Q&A on Oval Cut Diamond Wedding Rings

Oval engagement ring

CrystalKate / Twenty20 

An oval cut diamond is one of the fancy shaped diamonds--in the same company as the marquise, pear, and princess. An oval cut diamond is also known as the oval brilliant cut.

What It Looks Like

Well, this is not the most romantic-sounding, but it is shaped like an egg! Oval cut diamonds combine the sparkle of the round brilliant cut with the elongated shape of a marquise. Developed in the 1950s, it's, thus, definitely, a hybrid cut. 


Like the round brilliant, it's got 58 facets and has a light reflection that's nearly as dramatic.


Since the oblong shape of an oval cut diamond maximizes its surface area, sometimes you can get a larger-looking diamond for a lower price than a round, though that's given that all other factors are completely comparable, e.g., color grade, clarity, etc.

Kind of Cut

Being popularized after 1955, many consider it "Nouveau Modern." it was Lazare-Kaplan & Sons of New York, a company still making fine jewelry, which universally spread the good word about the oval diamond shape, with its trademarked "Oval Elegance." Prior to that, the oval cut was used mainly for sapphires and rubies (aka the corundum), because the gem-cutting techniques didn't get better until the 20th century.

Horizontal or Vertical

The oval engagement ring center stone is set either horizontal or vertical. If it's horizontal, that means that, when you look down at the diamond on your finger, it's parallel to the band. How you like your oval cut diamond set is purely personal preference, and its position doesn't affect the security and durability. If you want your finger (and hand) to appear longer and perhaps more slender, however, you might want to take a look at some ring styles, which set the oblong-cut oval diamond center stone on the vertical.

Oval-Cut Diamond Settings

In contemporary engagement rings, it seems that, when it comes to ovals, bezel settings dominate. If you're looking for a more classic engagement ring with a prong-set oval cut diamond center, consider a brand that makes them with four or six prongs.

Celebrities With Oval Cut Diamond Rings

One of the most popular is Jennifer Aniston, though hers is not strictly the modern oval cut because it's a 10-carat antique rose cut, which sits flat to the finger. Blake Lively's ring from husband, Ryan Reynolds, by Lorraine Schwartz, is: It's in rose gold. Amber Rose, who's married to rapper Wiz Khalifa, also has an oval cut diamond, and her engagement ring features a 10-carat oval cut diamond in a clean, classic solitaire style.