12 Overhead Garage Storage Ideas to Tidy Your Space

Garage storage racks over cabinetry

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Garages are meant for storage. Cars, of course, but we utilize garages for everything from Christmas decor to yard tools. This said, it's inevitable that our garages shift from organized to overwhelming in a short period of time.

Fortunately, there are a number of effective garage storage ideas to help you keep this space in check. Shelves, cabinets, peg walls, track systems—the list goes on. However, have you taken advantage of the available space above your head? We've compiled a list of 12 overhead storage ideas for your garage, so you can organize every square inch of your garage and keep this prime storage space tidy.

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    Hang Up Your Bikes

    Garage bike storage overhead with hooks

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    Instead of lining up your bikes in a row, hoping one won’t tip and
    instigate a domino effect, try hanging them up overhead. You can install hooks on your wall or the ceiling and use them to keep your bikes stored and out of the way. So long as they are solidly attached, your bikes will be easy to stow, and you’ll avoid accidentally knocking them over.

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    Add Wire Baskets Overhead

    Overhead baskets


    If you don't need a heavy-duty storage solution to finish organizing your garage, something as simple as a set of wire baskets could be the ideal finishing touch. You can use your baskets for sports equipment like baseballs and mitts or a collection of cleaning supplies. This storage option is both affordable and easy to install.

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    Install a Smart Pulley System

    Pulley system for bike storage in garage

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    A pulley system is not only a clever overhead garage storage idea, it's extremely simple and easy to use, especially for large gear and equipment. You can use a pulley system to store bikes, as pictured, or other bulky items like kayaks, ladders, and car-top carriers. Whenever you want to access your item, skip the heavy lifting and gently lower the item down.

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    Build a Mini-Loft

    Mini loft storage idea for garage organization

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    If your garage has a high ceiling, a permanent addition like a mini-loft could be the best storage solution for your space. You can use your loft to store a set of plastic bins or miscellaneous items like picnic baskets and lawn chairs. This DIY option may require a little more time and effort, but could also save you a little cash.

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    Install an Overhead Rack

    Overhead storage bins


    If your garage floors are covered in stacks of plastic bins, this idea is sure to catch your eye. Install an overhead rack from your ceiling and use it to stow items you use less often, such as holiday decor and winter gear. If you opt for clear bins, you'll be able to locate what you need when you need it, or consider solid bins with labels for a clean, streamlined look.

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    Invest in Motorized Ceiling Storage

    Motorized ceiling storage


    For those looking for a classier alternative to mini-lofts and hanging racks, consider motorized ceiling storage. With the push of a button, you can lift and lower your bags, baskets, and bins with ease. This sleek addition to your garage will provide plenty of motivation to keep your floors clear and the gear sorted.

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    Add Shelving Above Your Cabinetry

    Shelving storage space above cabinetry in garage

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    If your garage has high ceilings, you may have extra space above your current shelves and cabinetry just waiting to be utilized for storage. This high-end design pairs sleek cabinetry with heavy-duty wire shelving overhead. There's room to stack bins above the cabinets themselves, then the homeowner can use the extra shelf space as a second layer of storage.

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    Hang Surfboards and Other Items With Rope

    Garage storage overhead with woman exercising

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    Wire racks and pulley systems are helpful additions when it comes to garage organization, but if you're looking for something simple, a couple of ropes may fit the bill. This option is especially ideal for long, bulky items like kayaks and ladders. Also, if you're hanging items like surfboards and spare lumber, you could use them as extra shelving and stack bins and bags on top.

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    Hang Gear From Overhead Shelving

    Garage storage ideas for wall and ceiling

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    If you opt for the overhead storage rack idea mentioned previously, consider this option too. Depending on the location and weight limit of your wire shelf, you can attach hooks to the underside of your rack for additional storage. This is a useful tip for holding bikes, skis, and more.

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    Utilize a Classic Track System

    Track system for garage storage

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    Before you throw up some shelves and cabinets in your garage, think about your unique storage needs and the storage solution that best matches the item. For instance, a track system can be paired with a variety of hooks and attachments, customized for your specific belongings. These long wire hooks, for instance, are perfect for tents, lawn chairs, and more.

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    Add Some Ceiling Hooks

    Garage storage system with overhead hooks

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    Another simple storage solution you can add to your garage is ceiling hooks. These are cheap and effective for hanging a number of possessions, including ladders, car -top carriers, fishing poles, weed whackers, and more. Add as few or as many as you need, wherever you need them

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    Label Every Storage Bin

    Garage bins organization with labels

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    As you build new zones for storage in your garage, make sure you label your storage thoroughly and arrange bins and boxes intentionally. Keep items you use frequently within arms reach and reserve your overhead storage for the items you'll need less often.