4 Years With a Member's Mark

Members Mark 32-Inch SS Gas Grill
Members Mark 32-Inch SS Gas Grill. Sam's Club

Peakmaster Writes:

"I have owned a Member's Mark(Sam's Club) grill for 4 years as of Memorial Day.

It replaced a Weber Genesis 2000 which served me fairly well for about 8 years.

This grill remains on my screened porch without the cover on more often than not and I use it all year round. It was manufactured by Grand Hall and I paid $599 for it back in May 2001. In that time, I have researched and read quite a bit about gas grills and their 'evolution' in that time frame.

I have been to all of the other forums and I find this one to be the most informative to date.

I have found the Member's Mark to be a good performing grill thus far. At the end of the day, it is about how well a grill cooks, not looks...although when cleaned up, my MM looks pretty good too.

The cooking area is ample for even large gatherings(25+ people) and it gets hot, stays hot and cooks evenly throughout its entire surface. I clean the grill twice/year on the inside removing the CI burners and cleaning the grill bowl and grease pan.

The CI burners do rust, but a thorough wire brushing brings them back in short order.

I think that the after sales service from Grand Hall is noteworthy as support and parts availability are bigger than most average consumers realize. Grand Hall support is excellent and parts availability is a non-issue. Additionally, the cost of parts is downright inexpensive...something I could never say about Weber.

I recently ordered gas collector/ignitors which I plan to replace either in the Fall or for next season as the OEMs work fine but are starting to go...$2.00 per unit plus S&H! That is quite reasonable in anyone's book.

I ordered 3 ignitors, a burner rail, and 4 ceramic flame tamer tiles and the total cost including S&H was $41.00.

Replacement CI burners are $15/per...if I ever need them and Sam's Club stocks those as well. All parts shipped to my door in 3 days.

You can all argue the loss of American jobs to the hands of the Chinese until the cows come home...argue that while you tap on the keys of your keyboard, PC, modem, monitor, SUV parts, furniture, CD's, DVD's all of which source from Asia or some country other than the USA. For most, a hypocritical, feel good argument.

The fact is, the Asian made grills are getting better, the support is good and getting better and Weber is trying to catch up. They were late to get into the game of basic additional features like IR burners. They nickel and dime you to death and they have mastered planned obsolescence.

If I have to put another $100 into my grill I'm still ahead of the game vs a Weber and I have never been a fan of the flimsy tube burners. Say what you will, they lasted me 4 years and cost over $60 to replace and that was 6 years ago.

This is an informative forum, good experience, lot's of knowledge and no shortage of agendas.

I have none but to get my experience and opinion out there to other consumers. Don't be shamed into buying a so-called "American made" product.

In most cases, with grills, it's a sham. Buy what makes sense to own with regard to cooking not "looking". Jot down the toll-free support numbers and call before you buy to see if the support will be worthy of your cash.

Walmart is not going anywhere soon. Neither is Costco and I hope the specialty chains for BBQs continue to flourish. Competition is good."