Outdoor Toys and Activities for Toddlers

How to Keep Toddlers Happily Entertained

Most children love to play outside, especially toddlers or kids ages 1-3. As parents it is important to give kids supervised time outdoors, not only get fresh air, but to encourage a foundation of family fitness, so they can build their motor skills and their imagination.

Even if you do not want to spend a lot of money, there are some great outdoor toys for toddlers that can be used outside, like ride-on toys, wagons, arts and crafts sets, and playhouses. Do not forget about those sand and water...MORE activities and toys for toddlers either!  


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    Many parents make their own sand and water sensory tables using under-the-bed storage boxes.  There are many different tables for kids to have fun with sand and water activities by building sand castles, floating boats, and making mud pies.

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    Toddlers love ride-on toys like small cars they can move with their feet, because they are not yet strong enough to ride bikes with pedals.  Balance bikes are innovative riding toys without pedals. Kids ages 2 and up will learn to develop their balance skills, making it easier to eventually transition to a pedal bike or tricycle.  

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    Children love to paint, so there is no better place to contain the messiness, than encouraging kids to paint and use chalk outside with an art easel. Art easels are important for kids to improve their strength and ability to hold a crayon or marker. Some great features of this Step 2 easel include a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other. 

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    Headed to the boardwalk at beach, or taking a stroll to the park or the playground, wagons are a fun alternative to a stroller.  They include a simple way to transport multiple children and their belongings. Many kids' wagons are complete with cup holders and sun shades, and a great way to travel to family outings and events in the community

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    Outdoor playhouses are well loved by kids. There are outdoor BBQ sets and patio sets for toddlers. Kids will love to have fun with their friends and siblings by serving them a pretend meal or sitting down with them and enjoying a real snack together.

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    While many children love to play basketball, there are many smaller toddler basketball hoops that can be raised and lowered depending upon the child’s size and skill level.

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    For children who love to run and walk, lawnmowers are a great outdoor toy. Many of these toys also have a space to attach bubble containers, and is the mower moves around the yard, it will simultaneously blow bubbles.

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    Outdoor playhouses can have all the comforts and amenities of a real home including door bells, doors, dining areas, kitchens and telephones! Many families choose to bring their playhouses indoors during the winter months and allow the kids to use them in the playroom. Toddlers will love simply going in and out of the doors. Some playhouses also have swings, slides and ladders to climb.

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    Digging outdoors in the sandbox is a great activity for kids. If you do not have a space to have a built-in sandbox, there are small plastic sandboxes that can fit within small yards and outdoor spaces. Look for a sandbox that includes a cover to keep out neighborhood animals and water.

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    Don’t forget to stock up on balls, baseball bats and tees, footballs, soccer balls, golf clubs and small nets. Toddlers love kicking and throwing balls.

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    If a large swingset is not a possibility for the yard, smaller individual swings can be hung securely in supervised areas like doorways and under decks. Look for outdoor swings that keep children safe with higher sides and a harness. 

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    Sidewalk chalk is a great outdoor toy. Kids can draw roads for their ride-on toys, pictures and hopscotch grids.

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    Bubble wands, bubble blowers, and bubble toys are a really fun outdoor activity for kids that are timeless and perfect for any age group.

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    Many small baby dolls have a bean bag type body that allows them to get wet in a water table, pool or sprinkler, then hung by a small tag to air dry.