34 Outdoor Shower Ideas For Your Backyard or Surf Shack

Outdoor shower on side of white house with black showerhead and hose

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

An outdoor shower is a luxury that allows you to rinse off after a swim in the pool or a sandy walk on the beach; to prevent kids or pets with muddy feet from ruining the rug before heading inside; or simply to bask in the joy of an al fresco shower under the sun or the stars.

Whether you intend to build your own DIY outdoor shower or plan to install a ready-made freestanding or wall-mounted model, an outdoor shower can be simple and minimal or elaborate and custom built using materials such as wood, brick, tile, stone, stucco, concrete, and more. For a simple DIY outdoor shower in the backyard, you might choose a simple showerhead attached to the siding. Or you might build a spacious backyard shower complete with privacy walls and a large rainshower. Your outdoor shower might be equipped with bracing cold water only or include hot and cold options, depending on your plumbing situation and your wants and needs. Depending on the setting, an outdoor shower may include landscaping to help it meld with the outside space and provide some mood-boosting greenery. And if you live in a warm climate, you might add an outdoor shower on a patio off of the primary bathroom that gives you the choice of showering indoors or out.

Here are some outdoor shower ideas in a range of styles and settings that may inspire you to upgrade your backyard oasis, rooftop terrace, beach cottage, pool house, rustic surf shack, or other outdoor location, and help to ensure that your outdoor shower set-up is as stylish as it is functional. 

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    Stucco Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by Melissa Young at My Studio ID / Photo by Jenny Siegwart

    This roomy outdoor shower from interior designer Melissa Young at My Studio ID is built into a tall textured terracotta colored stucco wall in a scenic setting. With simple plumbing hardware and a pair of towel hooks, the outdoor shower provides a moment to pause and take in the wide open views of the surrounding Southern California landscape while rinsing off.

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    Black on Black Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower

    Raili CA Design / Photo by Karyn Millet

    This sleek outdoor shower from Raili CA Design has an all-black aesthetic that makes it feel sophisticated and chic, with black plumbing fixtures that match the siding and fencing for a seamless look. Contrasting golden gravel and brick on the shower floor and a pale wood bench lighten things up, and a dog portrait adds an unexpected touch of wall decor that personalizes the outdoor space.

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    Concrete Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Christina Kim Interior Design / Raquel Langworthy Photography 

    Christina Kim Interior Design tucked a minimalist concrete shower into the side of this Sea Girt, NJ home that disappears behind the wood shingled siding and provides a quiet place to rinse off bodies and surfboards before heading inside.

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    Courtyard Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Raili CA Design / Photo by David Tsay

    This tranquil and stylish outdoor shower from Raili CA Design has a spa-like feel. Set against a textured stone wall in a quiet courtyard, the outdoor shower is accessed by a gravel path paved with stones, and landscaped to perfection to create a zen garden feel.

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    Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by JLF Architects / Photo by Audrey Hall

    This outdoor shower from JLF Architects was built for a client's Tennessee lake house outside of Nashville. The shower is attached to the outside of a pagoda-like shed made from reclaimed wood that is used to store toys and gear used on the lake.

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    Au Naturel Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by Richardson & Associates / Sarah Szwajkos Photography

    A barely visible outdoor shower from Richardson & Associates is designed to disappear into the background of this magical natural landscape. A simple wood bench adds contrast to the moss-covered minerality of the rock face, and a pair of towel hooks hold fluffy green towels that do their best to blend in.

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    Double Outdoor Shower

    outdoor double shower

    Randell Design Group

    Randell Design Group included space for a large double outdoor shower at the back of a coastal U.K. pool house that is steps from the swimming pool. The open plan double shower features towering classic curved neck stainless steel shower heads that have a graceful feel that complements the black cladding and weathered deck by the pool.

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    Gray and White Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    Mindy Gayer Design Co. built an outdoor shower in shades of gray and white for a surfer client in Newport Beach, California that is located just off the back door of the home and perfectly matches the interior of the home's coastal-inspired, laid back style that is built for entertaining and focused on indoor/outdoor living.

