15 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas That Actually Look Amazing

bathroom cabinet with door


The space above the toilet is commonly used to stash away beauty products and other bathroom essentials, but if opting for a simple, particle board storage contraption just isn't for you, we totally get it. There's no need to sacrifice style when outfitting your bathroom with handy storage solutions, which is why we were so thrilled to stumble upon the 15 chic setups below. Whether you have your own bathroom or share a space with family members or roommates, you're bound to find an over the toilet storage solution below that inspires you.

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    Add a Rustic Touch

    wooden shelving over toilet

    Rachel Lang

    There's no need to sacrifice your personal aesthetic while designing a bathroom setup that is ultra functional, too. This modern rustic bathroom celebrates farmhouse style while offering handy storage in the form of open shelving that holds everything from bins to towels.

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    Lean a Lovely Ladder

    ladder over toilet

    Michaeala Harris

    Those who appreciate rustic style will also appreciate this cute setup in the form of a fun twist on the classic blanket ladder. This towel ladder fits over the toilet perfectly and makes it easy to display hand towels—or hang-dry clothes—without sacrificing precious square footage.

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    Hang a Wire Bin

    mesh toilet paper holder

    Jane & Sonja

    Figuring out where to stash extra toilet paper is always a bit of a struggle—until you see this creative solution. A wire bin hung above the toilet makes it easy for family members—and guests—to locate TP in a jiffy. It even features a small top shelf that is excellent for displaying small decorative objects, like the succulents we see here.

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    Go Glassy

    glass bathroom shelf

    Casey Finn

    Prefer a minimalist look? Go with a simple glass shelf that does the job without taking up too much visual—or physical—space. Add as many as you need to meet your storage needs.

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    Think Up High

    toilet shelf hung up high

    Cara Newhart

    If you're using your over-the-toilet shelf to hold items that you'll need to access only rarely, install the shelf nice and high so that it's tucked out of sight. You can then use the space directly above the toilet to hang a piece of art that better complements your style.

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    Find an Antique

    wooden shelf over toilet


    If you love all things vintage, opt for a shelf that tells a bit of a story. This wooden piece is off the beaten path and adds character and charm to this bathroom setup. A towel bar attached to the bottom shelf is the perfect finishing touch.

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    Celebrate Your Style

    toilet paper cabinet

    Joy Hudgins

    This shabby chic-style bathroom certainly didn't miss a single detail. A small but mighty storage cabinet hung over the toilet matches the theme of the space wonderfully while still providing ample storage for rolls of toilet paper and beyond.

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    Hook a Bin

    ladder shelf with basket

    Elizabeth Joan Designs

    This setup proves how versatile a ladder can be—feel free to hook a hanging storage unit over one of the steps to enhance its storage capabilities.

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    Curate Some Cubbies

    wooden shelf with cubbies

    Laura Adney

    Get a bit creative and hang a shelf with small compartments that are excellent for storing various family members' bathroom essentials or grouping products by category. If you're handy and up for a DIY, you could even construct a shelf like this on your own.

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    Keep Towels in Sight

    towel storage


    If your toilet is right next to the shower, perhaps you wish to prioritize towel storage. This setup makes it easy to grab a clean towel without covering the bathroom floor in water along the way.

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    Keep It Simple

    bathroom shelf succulents


    If you're more of a minimalist and don't have a need for tons of space for bins and baskets, you can utilize the space above your toilet for more decorative purposes. This thin shelf looks lovely holding cheerful succulents.

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    Close the Door

    bathroom cabinet with door


    Out of sight, out of mind. If you prefer to keep your over the toilet storage more sleek, opt for a cabinet with a door. It's perfect for concealing items in less than pretty packaging or tucking away prescription bottles and other essentials that you wish to keep private.

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    Get Circular

    round bathroom shelf


    Get a bit funky with a circular shelf. This one is great for holding small trinkets like candles, makeup, and other pint-sized must-haves.

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    Try This Roommate-Friendly Solution

    bathroom shelf clear


    This shelf is particularly ideal for bathrooms shared by siblings or roommates; everyone has a distinct spot to set their products—and in turn keep the sink area free of clutter.

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    Include a Built-in

    thin shelf above toilet


    If you're designing a bathroom from scratch, we like the idea of having a shelf built in behind the toilet from the get-go, as seen above. Even if it's small and thin, it can still serve as a place to set lotions, jars, or even a thin tray.