19 Outdoor Shower Ideas to Explore

Outdoor shower on side of white house with black showerhead and hose

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

An outdoor shower is a great addition for anyone who spends a lot of time outside. Whether you want a dedicated place to rinse off before hopping in the pool or you simply want to avoid muddy foot (or paw) prints tracking indoors after a day outside, an outdoor shower is an incredibly useful thing to have.

Outdoor showers run the gamut when it comes to finishes. You can easily DIY your own shower with a few simple fixtures or you can create a spa-worthy oasis that rivals any indoor shower. For more inspiration, here are some of the best outdoor shower ideas we've seen.

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    Transform Awkward Space

    Outdoor shower with tiled floor

    justinablakeney / Instagram

    This beautiful outdoor shower from justinablakeney was once an awkward alleyway behind a garage. An outdoor shower is a great way to repurpose unused space in your backyard with the added bonus of bathing under the stars. Add a few string lights or plants to complete the look.

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    A Modern Scandinavian Look

    outdoor shower with wood walls

    this_old_house52 / Instagram

    We love this outdoor shower from this_old_house52, which features a natural wood surround painted white. Two rustic wooden stools act as seating and a landing pad for towels, soap, or flip-flops. Introducing Scandivanian-inspired elements into an outdoor shower is a great way to get a spa-like feel outdoors.

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    Consider Colorful Tiles

    Outdoor shower with teal tiles

    Design: designbybrookside / Instagram

    Photography: Emma Almendarez⁠

    This super glam outdoor shower setup from designbybrookside is like walking out to a beach vacation every time you exit your front door. We can't get enough of the Moroccan-inspired teal tile work or the glam gold hooks perfect for towels or beach gear.

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    An Open Air Shower

    Outdoor shower against a wall

    hughjonesmackintosh / Instagram

    This simple outdoor shower from hughjonesmackintosh is perfect for anyone who wants a quick place to wash off before coming indoors but doesn't need a whole shower stall. This sleek shower is an easy DIY with a kit from your local hardware store.

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    Add Some Plants

    Outdoor shower with plants all around

    warchant1 / Instagram

    Plants are a great addition to any of your outdoor styling and this shower from warchant1 proves your outdoor shower is no exception. Either add cutouts for moss or other low-maintenance outdoor plants or simply lay potted plants around the exterior of the shower. The best part is you'll never forget to water your plants again.

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    Perfect for Rinsing Off Gear

    Outdoor shower with white walls and surfboard

    charlestonmodernfarmhouse / Instagram

    Not only are outdoor showers great for removing dirt and grime before you or your kids come inside, but they are also wonderful for giving your sports equipment a quick rinse before storage. Even if you don't have a surfboard like the one in this beautiful outdoor shower from charlestonmodernfarmhouse, an outdoor shower is great for hiking shoes, paddleboards, and much more.

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    Add Multiple Stalls

    Shower in the forest

    the_farm_camp / Instagram

    Have a big family and the space to add a larger outdoor shower? This lovely eco-friendly outdoor shower from the_farm_camp is the perfect inspiration for a camp-like outdoor shower in your own home. Install a few simple wooden dividers to give your family the space to quickly rinse off without a long line.

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    A Hybrid Outdoor Shower

    Outdoor shower with door inside

    Design: winter_mcdermott / Instagram

    Photography: strifflerphoto

    This bathroom from winter_mcdermott features a beautiful standalone tub, but the shower is right outside. This is a great idea if you live in a warm climate and want to dedicate your entire bathroom suite to a luxurious soaking tub. Plus, what's better than soaking away a long afternoon? Rinsing off under the stars afterward.

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    Add Patterned Tile

    Small outdoor shower

    katekeeseeoc / Instagram

    A small square of geometric tiles as seen in this outdoor shower from katekeeseeoc is a great way to upgrade your outdoor shower without a lot of money or effort. This idea works well in either shower surrounds or to delineate the space in an open shower.

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    Add String Lights

    Outdoor wooden shower

    tincan.ranch / Instagram

    We love that this dreamy outdoor shower from tincan.ranch features a pebble floor and strands of string lights to give it a romantic, summer evening vibe. String lights are a simple way to upgrade your outdoor shower look and give it a vacation-y feel without a lot of effort.

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    A Rainfall Shower

    Shower with aqua tile

    nayaratentedcamp / Instagram

    Imagine rinsing off after an evening run and looking up to see a sky full of stars. This dual rainfall shower from nayaratentedcamp is open-air, so you can gaze up and feel like you are a part of nature.

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    Try an Industrial Look

    Outdoor shower with wood surround

    barbourspangle / Instagram

    This outdoor shower from barbourspangle features exposed black pipes as the shower to give it a more rustic vibe. This makes the outdoor shower feel a little less hotel-like and more natural, which we love.

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    Copper Outdoor Shower

    Outdoor shower with copper

    brentshanster / Instagram

    This handmade outdoor shower from brentshanster features copper and brass piping and fixtures to create a vintage, steampunk-inspired outdoor shower perfect for hot summer afternoons.

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    Consider Shutters

    Outdoor shower with shutters

    that.travel.diary / Instagram

    This idea from that.travel.diary features rustic shutters as a divider and we love how eco-friendly and vintage it is. Because you are using your outdoor shower for a quick rinse, a small divider is enough to give the illusion of separated space without going overboard.

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    Beach Shower

    Outdoor shower with ocean in the background

    Design: chantallamberto / Instagram

    Photography: dyerphoto

    If you are lucky enough to live on a beach, an outdoor shower is pretty much a must-have. This beautiful setup from chantallamberto is the perfect casual shower to use when hopping out of the surf so you don't track sand indoors.

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    Paint it Black

    Outdoor shower with black wood

    ragnarakleverk / Instagram

    This black outdoor shower from ragnarakleverk gives the illusion that it's hidden and easily blends into the rest of the house. If you don't want your outdoor shower to pop out in your garden, consider painting it black.

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    An Indoor - Outdoor Shower

    Indoor outdoor shower hybrid

    janebeilesphoto / Instagram

    Want the option to shower indoors or out? This beautiful indoor/outdoor shower from janebeilesphoto gives you the best of both worlds. The totally private outdoor shower connects to the indoor bathroom, so you can easily pop in and out depending on your mood.

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    Add Some Storage

    Outdoor shower against the side of the house

    soulofgerringong / Instagram

    Even if you place your outdoor shower against a wall outside (like this one from soulofgerringong) and ditch the whole surround, adding a few hooks is essential. Not only does this help segment off the space outside, but it gives you a place to toss towels or bags before you rinse off.