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    Burnt Wood Outdoor Shower

    Outdoor shower with plants

    @warchant1 / Instagram

    This moody outdoor shower from @warchant1 pairs shou sugi ban-style burnt wood planks that are set off by bright green plants tucked into a series of built-in planters that creates a soothing and enveloping feel. Antique brass trim and plumbing hardware adds polish that contrasts with the rustic siding.

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    Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Shower

    Outdoor shower with white walls and surfboard

    @charlestonmodernfarmhouse / Instagram

    This modern farmhouse style outdoor shower from @charlestonmodernfarmhouse is built seamlessly into the white wood siding of the home and outfitted with matte black plumbing hardware with an industrial look. A privacy fence is decorated with hanging planters, and the shade from a tall tree gives it a cozy natural feel.

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    Outdoor Shower With Planter Boxes

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

    This Berkshires pool house outdoor shower designed by Crisp Architects is surrounded by natural wood planter boxes in the same golden wood tones as the shower walls that soften the outdoor structure and make it feel more integrated. The comfortable and spacious shower includes a door for privacy or closing up shop in the off-season.

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    Surf Ranch Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Raili CA Design / Photo by Becca Tilly

    Raili CA Design designed this industrial chic black, white, and wood suite of outdoor showers complete with dressing room style white billowing curtains and patterned black-and-white beach towels, for the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch in California.

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    Knotty Wood Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Kate Marker Interiors built a brand new outdoor shower outside this remodeled lake house that provides a convenient spot for rinsing off after a day at the lake. The pale natural knotty wood contrasts with the dark paint of the house, and will naturally weather over time.

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    Archway Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Home Consultant

    This small outdoor rain shower is discreetly tucked under the arches of a historic adobe-style home in Los Angeles from Home Consultant, providing easy access that doesn't interrupt the outdoor flow or compete with the architecture.

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    Teak Wood Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Mark Stewart Home Design / Photo by Kelley Kish

    This simple outdoor shower from Mark Stewart Home Design has clean lines that give it a modern look. Made from warm toned teak wood, the simple L-shaped shower hugs the house while adding contrast to the surrounding cool palette of grays and stainless steel.

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    Patio Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Pinnacle Landscapes / Sarah Szwajkos Photography

    This backyard patio designed by Pinnacle Landscapes includes an outdoor shower stall that is finished in the same siding of the house to help it to hide in plain view, ready when needed but unobtrusively on standby when it's not.

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    Tropical Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    PhotoTalk / Getty Images

    This spacious outdoor shower is built to be shown off, with a mix of neutral patterned tile that adds texture, a stainless steel rainshower, and tall dark stained wood fencing that gives the space a sense of privacy and calm. Lush plantings on the inside and beyond the fence give the space a tropical getaway feel.

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    Indoor Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by GG Interiors / Photo by Pablo Enriquez

    Connecting an indoor shower with an outdoor shower can be practical from a plumbing standpoint, and is an option to consider depending on your needs and the layout of your home and outdoor space. This outdoor shower from GG Interiors is located on the other side of an indoor shower clad in green square tiles and separated by nothing more than a transparent glass door. The adjoining outdoor shower has a wood slat wall and plumbing fixtures that mix industrial piping with a copper showerhead that complements the outdoor setting with plenty of greenery, and a long bench that makes it into a flexible hangout space as well.

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    White Brick Outdoor Shower with Plants

    outdoor shower ideas

    stockstudioX / Getty Images

    This L-shaped post-surf outdoor shower in Costa Rica is constructed with white brick walls that give it a clean feel. The space is warmed up with plenty of leafy tropical plants and conveniently located next to the surfboard storage hut so that both people and boards can rinse off before heading indoors.

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    Backyard Pool House

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

    A series of richly stained wood partitions creates structure around an outdoor shower at the back of this home by Crisp Architects that contrasts with the clean white siding of the house and blends in nicely with the backyard and surrounding trees. A stone path leading to and from the shower makes it user-friendly.

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    Outdoor Shower Changing Room

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

    The freestanding outdoor shower from Crisp Architects includes a partition dividing the space into showering and changing areas, an excellent idea if outdoor space constraints aren't an issue.

