Easy Laundry Tips For Overnight Guests

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    Overnight Guests = Extra Laundry

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    Love 'em or hate 'em, overnight guests, even if they are family, mean extra laundry. Of course, most of the guests arrive during the holidays when there are so many other things going on in addition to the routine household chores.

    But, there are ways to ease the laundry loads of extra people - and maybe pets - in the house. By planning ahead, you won't get left holding the stuffed laundry bag when the visit is over.

    And, to the guests....

    While a hostess gift of chocolates or flowers or wine is lovely, being a considerate guest is always the right choice. Talk to your host or hostess and ask what you can do to help during your stay. Then, do it!

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    Plan Laundry Needs Ahead Before Guests Arrive

    How to Wash Winter Bedding
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    Most of the time we know when guests will be arriving. Do your best to plan a head and get bed linens ready. Make sure that all the sheets are changed and that blankets, pillows and bed coverings are as clean as possible. If the sheets aren't really clean, there will be unpleasant odors and stains for your guests.

    Check your inventory and if you don't have enough bed linens for everyone, call family and ask them to bring extra. Be sure to give them bed sizes so they will bring the right size sheets.

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    Laundry and Visiting Pets

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    If your home is not already pet friendly, there are some things you should consider to make your home safe for the animal and protect your bedding and furniture from stains when visiting pets arrive.

    Before the animal arrives, be sure all laundry supplies are safely stored away. Laundry chemicals and dryer sheets are harmful to pets. When a strange pet is around, always check laundry appliances before using to be sure they have not crawled inside.

    Use an old bed sheet to cover comforters, especially those that are labeled as dry clean only, and upholstery. The sheet can be easily tossed in the washer.  

    Hopefully you and the pet owner have had an honest, open discussion before the visit on sleeping arrangements and the cleaning up of inevitable accidents, shedding and messes. Be prepared for the unexpected!

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    Ask Guests For Help

    Stack Sheets Blankets
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    If your overnight guests are family or really good friends, ask them to help you make beds when they arrive or change sheets at the end of their visit.

    Stack extra sheets and blankets in the guest room closet so they can make the changes themselves. This is a simple task that they can do even if you don't want to ask them to wash a load of sheets.

    One more thing off your to-do list.

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    Assign Each Guest A Towel Color

    Colored Towels
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    You've provided each guests with a set or two of clean towels. These can be placed in bathrooms or on the guest's bed. To reduce the number of towels that must be washed during the visit, assign each guest a specific color of towels.

    That way, there can be no mix-ups and the towels can be used more than once. If you do not have enough towel rods in the bathroom to hold damp towels, set up a collapsible drying rack in the guest room.

    It's also a good idea to have a laundry hamper or basket for guests to use in the bathroom or bedroom. They can place their soiled laundry in the basket and bring it to the laundry room when they leave. Even if you do the washing, it's one less step that you'll have to do after the visit.

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    Use Table Linens More Than Once

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    The easiest way to avoid having to wash table linens is to use paper products. But, if that just doesn't suit your style, assign each guest a specific napkin ring. That way, cloth napkins can be used for more than one meal.

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    Prep Your Laundry Room

    Laundry Room
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    If guests are staying more than a day or so, they may need some clean clothes and need to do laundry so your laundry room should be ready. Do a quick checklist.

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    Laundry Time Can Be Family Time

    Grandmother laundry room
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    If grandchildren are visiting, it's the perfect time to teach them to do laundry. Most grandparents have a bit more patience (and perhaps, experience with laundry) than parents when teaching a pre-teen or teenager how to do laundry.

    Sharing activities makes a family closer and gets a few chores done as well!