5 Best Outlet and Plug Covers for Childproofing

Many parents have a love-hate relationship with the outlet and plug covers in their homes. On one hand, it's nice that they exist to try to keep curious toddlers from being shocked. On the other hand, it's difficult to find covers that work well, keep toddlers out of the outlet, and that are easy enough for adults to remove when they need to plug something in. One mom recently confessed to not using an outlet in her home for a year because she couldn't remove the cheap plastic outlet...MORE cover she'd jammed in there.

Fortunately, there are many more plug and outlet cover styles available these days! You can still find the very inexpensive plastic pieces that simply plug into the outlet. Those may be a great option for some families, and the price is certainly right. This list won't include all of the variation on that type of basic plastic plug cover, though, because there are many brands and all have similar features. The covers listed below have some special features that make them useful if you want to go beyond the basics.

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    These outlet covers are one of the best childproofing products ever made! Instead of plugging a cover piece into the outlet, you replace the whole outlet plate with a Safe Plate. When you want to plug something in, you slide the cover piece over. Once the item is unplugged, the sliding piece automatically closes via a spring mechanism.

    This product solves two problems at once. It's not just the covering of the plug when it isn't in use. Toddlers can easily unplug things, which could leave...MORE the outlet accessible again. With Safe Plate, that's not a concern. These covers are available in white and almond. You can buy a single plate cover, or packs of three, ten, or even 25.

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    This updated version of the basic plug cover will not come out if a toddler simply pulls on it! You push one button to unlock the second button. The second button must be pushed continuously in order to move the plug out of the outlet.

    Even if a clever toddler sees you pushing the buttons and understands how it works, its unlikely that a little one would have the coordination or strength to actually get the plug out of the outlet. These plug inserts are available in single packs, or in...MORE eight-count or 32-count packs.

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    This outlet cover also solves two problems - it secures the outlet itself, but also prevents little hands from unplugging important things such as alarm clocks or computers with unsaved work. The base of this cover installs onto the outlet with a screw, then the cover slides and locks over the top.

    The cover is big enough to accommodate larger adapter wall plugs. The cord hole at the bottom handles most regular household cords easily. If you need to put a thicker extension cord or power strip...MORE type cord through, you may need to remove a small piece of the plastic on the bottom of the base.

    This outlet cover allows you to wind up to four feet of cord inside the plastic housing. That also helps protect babies and toddlers from becoming entangled in the extra cord. You can purchase these covers in packages of one, three, four, and eight.

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    If you have a baby or toddler who really loves the glowing "on" button light on your power strip, you'll see the beauty of this power strip cover. It prevents your little one from pulling plugs out of the power strip, and perhaps more importantly, prevents access to the on/off button.

    The cover expands to fit various sizes of power strips, and it locks into place. You can buy these in packs of one or two.

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     If you won't be using an outlet regularly, these simple but clever covers make it look like there's no outlet to draw curious little fingers. It plugs in just like other basic plug covers, with plastic prongs on the back, but it covers the whole wall plate instead of just having a small cover on each outlet hole.

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