Oxiclean Free Stain Remover Review

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Oxiclean Free is a great option for an all purpose laundry solution for people with skin sensitivities and allergies. Oxiclean Free can be used not only as a laundry detergent, but in a variety of ways, from removing stains, to mopping linoleum floors. Check instructions carefully, but there’s a good chance that this dye, fragrance, and chlorine free powder can be used in in your home to replace other types of cleaners.

If you want the toughest solution for stains with the gentlest results for your hands and skin, Oxiclean Free is a good bet.

Pros of Oxiclean Free

  • Oxiclean Free contains no dyes, fragrances or chlorine to trigger reactions in sensitive skin. This is a huge bonus for families who have to be very careful about what detergents are used with their clothing.
  • Oxiclean Free in its powder form can be used as a laundry stain remover, laundry booster, or upholstery cleaner.  It's more like a multi-purpose cleaner than just a laundry detergent.

Cons of Oxiclean Free

  • To get full power as a stain remover, items should be soaked for at least 1 hour, making it inconvenient to get laundry done super quickly.  But the detergent still works well for items that aren't stained and won't need so much attention or time to get clean.

Description of Uses

  • Use to clean unfinished wood, linoleum, and lawn furniture. This stuff will whiten, brighten, remove grime, and make these items new again.
  • Use on upholstery, washable fabrics, and as a laundry booster.  I particularly love the idea of using it to help keep upholstery clean and fresh.
  • Oxiclean free can be used as a carpet stain remover. Be sure to follow instructions and test in a hidden spot first, but this is a powerful stain remover for carpet as well.

    Guide Review - Oxiclean Free

    The inconvenience of powder and the tendency for it to not fully rinse from any surface, made me skeptical about this product's ability to clean and rinse away. Even with its promise of being fragrance, dye, and chlorine free, I doubted it could pass my son’s “skin test”. Added to a load of my son’s clothes as a stain booster, to remove grass, mud, and ice cream stains, I doubted he would be able to wear anything without becoming “itchy” and having the offending clothing removed.

    The stains came out and the shirts stayed on, much to my delight. It's not easy to find something that his skin tolerates, but that also really gets his tough stains clean. Next, I mixed it up as a mopping solution, Oxiclean Free did a nice job on some linoleum floors without leaving a residue.But be careful to only add a little to your mopping solution to prevent a residue.  As a carpet stain remover it did fine, but I felt it was difficult to remove the residue of the cleaner no matter how much I diluted it. I prefer Oxiclean's dedicated carpet stain remover.There are a lot of surfaces Oxiclean Free is not recommended for, so read directions thoroughly before using anywhere in the home.

    Its performance in the laundry room and other areas of the home was great.