adirondack chair

    Tanja Streuber / Getty Images

    You can't go wrong with classic orange Jack O'Lantern pumpkins all lit up at night. This is as traditional as you can get for Halloween, and the nostalgia of carving a pumpkin is a fall must!

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    Front Door Bats

    Front steps decorated with pumpkins, mums and bats

    Finding Lovely

    If you need a last minute Halloween decoration for your front door, paper bats are a great idea and something you can whip up quickly with supplies you probably have on hand. You can purchase ready made black bat decorations, but it's just as easy to go the DIY route and cut them out of black paper, then stick them on your door or windows using double-sided tape.

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    Fence with Skulls

    Halloween decor hanging on a black metal fence

    Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images

    Hang a garland made from plastic skulls on your fence and add orange and purple lights to illuminate them at night. Go a step further with "caution" and "danger" signs, white cheesecloth and cobwebs for full on scary Halloween display.

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    Steps with Jack O' Lantern Pumpkins

    Front steps decorated with pumpkins and mums

    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    Create an overflowing display of Jack O'Lanterns on the steps leading to your front door for a bountiful Halloween look. Intersperse them with different types of pumpkins such as heirloom and Cinderella pumpkins to vary colors and shapes for more visual interest.

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    Front Door with Hanging Skeleton

    hanging ghost in door way

    @s.u.s.a,p / Instagram

    Sometimes, just one especially spooky decoration is the scariest, as this skeleton hanging on a front door proves. Hang it in the doorway and it'll sway in the wind at night for a truly frightening effect.

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    Outdoor Halloween Vignette

    Halloween vignette next to a black front door

    manonallard / Getty Images

    Create a festive vignette by your front door using a large planter filled with fall plants, big pumpkins, and a wood box to use as a seat for a skeleton. It's a scary-meets-cute display that'll add the perfect fall and Halloween accent to the entrance to your home.

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    Mini Bats

    Front door with wreath, bats and fall decor in front of it

    @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

    Add lots of mini bats to your front door, windows or garage door. Use as many or as few as you like, create a shape out of a grouping of them or scatter them around randomly.

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    Orange and Black Wreath

    Black and orange leaf wreath on front door

    @wildrosecountryhome / Instagram

    Go classic with a black and orange front door wreath and use orange mums and pumpkins to emphasize the color theme.

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    Front Yard Skeleton

    Skeleton and graves on a green lawn

    Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images

    Add pieces of a skeleton and foam tomb stones for a fun and scary Halloween front yard. Instead of using a large number of pieces, only use a few, it'll make the display look more realistic and therefore more scary!

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    Black Candles

    Porch decorated with candles, pumpkins and mums

    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    If you're hosting a Halloween party or any event this October, use black candles in brass candlesticks as an elegant addition to your front door display or outdoor table centerpiece.

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    Halloween Centerpiece

    Wreath with pumpkins and a mum and white pumpkin on a wood table

    Finding Lovely

    Create a centerpiece out of a blooming potted mum and some pumpkins because sometimes simple is best. Place it inside a small wood crate instead of a tray for a rustic fall look.

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    Festive Front Porch

    Front porch decorated for Halloween

    valentinrussanov / Getty Images

    Add extra lights to your front porch to highlight all your Halloween decor. Use timers so you don't have to turn the lights off manually and place flameless candles inside pumpkins and lanterns so you don't need to worry about a fire hazard.