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    Outdoor Shower with Brick Floor

    outdoor shower ideas

    Raili CA Design

    This outdoor shower from Raili CA Design has a cottage feel, unobtrusively mounted on the white painted shingle siding of a fenced-in backyard that doesn't interrupt the visual flow of the house. Brick flooring on the shower floor step-up that matches the walkway adds warmth and feels homey and warm.

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    Rooftop Terrace Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower on rooftop terrace

    adpePhoto / Getty Images

    In an ideal world, every rooftop pool would come with an outdoor shower for quickly rinsing off both before and after going for a swim. This rooftop terrace outdoor shower has a bold modern stainless steel showerhead and a sunken concrete basin that is a step down (and back up) from the wood decking, giving it a built-in feel and a permanent sense of place.

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    Mediterranean Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    This sun-bleached Mediterranean villa in Ibiza from Fantastic Frank features a minimalist outdoor shower that is quietly tucked into a corner by the pool that is designed to fade into the background when not in use.

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    Minimalist Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    The outdoor shower from Fantastic Frank is built right into the textured white stucco walls of the Ibiza villa, with modern black hardware that gives it a modern minimalist look that gets the job done without making a fuss.

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    Private Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

    This freestanding outdoor shower from Crisp Architects is conveniently located by the back door next to the garden hose, with four walls and a door for privacy that gives it a seamless look when closed. The natural wood blends into the surrounding landscape and complements the planted garden a few steps away.

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    Patterned Tile Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Randell Design Group

    This harborside U.K. pool house from Randell Design Group has an outdoor shower two steps from the pool that doesn't try to blend in, but doubles as a centerpiece thanks to a wall of striking blue and white patterned Indonesian Sadus tiles from Bali that give it a decorative and eye-catching look.

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    Indoor Outdoor Pool House Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Design by Studio Life/Style / Photo by Stephen Busken

    This indoor outdoor pool house shower from Studio Life/Style has a glass door leading to the pool just outside that makes it feel like part of the backyard, and an interior door that turns it into a guest house bathroom once pool time is over. While not strictly an outdoor shower, it's a good example of a hybrid shower space that makes sense in tropical climates and warm weather locations like this Southern California home where indoor outdoor living is a year-round norm.

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    Beachside Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower

    Unique Homestays

    This weathered wood outdoor shower outside a Welsh fisherman’s shack from Unique Homestays was built for surfers returning from the beach, right next to the hot tub for the full al fresco spa experience.

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    Semi Open Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    This bright white modern semi-open Palm Springs indoor outdoor wet room from Michelle Boudreau Design has a skylight that lets in natural light and cut-outs near the ceiling line that allow views and air to flow. The garden tub is a luxurious bonus for those who prefer to soak their aches and cares away.

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    Wood Pallet Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower ideas

    PC Photography / Getty Images

    Outdoor showers can be as simple or as luxurious as you want to make them, center stage in a backyard or rooftop terrace, or tucked at the back of a beach house or in a side yard. This simple no-fuss outdoor shower set-up is located on the side of the house, tucked out of view, ready to get the job done with nothing but a wall-mounted showerhead and an eco-friendly reclaimed wood pallet to stand on.

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    Heated Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower

    Unique Homestays

    This heated outdoor shower adds extra comfort to a cliffside Cornwall, U.K. beach hut from Unique Homestays that overlooks the ocean, giving swimmers a place to wash off the saltwater before heading inside.

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    Corner Outdoor Shower

    outdoor shower

    Thanyakan Thanapanprasert / Getty Images

    This outdoor shower is built into the corner of a rooftop terrace in Thailand for a seamless and integrated look, located just steps from the swimming pool for easy access. The corner location gives the open shower a slightly cozier and more private feel.

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    Outdoor Shower Locker Room

    outdoor shower ideas

    Christina Kim Interior Design / Raquel Langworthy Photography 

    This pool house changing room from Christina Kim Interior Design provides a dry place to hang towels and store clothes that is located steps from the outdoor shower.