Outdoor Wedding Flower Ideas

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    Flowers That Last

    Garden Wedding Scene at Outdoor Ceremony
    jessicaphoto/E+/Getty Images

     It takes more than a bit of pluck to plan an outdoor wedding. Rain, humidity, and errant wind storms keep many a bride awake at night until the last minute before her big day. However, flowers are one aspect of the wedding day that should not be left to chance. Choosing flowers that can withstand a variety of outdoor conditions is a piece of cake, allowing brides to rest easy about this important wedding detail. 

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    Get Flowers that Stand Up to Ocean Breezes

    Pink Wedding Flower Altar on the Beach
    MG Therin Weise/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

    There are some pros and cons to beach weddings. If you don't like the way surf and sand whips your hair into a frenzy, you should see what beachy conditions can do to a bouquet of peonies. However, just as you don't expect your hair to look like a news anchor at your beach wedding, nor should you expect delicate flowers to stand up to the salt and sun on the shore. Many tropical flowers have waxy petals, which not only enable them to grow adjacent to beaches, but also help them stand up for longer periods as cut flowers in your wedding. Orchids, calla lilies, and ginger flowers are three blooms that will still look fresh after the last dance. Supplement with fruit to add color without wilt.

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    Simple Flower Arrangements Frame an Awesome View

    Rustic Wedding Flowers Don't Detract From the Mountain View. Photo © Andrew Malone

    If your wedding takes place at a site with spectacular mountain views, you don’t need a great deal of floral adornment for the ceremony. The grapevines used in this arch are rustic to match the surroundings, and the arch frames the glorious view. An overflowing vase at the base of each side of the arch anchors the arrangement, and keeps the arch from looking too leggy. Use rose petals to define the walkway for the wedding couple.

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    Feeling Tropical?

    Orchids Can Take the Heat of a Beach Wedding. Photo © flickr user Adml Crunch

    Large quantities of orchids for wedding flower arrangements are usually cost prohibitive, but if you’re having destination wedding in Hawaii, you can explore the possibility of getting wholesale orchids grown locally.

    Ask your florist about using cymbidium orchids in your outdoor wedding. Their waxy petals are very resistant to drying out in the face of a stiff summer breeze. They are also the most affordable orchid, and come in yellow, pink, white, and green hues.

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    Flowers in Motion

    It Only Takes a Handful of Blossoms To Decorate this Wedding Gazebo. Photo © flickr user Photologue_np

    Suspending single blossoms from ribbons on a garden gazebo is an appealing way to get the most from a few flowers. This kind of display would fall short in an indoor venue, but the gentle breezes in an outdoor wedding add movement to the flowers, making them sway like individual pendants.

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    The Power of Repetition

    Multiple Flowering Arches Make a Strong Statement at this Evening Wedding. Photo © Sevila Durul

    A single arch strung with one strand of greenery and white roses looks dinky. A dozen or more arches looks grand, especially when lit up for an evening wedding, as these arches are. The couple chose white roses for their evening wedding, which will reflect the glow of the moonlight and any other lighting. White carnations or peonies would make fine stand-ins for the roses.

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    Topiaries Tie it All Together

    The Wedding Florist Can Make Topiaries from Live or Cut Flowers. Photo © flickr user RF Duck

    Flowering topiaries make a fresh alternative to stanchions and ropes to create this blooming promenade. This wedding couple added a row of flowering petunias beneath the ribbons to reinforce the sense of an allée.

    Other flowering shrubs that you can find as topiaries include butterfly bushes, hydrangeas, lilacs, and bougainvilleas. You can plant the topiaries in the ground, or use pots that coordinate with the wedding colors.

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    Homegrown Beauty

    Wildflowers Are a Budget Wedding Flower Alternative. Photo © Anne-Lise Heinrichs

    Backyard weddings continue to be a popular budget wedding choice for many engaged couples, and handpicked flowers from the landscape complement the casual atmosphere. While a mélange of flowers makes up this arrangement, the simple glass vases unify the look.

    For brides who want even more continuity from their handpicked bouquets, choose flowers all of the same variety, like tulips, or pick flowers all from the same color family.

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    Temporary In-Ground Wedding Flowers

    Living Wedding Flowers Spruce Up a Lakeside Wedding. Photo © flickr user RF Duck

    Although the presence of a natural water feature adds serenity and reflective allure to a lakeside wedding, the transition area between the landscape and the water’s edge can look shabby.

    Planting a row of inexpensive annual flowers along the water’s edge reminds guests that something special is happening here today. You can sink the flowers into the ground in their pots, and give them away as wedding favors after the ceremony, or plant them in the ground in the newly married couple’s garden as a welcome-home gift.

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    Say it With Flowers

    You Can Use Rose Petals Instead of Cut Flowers for Beach Weddings. Photo © Badruddeen Naseem

    This is a clever way to incorporate flowers into an outdoor wedding ceremony, without worrying about whether they will wilt in the presence of the harsh salt spray.

    Use rose petals to spell out the married couple’s initials, to create hearts or entwined rings, or to create other customized sayings. Spray the petals thoroughly with water after placement to ensure they don’t dry out and blow away before the ceremony is over.

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    Classic Flower Pedestals

    Wedding Flower Pedestals Bring Blossoms Up to Eye Level. Photo © Joann Choo

    There’s a reason you see so many roses at outdoor weddings: their waxy petals hold up to the stresses of wind and sun. Other hardy flower choices for outdoor weddings include dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, and lilies. Spring blooming flowers, like bulbs and lilacs, hold up better in cooler temperatures, so avoid them for midsummer weddings.

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    Use What's Available for Garden Weddings

    Built-in Flowers Make Garden Weddings Easy. Photo © Matthew Hull

    Couples who choose to have a summer wedding in a public garden space benefit from the presence of fresh growing flowers, saving money on wedding ceremony flowers. Be sure to ask the garden’s wedding coordinator what’s in bloom during the month you want to get married, or your wedding flowers may consist of rose hips and brown flower petals.