6 Smart Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

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Your garage may seem like it doesn’t have all that much storage space, but think outside the box—or, more literally, think on top of the box. The overhead space in the garage offers so much unused negative space that's perfect for storage.

Garage storage doesn’t have to be a chaotic and disorganized mess. Using areas like the walls and ceilings uncovers plenty of spots to keep gear and tools neat and easily accessible. The added bonus? It will free up floor space so that the garage might actually have space for you to park your car.

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    Garage Hooks Overhead

    bike hanging from garage hooks overheard


    Hooks are a great way to add garage storage space where there’s a blank canvas of negative space. While they are useful on walls and doors, think even bigger and look up to the ceiling. Overhead space can also hold hooks, which can keep items like bikes, gear bags, ladders, chairs, and more stored and out of the way—but in sight if you need them.

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    Bunches of Baskets

    Overhead baskets


    The type of storage container matters almost as much as the storage method and location. While baskets and rubber or canvas storage bags and containers can be great, avoid cardboard whenever possible. Cardboard will invite mold if it gets wet and can potentially attract pests. Keep your items safe and secure in as airtight and water-resistant a basket or container as you can find—or better yet, use a wire basket that won't catch or accumulate liquid, mold, or other issues.

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    A Smart Pulley System



    Pulleys may seem like something out of a construction site, but in the context of overhead garage storage and organization, they are an ideal solution for raising and storing anything from a bike, to a kayak, to even extension ladders.

    The pulley can look as simple as raising and lowering a blind, but it is actually quite secure and won’t accidentally release and cause an accident (or a mess). Everything will be kept high up and out of the way, and without you having to do all that heavy lifting and climbing yourself.

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    Motorized Ceiling Storage

    Motorized ceiling storage


    Much like a pulley, motorized ceiling storage makes placing or retrieving items that are overhead easier and safer. Better for bins, boxes, and bags than a pulley system—which is better equipped for large items such as bikes, kayaks, and ladders—a motorized lift can be kept high above your car or the floor and lowered when you need to access the items stored on it.

    Some motorized storage systems are so advanced that they can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. The system raises and lowers the shelf, and the items being stored on it, without you having to take on the weight and height concerns yourself. For overhead garage storage that is entirely accessible, this is the perfect solution.

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    Shelf Storage Rack

    Storage racks


    Perhaps the most popular form of overhead garage storage is installing storage racks. These racks are attached to the ceiling, where they can make the most of unused vertical space and maximize storage options. This can be a good way to store winter gear during the summer, or summer gear during the winter. But there are many options here. There’s space on the shelves for large boxes, seasonal items, sports gear, and so much more. Racks can always be updated seasonally, as well, so the items kept out of the way a few months a year can be swapped in and out as needed.

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    Overhead Storage Bins

    Overhead storage bins


    Placing storage bins overhead can be an easy way to get smaller tools, crafts, books, and keepsakes contained and out of the way. Bins are a good storage option because you won't need to put a ton of effort into storing or handling them, and they can be pulled down and sorted as necessary.

    Choose clear bins if you want to have an idea of what is inside from a distance, or be sure to label a more opaque bin so it is easier to identify what is inside. Try to find bins that are waterproof or airtight, because you’ll want to keep water and pests out of there whenever and however possible.