16 Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Walls for Warm Weather

patio fence with planters and greenery

The Spruce / Margot Cavin 

Outdoor rooms are a huge decorating trend for a good reason. They are one of the best ways to put untapped yard space to excellent use while enhancing home enjoyment during the warm weather months. Decorating your outdoor walls will make time spent in your al fresco living space even more inviting. The best part is that there are so many beautiful ways you can get the task done. The following ideas share our favorite ways to decorate an outdoor wall.

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    Invest in Custom Signage for Your Backyard

    backyard pool sign
    Creative Tonic Design

    Here is an idea that will let every person on your block know that pool season has started. Creative Tonic Design took this outdoor space to the next level with a custom outdoor aluminum pool sign. Unlike other types of metal, aluminum will not rust. It will, however, oxidize. Over time, this type of corrosion will form an extra hard surface with a rugged, rustic appearance.

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    Create a Feature Wall Brimming With Natural Greenery

    Moss wall in backyard
    Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

    When it comes to tricking out your exterior spaces, look to Mother Nature. In a home remodeled by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders, a concrete wall was transformed into a stunning feature thanks to natural greenery. The best plants to use should be native to your region. If you want plants that can withstand summer heat and humidity, looking for drought-resistant varieties that flourish in the South.

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    Make a Beachy Statement With Vintage Canoe Paddles

    painted canoe paddles as outdoor wall art
    Pinney Designs

    A beautiful paint job turns a couple of old, wooden canoe paddles into an outdoor statement piece for this beach cottage decorated by Pinney Designs. Fishing nets, vintage lobster traps, and antique fishing floats can also be used to decorate outdoor walls.

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    Consider a Patriotic Wall Mural

    outdoor patio with US Flag art
    Mrs. Paranjape

    Mrs. Paranjape is one of Nashville's top interior designers because of what she calls her “new classic” aesthetic. Here she made a covered patio with an outdoor kitchen feel cozier by hanging a custom American flag mural. 

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    Dress Up an Outdoor Wall With a Timepiece

    outdoor clock as decoration on patio
    Brandon Architects

    You will never crave a vacation with a fully loaded outdoor space like this one by Brandon Architects. The stellar kitchen opens up to gorgeous patio carved into different zones for lounging and eating. A stylish outdoor all-weather clock anchors the cozy living room with a fire pit toward the back. 

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    How to Perk Up a Pool Cabana

    semi enclosed pool cabana
    Kristina Crestin Design

    This partially enclosed pool cabana by Kristina Crestin Design has a stellar taupe shiplap wall decorated with gold votive holders that possess a lovely hammered texture. In the center is an outdoor TV, perfect for binge-watching poolside. When decorating an outdoor space pick furnishings rated for outdoor use that would appear equally comfortable indoors. The free-standing lamp, furniture set, and coffee table are perfect examples.

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    Decorate With Objects Built for the Outdoors

    vintage surfboard wall art outside
    McCann Design Group

    Objects made to withstand both water and salt make fabulous outdoor wall decorations. When creating this patioMcCann Design Group captured the laid back vibe of a palm beach community with a wall-mounted vintage surfboard. 

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    Give an Outdoor Feature Wall the Spotlight

    roof deck with astroturf feature wall
    Matt White Custom Homes

    Punch up a rooftop deck with a feature wall crafted from AstroTurf. This example by Matt White Custom Homes welcomes guests with a peppy greeting. Additional features like the fireplace and outdoor TV make this outdoor retreat impossible to resist.

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    Make the Most of Natural Greenery

    trellis grass feature wall in backyard
    Jonathan Rachman Design

    Decorating a wall with gorgeous greenery is a beautiful way to spruce up an outdoor space. Jonathan Rachman Design accented this lovely patio with an attractive trellis grass feature. The repeating diamond pattern throws focus on the cozy seating area. 

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    Create a Faux Outdoor Mantel

    faux mantel outdoor patio
    Kelly Nutt Design

    You do not have to wait for the holidays to create a faux mantel. Interior designer Kelly Nutt used a few decorative pieces to create this stellar mantel for instance. A narrow console table doubles as a mantel. Afterward, she used a large mirror to establish a focal point. A couple of plants and decorative votives enhance visual interest. 

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    Turn a Wood Fence Into an Attractive Outdoor Feature

    decorative greenery on outdoor wall
    Lauren Evans Interiors

    Here is another example of how to use natural greenery to decorate an outdoor wall. The design team at Lauren Evans Interiors turned a wood fence into a chic feature using ivy. The crisscross pattern dotted by small shrubs in front makes this little outdoor lounge more inviting.

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    Show Your Pool Some Love

    outdoor wall art to dress up pool area
    Anna Marie Sullivan

    Yes, all-weather art is a thing. These outdoor canvasses stay colorful and gorgeous all year round says Anna Marie, the lucky owner of this home with an outdoor pool. Keep in mind, pieces like these must be firmly secured so they do not blow away and cause injury.

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    Take a Plain Fence and Make it Fancy

    backyard swing in front of a bamboo wall
    Greenery NYC

    If your unattractive fence is ruining your backyard, here is a simple way to turn it into a beautiful feature wall you would not mind gazing at for hours on end. Landscape designers, Greenery NYC, covered the ugly offender with bamboo fencing. The material is relatively inexpensive, and you can buy it in convenient rolls at most home improvements.

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    Use Color to Take Things to a New Level

    outdoor custom wall decor on patio
    Coffman Studio

    The owner of this home wanted their outdoor patio to flows seamlessly from their interior living space. Landscape professionals Coffman Studio helped them achieve their goal. The painted outdoor walls match the interior's color scheme making both areas feel more connected. Ceramic wall art helped to further define the outdoor room.

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    Top Things Off With a Vintage Surfboard

    surfboard as outdoor wall art
    AGK Design Studio

    Here is one more example that features a vintage surfboard in a backyard beautifully designed by AGK Design Studio. We love how it and the shiplap covered wall highlights this semi-enclosed outdoor dining space. The frosting on the cake is the curtains. The blue and white outdoor fabric along with the matching valance beautifully frames the eat-in nook. Handy tip: Outdoor material can also be used to cover an unattractive outdoor wall. 

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    Consider Creating an Outdoor Vertical Garden

    Vertical Garden wall decoration

    Vertical gardens are a fantastic way to beautify an outdoor wall. This one featured on the blog PlantsOnWalls took 72 small ferns to create. They were installed in a self-watering wall planter set in a spectacular copper frame. As time goes by the metal material will develop a lovely green patina with age.