How to Hide or Cover Up Outlets on Your Kitchen Island

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The island has become one of the "it" spots for self-expression in the kitchen. So much creativity is being injected into islands, allowing them to become true focal points. Whether the island is getting painted a fun color or being made to look like a piece of furniture, designers and homeowners everywhere are bringing their A-game to the design party. 

Outlets should be a functional part of the kitchen island without drawing attention to themselves. The codes vary from state to state but an outlet or two is typically required on an island depending on the island's overall size.

In your design, consider the color, placement, size, and shape of the outlets. Numerous options allow outlets to be integrated into the island without compromising the beauty of the design. 

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    Match the Outlet to the Cabinet

    Wood outlet cover
    AmerTac's website

    Let's start with an easy tip: match your outlet to your cabinetry. If your cabinets are white then your outlet should be white. If your island is dark brown, then your outlet should be dark brown. If your island is purple than....yep, you guessed it, your outlet should be purple.

    There are ready-made outlets available at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes in standard colors. However, if you have a specialty finish on your island, companies like AmerTac have a wide offering of unfinished wood outlets that you could have your cabinet provider paint/stain to match.

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    Pop Out Outlet

    Pop-out outlet

    This pop-out outlet from Legrand is awesome because it allows the outlet to remain low profile until it is needed. When the outlet is not being utilized it lays flush against the cabinet, and by simply pushing on the outlet, the receptacle pops out for easy access.

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    Power Strip

    Electrical outlets

    Another outlet option is the power strip The power strip can be installed on the top rail of the side panel of the island, sitting right below the countertop. This option works nicely if a design has been incorporated into the side of the island. With the power strip tucked right under the countertop the outlets are still within reach, but they don't hinder the view of the design.

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    Outlets on the Countertop

    Electric outlets and mixer

    The concept of having the outlets(s) installed on the countertop is another option. With this Kitchen Power Grommet by Mockett, a power strip can be installed underneath the countertop with only a low profile metal circle showing. When the outlets need to be utilized you simply pull up on the two metal handles on top of the circle and the power grommet pops up. This application is nice because it keeps the outlets completely out of sight, but readily accessible when needed.

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    Allow Function and Aesthetics to Coexist

    White open landscape kitchen
    Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios

    As you can see, there are quite a few options for making outlets as inconspicuous as possible. At the end of the day you want your kitchen to be a true work zone, but there is no reason functional components can't be considered and implemented in such a way that they enable function without compromising aesthetics.